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Rawal Ahmed


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  • Solar panels
  • Home energy grants
  • Window materials
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  • 70+ articles written
  • Work featured across 4 sites
  • Writing for GreenMatch since
    May 2023

About Rawal

Rawal Ahmed is a writer at GreenMatch with an interest in sustainability and consumer advocacy. He is a content and copywriting professional with a background in tech journalism and digital marketing. He began working with additive and subtractive manufacturing companies with a focus on 3D printing, spurring a keen interest in technological developments such as sustainable production and materials along the way.

Rawal is known for his direct and precise writing style, ensuring complex technological concepts are accessible and easy to understand. Utilising journalistic rigour in his research, he excels at breaking down jargon and presenting practical, actionable information. His work reflects a deep commitment to advancing sustainability and empowering consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

A sustainable future does not have to be an inconvenience to the average person. In fact, the best technologies enable us to be more independent and self-reliant without staining the environment.

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