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Last updated: 29 March 2021

UPVC Doors in the UK: Read about Costs and Benefits (Complete Guide 2021)

uPVC Doors: Sustainable Alternative for Your New Door

With the increased demand for quality building materials, uPVC doors have become increasingly popular for homeowners and home builders when selecting a new door. The uPVC door and uPVC window market have been booming because of the materials great strength and durability. But, what exactly is uPVC and how is this product so strong and durable?

uPVC stands for Unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride, a strong material that is commonly used to create doors, windows, and pipes by home builders. uPVC is unplasticised because there are no additives inserted during the manufacturing process in order to attain high flexibility. The thermoplastic material also holds a strong rigid structure and high levels of elasticity.

After the product has been manufactured, many uPVC production companies reinforce the material by an insertion of galvanised steel. This material covers the uPVC outer layers to increase the door’s strength. This is one of many reasons why homeowners switch from Timber Doors to uPVC doors when installing their Exterior Front and Backdoors.

If you’re interested in uPVC doors and would like further information on estimates and our professional current suppliers, GreenMatch can provide up to 4 free quotes and suppliers without any further obligation. This service is free and requires you only to fill in our contact form above!

Why Choose uPVC Doors?

Are you tired of spending money to fix your door? Do you want to start saving money on your energy bills? If you answered yes to one or more questions, then investing in a new uPVC door might just be the best solution for you. Replace your door today with a long-lasting and energy-efficient door.

Over the years, the low-cost of PVC doors have become increasingly popular choices when selecting a new door for your home. Not only are uPVC doors comparably cheaper than other doors, but the material of these doors make it durable and strong. Instead of buying that wooden door, you could decrease deforestation with, for instance, a uPVC french door.

Great quality doors can last a long time, and uPVC, being a quality door, may last over 40 years with little or no maintenance. If you need to repurchase a door, you can dispose of it properly through a recycling centre because uPVC is 100% recyclable. You do not have to worry about a fire burning down your door because the material is fire-resistant and self-extinguishing.

The uPVC material of these doors has made doors both durable and strong against wet and windy environments. In addition, homes are able to conserve a considerable amount of heat resulting in reduced energy bills. If you want to make a difference in your home, environment, and in your wallet then continue reading below about the cost of popular uPVC door designs!

uPVC Doors Boltlock

Costs of uPVC Doors

If you’re searching for the door that is both low-cost and effective, then a uPVC door is a great solution! Not only are these doors less expensive than their alternatives, but the material of the door allows you to save money as it requires little to no maintenance.

With so many colours, sizes, and designs to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect door for your home. uPVC Doors generally start at £300 and increase according to colour, size, design, and model (for example, uPVC stable doors). The chart below summarises the average prices for uPVC doors in the UK:

Type of uPVC Door Size of uPVC Door Price Without Installation
Half Glazed Backdoor 1000mm × 2200mm from £300
Clinton Double Glazed Front Door 1000mm × 2200mm from £400
White French Door 1000mm × 2200mm from £500

uPVC exterior front and backdoors are the most popular doors that homeowners and homebuilders choose to install.

These doors remain popular due to their high quality and low-cost compared to a wooden door. These type of doors come in a wide variety of designs such as the popular choice double glazed uPVC door for its aesthetically pleasing designs.

If you enjoy customising and adding specific features, many retailers provide that option for their customers. You are able to change the colour, door handle, door panels, design of the door window, door letter box position, and the door frame. If you consider changes in your door, keep in mind that the price will increase for every change/add-on feature onto the door.

4 Steps in Measuring the Correct Fitted uPVC Door

Before purchasing your new uPVC door, make sure to follow these instructions to get the correct size door. Often time homeowners purchase a brand new door without reviewing the measuring size and receive an oversized door:

  • 1. With a measuring tape, you will measure the outer frame layer in both width and height
  • 2. Begin by measuring the Left, Right, and Centre for height in millimetres
  • 3. Then measure the Top, Bottom, and Centre for Width in millimetres
  • 4. In order to not overestimate the measuring size, you will subtract 10 mm from both sides

If you’re ordering your uPVC door through an online retailer, then it would benefit you to acquire the proper information to ensure that you receive the correct fitted door. Often times, homeowners see their old door and purchase a brand new one but, purchase the wrong size. 

If you are also replacing your windows with a uPVC Double Glazed window, then we highly advise gathering your measurements before ordering. In order to get the correct size of a Double Glazed Window, simply follow the same instructions above. Double Glazed Windows ensure the same advantages of uPVC Doors because they are energy efficient, require low maintenance, and low-cost effective solutions.

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uPVC Door Styles

uPVC doors are a relatively new product, and for a long time, the offering for different styles of upvc doors in the market was rather limited. This situation has luckily changed, and nowadays it is possible to get uPVC doors in variety of different styles, colours and designs.

Whether it is front or back door you are looking to replace, there are multiple style options in the current market. The style of your door will often differ based on where it is located, and how you want it to be opened. The most popular uPVC door styles are the following ones:

Style of the door is only the first step in personalising it to fit your house. The different uPVC door manufacturers offer multiple different designs for your doors too. You can have different amount of panels and different kind of glass elements the create door with either a modern twist, or a more classic feel, depending on what your needs are.

uPVC door also come in almost every colour imaginable. The most common and the most popular coloured uPVC doors are black, brown and grey uPVC doors, but it is possible to also get them in other colours as like green, orange, red and even blue. If you can’t find your preferred design in certain colours, it is also possible to paint the doors with uPVC paint.

uPVC Door Style and Colours

3 Great Benefits of a uPVC Exterior Front Door

The most popular and widely used door in the market is the uPVC Exterior Front Doors. The front doors of many homes are made out of uPVC because of its great quality and guaranteed results. Homeowners have replaced their old doors with a uPVC door because it provides substantial security, reduced use of energy, and assurance of a quality product.


The main reason to get a door is to feel the security and privacy within the comforts of your own home. uPVC doors are made of great quality and reinforced with galvanised steel to strengthen its durableness. Many doors that are made of wood have a likelier chance to get broken into because of its weak structure.

uPVC doors increase the level of security for homeowners through its multi-chamber lock mechanism. This lock mechanism enhances homeowners protection with its multi-point lock system that uses door bolt locks. Burglars often select homes without uPVC doors due to their high level of security. Homeowners can enjoy a safe and soundless sleep with this door.

Energy efficient

Conserving resources and choosing alternative materials is important to the environment and uPVC Doors contribute to mitigating resource and energy waste. Through the strong rigid PVC material, the door frames prevent warm air from escaping. This will not only save you money on your next bill but, will help the environment through a reduction of wasted energy.


If you’re on a tight budget and need a quality door, a uPVC door would be the perfect option to fully satisfy your needs. The uPVC door is a cheap and sustainable alternative compared to wood and aluminium doors that are more expensive and require ongoing maintenance. Not only will you save money on a quality door, but you will also save money from future door repairs.

Do not worry about searching for your tool box or calling the repairman, your new uPVC door will save you money. The top quality door requires little maintenance to keep it clean but, the door will be functional year round. 

UPVC Door Timberdoor Comparison

Why Replace Timber Doors With uPVC Doors?

In the past, traditional Timber doors had been a favourite for its unique designs and stylish colours. However, the new popular door that has been used now are Exterior Front Door and Backdoor through the uPVC material. These doors have replaced the traditional Timber doors due to its reduced energy usage and insulation capabilities.

Window and Door Group is the leading UK association that helps the homeowners in replacing, installing and manufacturing doors. They discuss, on a regular basis, the latest technical standards and issues that will ensure high efficiency. To check the energy efficiency of your doors, check the Energy Saving Calculator.

Homeowners choose to install uPVC doors oppose to traditional Timber doors because it has noted to increase market value for properties. Due to the strong quality uPVC Doors, they require little to no maintenance which saves homeowners money on door repairs. Through the multi-point lock mechanism, your level of protection and security is increased significantly.

Though the uPVC doors hold substantial quality and strength, the installation process is simple and quite easy. During construction, home builders are able to easily install the Exterior Front and Backdoors because of its light structure. In addition, home builders select these doors because of its great insulation properties that retain the warmth in your home.

If colour and fancy designs are important for your selection for a new door, then a uPVC door may not be the best fit. However, if you're looking for quality doors with great strength that requires little to no maintenance, then this is the perfect door to select. The uPVC door company will consult and help you to make the right choice.

Find the Best uPVC Door Supplier near You

We know that finding the right supplier for a uPVC Door in the UK may seem difficult but, Greenmatch can solve this problem for you. Greenmatch can help expedite the search process and connect you to professional UK uPVC Door suppliers with 4 free quotes. No obligation is needed and the service is completely free. Simply fill in the contact information above and we will get in contact with you soon.

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