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Last updated: 01 April 2019

What Types of Solar Panels Does BenQ Offer?

BenQ offers a variety of panels with a focus on delivering high efficiency, great output and light weight. There are at least 20 models you can choose from. Depending on the size of the roof and the output desired their range covers from 250W to 330W. See below the chart with characteristics for each solar panel.

Characteristics and Efficiency of BenQ Solar Panels

Solar panels produced by BenQ carry up to 20.3% in efficiency. Additionally, BenQ focuses on producing PV modules with self-clean and anti-reflection attributes which boost power generation. In 2011, AU Optronics launched photovoltaic technology that solves the shading problem which commonly exists in metropolitan and residential areas.

Additionally, BenQ PV modules have passed salt mist corrosion tests and may be applied to the coastal areas. The front of the panels is covered with a high transmission tempered glass of 3.2 mm. The frame is built from anodised aluminium. Panels have all-back contact cells that enhance light conversion space.

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Models Available in the UK

  • High power SunForte are highly efficient panels that provide up to 34% more rated watts than conventional modules.
BenQ SunForte SunForte PM096B00 SunForte PM096B00 SunForte PM096B00
Efficiency 19.9% 20.1% 20.3%
Solar cells 96 monocrystaline 96 monocrystaline 96 monocrystaline
Lenght 155 cm 155 cm 155 cm
Width 105 cm 105 cm 105 cm
Depth 46 mm 46 mm 46 mm
Weight 18.6 kg 18.6 kg 18.6 kg
Maximum Power output 325 W 327 W 330 W
Power Voltage 54.7 V 54.7 V 54.7 V
Power Current 5.94 A 5.98 A 6.04 A
Impact resistance up to 5400 Pa up to 5400 Pa up to 5400 Pa
Temperature resistance -40°C to +85°C -40°C to +85°C -40°C to +85°C
Material monocrystalline silicon monocrystalline silicon monocrystalline silicon
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  • BenQ panels come with a maximum 10 years warranty for material and workmanship.
  • Performance guaranteed output stands at 95% for the first 5 years. Linear degradation is expected from year 6, reaching at least 87% of performance by year 25.

Let's take the SunForte module as an example. From year 1 to year 5 you can expect 313.5 W in output:

95% * 330 W = 313.5W

The output will decrease gradually from year 6 to year 25. For year 25 you can expect at least 287 W in output from the solar panel:

87% * 330 W = 287 W


BenQ prides itself on offering high efficiency and reliable performance at competitive prices. Comparing to other solar panel manufacturers, there is a wide range of panels you can choose from, covering different roof sizes, system requirements and output. The modules deliver high performance under low lighting conditions such as dawn, dusk, and cloudy days. The company has strong research and development (R&D) capabilities and is an important player on the solar PV market.

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