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Last updated: 19 April 2022

Find the Best Electric Combi Boilers

Save Money and Energy with Electric Combi Boilers

Having a good boiler makes a big difference in a household, especially during cold UK winters. There is an array of different types of boilers, but combi boilers are an efficient and quiet way to warm up your house, and simultaneously provide hot water. 

An electric combi boiler is a great choice if you need to replace your old gas or oil boiler. There are several advantages to an electric combi boiler, such as:

  1. It's a cleaner and non-polluting solution, as it doesn't release any gas into the atmosphere.
  2. It's space efficient, as you don't need extra space for storing an oil tank.
  3. It comes in various different sizes and can be placed conveniently in your kitchen or laundry cupboard.
  4. It doesn't need to be connected to the gas grid.
  5. Combi boiler prices are considerably cheaper than a gas or oil boiler, due to the low installation and maintenance costs.

We provide you with a free of charge and no obligation service that allows you to request quotes and compare combi boilers, so that you can find the most suitable solution for your needs. Just fill in the form to request offers.

What Are Electric Combi Boiler Prices?

The average price of an electric combi boiler is £1,500 for a 9 kW model. Smaller boilers are cheaper to buy and run, but may not be as efficient as larger models, which are priced up to £2,500. Premium models that are built more robustly and are long-lasting, however, can have a higher price tag of up to £4,500.

Electric boiler technology is no longer a small niche market, but rather a developing competitive industry, where the advanced technology has made electric boilers as reliable as gas boilers.

More and more people prefer an electric central heating boiler systems to oil, gas heating, or biomass boilers due to its convenience: the system is silent, needs very little maintenance, and is independent from the gas grid.

Electric Combi Boiler Prices
Type Power Price Range*
Boiler without in-built cylinder 12 kW £899 - £1,300
Boiler with in-built cylinder 12 kW £1,499 - £2,500
Wall-mounted boiler with cylinder 3-15 kW £1,749 - £2,000 
Floor-standing boiler with cylinder with long warranty 10-18 kW £2,349 - £4,500 

*excl. VAT/installation

Are Electric Combi Boilers Expensive to Run?

It has been estimated that the total price of electric combi boilers is c.a £2500 per year which includes space heating costs, hot water costs and a standing charge. The table below breaks down the comparison between gas boilers and electric boilers based on different metrics, thereby giving you an overview of both types.

Are Electric Boilers Cheaper than Gas?

Although it might not be the cheapest heating technology regarding running costs, electric boilers have a higher efficiency rate and they do not need annual maintenance or safety inspections.

Look at the following table that compares two types of combi boilers and their running costs. The numbers are considered for an apartment and a house with 4 residents. The annual costs were calculated with a presumption that 1 kWh of gas costs 3.61 pence and 1 kWh of electricity is 17.60 pence. Note that the electric system in your home should be able to handle a 5-15 kWs load in order to use an electric combi boiler.

Gas Boilers vs. Electric Boilers
Dwelling Type Gas Boiler Electric Boiler
Apartment House Apartment House
Size 96 sq.m 143 sq.m 96 sq.m 143 sq.m
 Energy rating
 120 kW 143 kW   120 kW  143 kW
 Hot water usage
(per day)
 60 litres / 4 persons
 Boiler efficiency  95%  99%
 Gas unit price  3.60 p/kWh >n/a
 Electricity unit price  17.60 p/kWh
 Energy required for space heating
(per year)
 12,126 kWh  22,127 kWh  11,636 kWh  21,233 kWh

 Energy required for hot water

 5,361 kWh /year  5,144 kWh /year
 Total gas/ electricity price
(per year)
 £729.60  £1,090.60  £2,954.30  £4,643.80

 Total electricity consumption

 377 kW /year  396 kW /year n/a
 Total electricity price
(per year)
 £151  £155 n/a

Even though you can see that the running costs of electric combi boilers are higher, there are more additional costs to consider in case of gas combi boilers. When choosing an electric combi boiler, you save money on not having to pay for the yearly gas certificate.

Additionally, the regularity of repairs needed decreases, and even though gas is quite cheap per unit, the efficiency is lower than with electric boilers as it burns more gas than it needs for creating heat that should not be paid for in the first place. What is more, the government tries to financially support any type of green investment you choose to make regarding your home, making the cost of a new boiler even cheaper for your home.

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Electric Combi Boiler Types

Overall, the electric combi boilers differ mainly in the output power and size. Another variable is whether a hot water storage cylinder is built into the system or not. In the UK, there are several brands that sell electric combi boilers. See some of them listed below.

  • Comet Boiler
    Comet electric combi boilers are offered in 3 different versions with various energy output sizes. You can choose between 9 kW, 12 kW or 14.4 kW with a stainless steel heat exchanger.
  • Elektra Boiler 
    Elektra offers two types of electric combi boilers, Elektra BP and Elektra C. They are both 12 kW types, one of them being more suitable for larger properties whereas the other one is made for flats. Both types are sold with 144 litres of hot water storage built into the system.
  • Heatrae Sadia Electromax Boiler
    Electromax offers boilers of 9 kW and 6 kW output. You can choose if you want a boiler that delivers heat for central heating and hot water or if you prefer one for underfloor heating and hot water. Hot water tank of 180 liters volume is included.
  • Elnur Mattira Wall Mounted Boiler
    Mattira Mouned boilers are within a range of 3 to 15 kW. In order to provide users with instant hot water, 50 litres integral water storage is included.

It is advised that electric combi boiler is not chosen for large houses with more than 2 bathrooms as it may not meet the high hot water demands.

What Size Combi Boiler Do I Need for My House?

Though many Brits don't know their home's size, it is important to know your square footage, as this will dictate the amount of heating you will need. As a rule of thumb, 1.5kW of boiler performance is needed per radiator or 70W per m2 for underfloor heating. 

The average UK home is 85 m2 and 5.2 rooms, which results in about 8kW for central heating or 6kW for underfloor heating.

However, the insulation and outside walls have a very significant influence on the boiler size, so calculate a couple of kWs in addition until a professional assesses the exact situation and needs of your home.

What Is the Best Combi Boiler for a Large House?

Not all boiler manufacturers offer systems large enough for many bedrooms and multiple bathrooms, but brands such as Worcester, Vaillant, Ideal, and Comet are recommended. It is always a good idea to have a professional check your home, as the boiler should be able to supply a sufficient amount of hot water even when multiple rooms need to be heated at the same time.

Electric Boiler

What Are Pros and Cons of Electric Combi Boilers?

If you are still in doubt about what exactly you would profit from when opting for electric combi boilers, then read on to see all the advantages and disadvantages that may come with this type of boiler.

Advantages of Electric Combi Boiler

  • Completely silent
    An electric combi boiler allows you to enjoy complete silence whenever it is running as its inner elements do not move fast in order to generate heat.
  • Energy efficient
    In the process of producing heating or heating up water, very little heat is lost, which makes electric combi boilers a highly efficient option reaching up to 99.9% efficiency.
  • Environmentally-friendly
    An electric combi boiler is a form of low carbon heating, and can significantly reduce your home's carbon footprint as it does not use fossil fuels to run.
  • Digitally displayed temperatures
    The maximum power output can be limited and the digital display shows the temperature of the water that is circulating.
  • Lower installation costs
    When installing an electric boiler, there is no need for having a clue for the waste emissions which automatically reduces the potential installation costs. Moreover, if the property does not have direct access to gas mains supply, installing a gas pipelines would add much more to the initial costs.
  • Compact size
    Electric combination boilers require less space when compared to conventional boilers, as there is no requirement for a flue.
  • Low need for maintenance
    Unlike its other counterparts, electric combi boilers do not require regular check-ups as they contain only few mechanical parts.
  • Summer months adjustments
    For warmer summer months, the heating system can be disconnected from the boiler and keypads locked to prevent any changes.

Disadvantages of Electric Combi Boiler

  • Not viable for big homes
    Combi boilers cannot produce high heating output and are therefore suitable to only small houses. They do not generate enough electricity to cover the needs of large properties.
  • Power cuts
    Electric combi boilers do not work during power cuts. If your region has power cut issues regularly, this could mean no hot water during that time, which is a downside of these boilers.

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