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Last updated: 8 July 2024

Solar Battery Prices in the UK: Costs and Savings in 2024

Solar Battery Prices in the UK
  • A solar battery for a standard 4kW solar system typically costs £8,000 - £9,500.
  • Solar panel battery cost factors include the battery material, capacity, lifespan, and installation costs.
  • A 4kW system with a battery will cost between £13,000 to £18,500, saving £660 in energy annually.
  • Lithium-ion batteries cost more than lead-acid batteries but also have longer lifespans.

Did you know how you can benefit from pairing solar batteries with solar arrays? Reducing your energy bills and storing extra energy with solar panel batteries is no longer new. Yet solar panel storage opens up ways to potential income and even the possibility of becoming a self-sufficient homeowner with off-grid solar panels.

Solar battery storage systems are compatible with a variety of batteries, along with many advantages, like more eco-friendly efficiency, longer lifespan, and easier installation.Suffice it to say, that solar battery storage costs aren’t low, but the investment can make up for the cost if implemented effectively. Here's an overview of solar battery prices per battery size:

Suffice it to say, that solar battery storage costs aren’t low, but the investment can make up for the cost if implemented effectively. Here's an overview of solar battery prices per battery size:

Solar battery prices
Battery capacity (kWh)Solar battery price
>1kWh£230 – £300
3kWh£2,500 – £3,500
4kWh£3,500 – £4,000
5kWh£4,000 – £5,000
6kWh£5,000 – £7,500
12kWh£9,500 – £10,000

As of 1 Feb 2024, 0% VAT also applies to retrofitted residential solar batteries.

Currently, the UK is applying a 0% VAT policy for solar panels and batteries, running till 2027. Under the policy, you can get a discount all throughout the UK, including retrofitted solar batteries. This will allow, for example, £2,850 off of solar panel installation and £700 to £1,000 off the average solar battery.

However, for the most cost-effective solution, it’s advisable to consult an experienced solar installer. Yet browsing and calling installers is a time-consuming and daunting task, especially when every minute of your free time counts.

You should always consult an experienced solar installer to research your best options. Yet browsing and calling installers is a time-consuming task, often meaning days of ringing up companies. However, with GreenMatch, you can find the most affordable deals on solar panels or batteries by filling out one 30-second form. Click the button below to 4 receive tailor-made solar panel quotes from trusted installers. 

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Solar battery price in the UK

Currently, solar battery prices in the UK range between £2,500 and £10,000, depending on the capacity, chemical composition, and life cycle of the battery.

Naturally, the bigger your house and energy usage, the higher the capacity your solar battery will need. Some of the best solar battery storage in the UK can cost between £6,000 and £12,000, with prime candidates being the Tesla Powerwall 2, the SunPower SunVault, and the LG Resu Prime.

Solar battery storage capacity
Solar battery size Solar panel system size Solar battery size Solar battery costs Solar panel cost plus battery
Small; 1-2 bedrooms 2 – 3kW 4 – 7kWh £3,500 – £8,000 £6,000 - £13,500
Medium; 2-3 bedrooms 4 – 5kW 9 – 12kWh £8,000 – £10,000 £13,000 - £18,500
Large; 4-5 bedrooms 6kW 13 – 14kWh £10,000+ £19,500 - £20,500

Average solar panel costs have been falling for the past decade, so it is a great time to invest in the technology. Solar batteries have similarly gotten cheaper, especially with the removal of the value-added tax as part of the 0% VAT policy.

Lithium-ion and lead-acid are two common chemical materials used for solar panel systems. Despite the higher estimated price, lithium-ion batteries still enjoy a bigger market share thanks to their longer lifespan and higher usable capacity.

What factors influence solar panel battery costs?

factors influence solar battery costs

Aside from the model or brand, solar battery costs can vary based on the battery type, the capacity of an individual battery or its potential capacity in series, its lifespan, and the complexity of the installation.

Brand or Battery Model

While popular brands do not always have a direct correlation with costs, well-known names tend to charge more on average. Different models within those brands can also influence the exact price of purchase. The best solar batteries, like the Tesla Powerwall or the Powervault, can be expensive but they also offer more extensive warranties.

Battery type

Different materials have different impacts on the discharge rate and the product's lifespan. For example, lithium-ion batteries can discharge 70%-90% of the total amount of storage while lead-acid can only discharge around 50%.

And lithium-ion batteries have at least double the lifespan of lead-acid batteries. Higher discharge rates and longer lifespans will typically result in a higher solar battery cost in the UK.

Lithium-Ion battery prices
Usable capacity (kWh) Estimated solar battery price
3 - 4 kWh £2,500 – £4,000
4 - 7 kWh £3,500 – £7,500
7 - 9 kWh £7,500 – £9,000
9 - 13.5 kWh £9,000 – £10,500

Generally, lead-acid batteries are comparatively cheaper in the short term, but lithium-ion batteries are a better fit if you consider future replacement fees.

Characteristics Lead-Acid Battery (4kWh) Lithium-ion battery (4kWh)
Preliminary solar battery price £2,000 £4,000
Depth of Discharge (DoD) 50% 90%
Life cycle 1,800 4,000
Cost/kWh/ Cycle* £0.556 £0.278

* Cost/kWh/cycle = preliminary cost/(storage capacity×DoD×life cycle)


Battery capacity refers to the total amount of energy your solar panel battery can store, and usable capacity means the amount one can use, which is usually calculated by the depth of discharge (more on this later).

The amount of storage and usable capacity, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), directly influences your solar battery storage system’s cost. A larger capacity means it can store more energy and support a larger area, thus, it will result in a higher price.

Another factor to consider is storage capacity in series. While a battery may have a smaller standalone capacity, you can chain multiple batteries for a larger capacity in series. Batteries like the Generac PWRcell come in a range of capacities (from 9kWh to 18kWh), but all of the batteries can be connected to give a total of 36kWh.

Therefore, the larger your household is, the bigger the capacity of your solar panel battery should be. For example, a 5kW solar panel battery should be sufficient for families of 4 but not enough for bigger families. It is highly advisable to consult a professional installer to find out the price of a 5kW solar battery and whether it fits your housing situation.


The life cycle is an essential indicator of a solar battery storage system’s lifespan. The more cycles a solar battery can provide, the longer it can typically perform. Considering the lifespan of solar panels is around 25 years, replacing a new solar panel battery may add up to the total cost of installing a complete solar panel system.


The installation cost of solar battery storage systems varies slightly based on what size solar battery you need and may be covered by some brands. Generally speaking, it is more economical to set up your solar battery system while installing solar panels.

Some solar providers give out discounts for buying the battery and solar panels in a bundle. When installed at the same time as solar panels, you can save on labour costs since it won’t require 2 different installations. Similarly, if your desired battery requires a specific inverter, you may have to change the one you bought with your solar panels, increasing the cost of your installation.

Solar Battery Storage System: The All-in-One Guide in 2021

How much will I save with a solar battery?

Your total savings with a solar battery in the UK depends on several factors, such as the size of the battery, the cost of electricity, and the electricity consumption habits of your household.

One of the best ways you can save money using your solar battery is through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), by exporting any excess electricity generated that your battery stores back to the National Grid. Here are the numbers for some common solar panel sizes:

Potential savings with a solar battery
House size Solar panel systemTotal savings including SEG payment Total savings without SEG Return on investment
Small; 1-2 bedrooms2 – 3kW £480£440£7,500 - £8,500 to £5,500 - £6,500
Medium; 2-3 bedrooms3 – 4kW£745£660£5,500 - £6,500 to £10,500 - £11,500
Large; 3-4 bedrooms5 – 6kW£1,060£1,005£15,000 - £16,000

If you have an optimal solar panel and solar battery, then you can save a year of electricity costs for your home. For the highest total savings, your solar system and a solar battery should have the same capacity. Therefore, if your solar panel size is 10kW, choose from 10kW solar battery sizes. The same goes for other system sizes like the 12kW solar systems in the UK.

Reaching out to certified solar installers could relieve your painful searches. For example, they can consult you on the current 10kW solar battery prices in the UK as well as calculate the probable savings with a solar battery for your home.

Are there grants available for solar batteries?

Solar Battery Grants

Even though the cost of solar panels with battery storage in the UK may not be moderate, you can still find some ways to save money. There are currently solar panel funding opportunities which can significantly decrease the solar panel battery cost in the UK.

Through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) you can earn money for exporting your excess solar energy back to the grid. Export tariffs vary with each energy supplier, but a good tariff is between 4-20p/kWh.

Using an example figure of 5.5p/kWh, we've estimated that you could save up to £1,060 annually from your solar panel system. The savings you're able to make will mostly depend on the size of your system. Be sure to check with your energy supplier if they allow stored energy to be exported. 

Another way to reduce the cost of the investment is to make use of the VAT reduction. Homeowners from England, Wales and Scotland looking to benefit from paying 0% VAT on solar panels and solar batteries can now do so until 2027. You can find more about this in our 'solar panel grants in Wales' and 'are solar panels worth it in Scotland' guide.

As announced by the Government, on 1 April 2027, the zero rate will revert to the 5% reduced rate of VAT on energy-saving materials. So, how much are solar batteries for solar panels at a 0% VAT? Currently, they can save you £1,500 to £4,100 for an average battery, so buying them before 2027 is a great choice.

0% VAT savings compared to 20% VAT
Battery capacity (kWh) 0% VAT savings
>1kWh Savings (compared to 20% VAT)
3kWh £1,500 – £2,300, £1,900 avg.
4kWh £2,600 - £3,100, £2,850, avg.
5kWh £3,300 - £3,700, £3,500, avg.
6kWh £3,900 - £4,100, £4,000, avg.
12kWh Savings (compared to 20% VAT)

If you live in Scotland, you can make use of the Home Energy Scotland Loan. This interest-free loan is designed to help finance various energy-efficient improvements and renewable systems, including solar panels and batteries.

You can get a loan of up to £6,000 for a solar PV system and £5,000 for a solar battery storage system. Depending on the installation, the repayment period is between 5 and 10 years.

For specific eligibility criteria, you can visit the Home Energy Scotland website.

If you're not sure which scheme fits your situation, it’s best if you consult a professional. However, searching for certified experts on your own is a daunting task that requires hours or days of dedicated searches. We bet that’s not something you’re up for at the weekend instead of time out with friends.

Thankfully, GreenMatch is here to guarantee stress-free searches for you. Fill in our quick 30-second form, and we’ll provide you with up to 4 free, non-binding quotes from certified solar installers. By comparing these quotes, you'll be able to find the perfect solar solution for your home. Click below to begin.

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Are there solar battery maintenance costs?

Solar batteries, much like solar panels, do not require extensive maintenance or incur severe maintenance costs. Most of the process of maintaining a solar battery involves charging it up to 100% every 3 weeks and keeping a check of the internal liquids.

Once the hydrometer on the battery displays low levels, you may have to top it off with water. Some companies talk about adding clean rainwater, distilled water, or deionised water. While some of these options are free, at most, you may occasionally have to add deionised water, which can be bought for £2 to £10.

Are solar batteries worth it?

Yes, solar batteries are worth having if you want to use the solar energy you generate at any given time. They allow you to store energy for use at night, which most homes that want to go off-grid will require. They also allow homes to charge up during off-peak hours for later use, minimising electricity consumption costs.

Together with a 4kW solar panel system, they can cost about £13,000 to £15,500 but can help save from £440 to £1,005 annually. Despite the additional cost, it can be a great way to be even more energy-independent and cut reliance on the grid, while having a payback period between 8 to 10 years.

Installing a solar battery storage system can make your life more convenient all year round without worrying about the weather. As it becomes more common in private use, it is important to invest wisely and choose the most cost-effective product.

Making such a large purchase requires thorough research and comparing different offers, which can take up hours of your free time. We would gladly take this task off your plate and help you find the solar battery storage system that best fits your home and budget.

By filling in our short form, you can get up to 4 free, no-obligation quotes from our trustworthy suppliers, saving you time and money. Click the button below to begin.

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