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Last updated: 18 June 2024

Best Solar Panels UK in 2024: Our Expert Picks

Best solar panels uk

Over the last few decades, solar panels in the UK have become a promising solution to rising energy costs and the environmental impact of individual households. Naturally, if you want to install this technology, you will want to know what the best solar panels on the market are.

This guide explores some of the best solar panels currently available in the UK, categorised by their strengths:

  1. SunPower Maxeon 6: Most Well-rounded performance across efficiency, power, and durability.
  2. Project Solar Evolution Super Max: Industry-leading warranty for peace of mind.
  3. Jinko Tiger Neo 420W N-Type 54 Cell: High efficiency for maximising energy production.
  4. JA Solar JAM72D40-565 solar panels: Delivers exceptional power output for high energy needs.
  5. LONGi Solar 525W Hi-Mo6: Budget-friendly option with good efficiency and power.

How to choose the top solar panels for UK homes in 2024?

For optimal performance, look for solar panels exceeding 20% efficiency and 420 watts of power output. Many leading panels boast advanced features like PERC technology for increased efficiency and bifacial design to capture more sunlight. When selecting solar panels for your home, consider low-light performance and weather resistance. Opt for monocrystalline cells for superior efficiency compared to polycrystalline options.

While it can take days to find the best price for solar panels and a trusted solar panel installer to work with, we have shortened the application process for you to 30 seconds.

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Our research into the best solar panels in short

By taking into account the best manufacturers, their reputations, and the quality of their products, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the best solar panels currently available in the UK according to the categories listed below.

We reviewed multiple companies’ offerings, checked customer reviews, and went over established industry knowledge (what panels and manufacturers are already noteworthy), compiling a list based on the highest-regarded solar panels per important characteristic.

We also conferred with a solar expert, Western University faculty member Joshua Pearce, on how to assess each of these crucial characteristics. Overall, we researched upwards of 25 of the most well-regarded solar panels of the past few years, including comparing the ones from our previous annual lists to see if they had been dethroned in their particular category. Here are the results of our solar panel comparison:

Which are the best solar panels in the UK?

The best solar panels available in the UK include SunPower Maexon 6, REC Alpha Pure-R 430 W, Evolution Super Max 455, Jinko Tiger Neo 420W N-Type 54, JA Solar Jam72D40-565, and LONGi Solar 525W Hi-Mo6.  

The table below shows that the Evolution Super Max 455 has a great warranty and power output but can be expensive. On the flipside, the JA Solar JAM72D40-565 may be very powerful and affordable, but its warranty leaves much to be desired.

Name Power Output Warranty Efficiency Price
SunPower Maxeon 6 425W 40 years 22.8% £343
REC Alpha Pure-R 430 W 430W 25 years 22.3% £260
Evolution Super Max 455 455W Lifetime 21.0% £400
Jinko Tiger Neo 420W N-Type 54 420W 25 - 30 years 21.51% £260
JA Solar JAM72D40-565 565W 12 years 21.8% £270
LONGi Solar 525W Hi-Mo6 520W 12 years 21.1% £170

If you're still deciding which solar panel suits your home, consult a qualified professional. They can help you choose a brand without compromising on price over quality.

Best solar panel overall: SunPower Maxeon 6

SunPower Maxeon 6 solar

SunPower has been developing solar panels since 1985 and is one of the most well-known US-based solar panel manufacturers. Their Maxeon 6 panel is one of the most popular domestic solar panels, with an output of 425 Watts (depending on the model, it can also be 415W or 410W).

So, why is the Maxeon 6 our pick for the best solar panel in the UK overall? It has a good balance of high output, efficiency, and a long warranty along with low performance degradation over time, making it one of the best value solar panels in the UK. The highlights and notable characteristics of the SunPower Maxeon 6 are:

SunPower Maxeon 6 Specs
Power Output 425W
Warranty 40 years
Efficiency 22.8%
Price £343
Temperature Coefficient -0.27%/°C
  • Low performance degradation rate (0.2% per year)
  • Can withstand a wind load of 4,000 Pa
  • High efficiency and performance
  • Warranty of 40 years
  • A more slightly expensive option at £343
  • Limited availability in some areas

The SunPower Maxeon 6 is great for homeowners looking for a well-rounded panel with a great warranty and high reliability. It has one of the lowest temperature coefficients, which is a great plus for its reliability and seasonal operation capabilities. At 425W, it has a fair amount of power and a 22.8% efficiency rating. With a warranty as high as 40 years, they are offering almost twice the lifespan of most solar panels.

If you want to install one of the best solar panel brands for your home, you will also need to find their exact price. Not only that, but you will have to factor in the costs of the installation as well. That’s where we can help you find reliable installers who can provide you with the best rates.

Instead of spending hours searching for solar panel prices and installers on your own, you can request quotes from up to 4 installers in your area in 30 seconds! Simply click below to fill in our form and find the best deal and installer for your home.

Most efficient solar panel: REC Group Alpha Pure-R 430 W

REC Alpha Pure-R 430 W solar panels

REC is a company with a stellar reputation that pops up in “best of” lists all the time. For our money, however, their standout feature is the efficiency of their panels. While on paper, it has lower efficiency than the SunPower Maxeon, the Alpha Pure-R makes up for it with the company guaranteeing low degradation over decades of operation as part of the warranty.

The panels feature a 25-year warranty and an assurance of 92% output at year 25. This means that they are also one of the most efficient solar panels in the UK for the long term rather than simply degrading after they’ve been out of the box.

REC Group Alpha Pure-R 430 W Specs
Power Output 430W
Warranty 25 years
Efficiency 22.3%
Price £260
Temperature Coefficient -0.24%/°C
  • Optimal year-round energy generation
  • Enhanced low-light performance
  • Heavier than other solar panels (28.6kg)

According to Joshua Pearce, a solar panel expert and sustainable tech researcher, the highest efficiency modules can help generate the most energy in a limited space, which makes them great for homeowners with limited roof space. Efficiencies above 22% are currently considered high so consumers should use that number as a benchmark. In that respect, the Alpha Pure series can be a great addition to smaller homes.

For its price, it also has a fairly high power output, which is another advantage this panel has for smaller homes. The price also makes sure it will be lower in terms of cost per kW for more modestly-sized properties. The low degradation rate and temperature are also massive pluses that ensure it will run efficiently over time.

Best solar panel warranty: Project Solar Evolution Super Max Series 455

Project Solar Evolution Super Max

Much like the Evolution Titan, the Super Max is the latest in Project Solar’s output and carries many of the same positives, like the lifetime warranty and a sleek, black design. These sleek, black solar panels are not only visually appealing, but they also include an additional cell layer, known as a Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact (PERC) cell, which allows them to generate even more electricity.

However, like all things, Project Solar Evolution Super Max Series 455 solar panels come with both advantages and disadvantages. Below is an overview that can help you make an informed decision when it comes to this model.

Project Solar UK Evolution Super Max 455 Specs
Power Output 455W
Warranty Lifetime
Efficiency 21.01%
Price £400
Temperature Coefficient -0.30%/°C
  • Optimal year-round energy generation
  • Enhanced low-light performance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Higher price range than other solar panel models on this list
  • Heavier than other solar panels (28.6kg)

Warranties are straightforward but they can have caveats. Some manufacturers offer more comprehensive guarantees. Most solar panels are built to last around 25 years so, according to our expert consultant, homeowners should seek warranties for at least 20 years. Most manufacturers offer at least this much with guaranteed power outputs at certain benchmark years.

Another consideration for warranties is the ability of a company to pay. This solar panel will be ideal for homeowners who are looking for long-term solar panel savings or are reliant on them as an investment, hoping they will last far longer (they may be looking for Smart Export Guarantee savings).

Most reliable solar panel: Jinko Tiger Neo 420W N-Type 54 Cell

Jinko Tiger Neo 420W N-Type

Jinko is a leading solar panel provider, based in Shanghai, China, with a reach in over 160 countries. The company has been a top performer on the PV Evolution lab’s reliability rankings for 6 years straight. They are renowned for their high-performance technology and dependability. This particular model has an energy output of 420 Watts, making it a great option for larger homes.

When deciding to install this model in your home, you will want to consider all its benefits, as well as its drawbacks. Below are some of the pros and cons of the Jinko Tiger Neo 420W N-Type 54 Cell solar panels:

Jinko Tiger Neo 420W N-Type 54 Cell Specs
Power Output 420W
Warranty 25-30 years
Efficiency 21.51%
Price £260
Temperature Coefficient -0.45%/°C
  • Reduced performance degradation (0.4% per year)
  • Can withstand adverse weather conditions (wind load of 2400 Pa)
  • Good durability
  • Warranty of 25-30 years
  • Higher price range
  • The company is not as well-established (may cause supply issues)
  • High temperature coefficient may mean a loss of efficiency in extreme weather

For reliability, we check on several different points of information. One of the first places to look is the warranty since a reliable module should have at least 25 years or more (the approximate life of a solar panel). Then, we pored over customer reviews, with Jink Tiger Neo performing well.

Additionally, our expert consultant, Joshua Pierce, informed us that one of the most effective proxies for reliability is the degradation rate of the solar panels. A good module will degrade at 0.5%/year or less.

Most powerful solar panel: JA Solar JAM72D40-565

JA Solar JAM72D40-565

When it comes to sheer power on paper, JA Solar has some great entries in its portfolio. The JAM72D40-565 brings with it a whopping 565W output. The half-cut cell structure allows for better solar power harvesting and the all-black colour makes them aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, it’s hard to find more powerful solar panels that still maintain a reasonable price range.

JA Solar JAM72D40-565 Specs
Power Output 565W
Warranty 12 years
Efficiency 21.8%
Price £270
Temperature Coefficient -0.26%/°C
  • Optimal year-round energy generation
  • Enhanced low-light performance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Shorter warranty than many of the other companies
  • Solar panel durability issues over long periods of time, according to customers

When assessing the power of a panel, output is the first thing we take note of, but it should not be the only thing. It should be balanced with a reasonable amount of efficiency, otherwise, you’re losing a lot of the energy gained. Generally, ground mounted solar panels are larger in physical size and thus have more cells, making them more powerful than roof mounted panels.

It’s also worth remembering that monocrystalline solar panels are more powerful than other commercially available ones. A higher power per solar panel is great for homes that have high energy consumption but not much space. It can optimise limited roof or ground space for maximum effect.

Best budget solar panel: LONGi Solar 525W Hi-Mo6

LONGi Solar 525W Hi-Mo6

Since, on average, the cost of solar panels in the UK is somewhere between £5,000 to £17,000 for different systems, every penny counts. That’s where budget Chinese companies often come in handy and LONGi is no different. However, price isn’t the only factor we’re counting on when we look through solar panel reviews. We also consider the manufacturer and solar panel reviews in the UK along with nominal power output. On both of these, LONGi scores very high.

LONGi Solar 525W Hi-Mo6 Cell Specs
Power Output 520W
Warranty 12 years
Efficiency 21.1%
Price £170
Temperature Coefficient -0.23%/°C
  • Great stats for the price range
  • Company receives positive feedback from reviewers
  • Over 500W output
  • Company is not as well-established in the UK market
  • Short warranty

Often people can be sceptical of low-cost solar options but there is a rule of thumb our expert consult provided that could be handy to keep in mind: The lowest cost of a panel might be because the panel is small or not very powerful. Therefore, homeowners should look for the lowest cost per unit of power (Watt) if it is indicated (e.g., £/W). By this metric, the LONGi Solar 525W is the best-performing low-cost solar panel that we’ve run into.

Now that you know more about the best solar panels in the UK, you might be ready to take the next step in your journey towards free green energy: looking for a specialist who can install solar panels in your home.

Now that you know more about the best solar panels in the UK, you might be ready to take the next step in your journey towards free green energy: looking for a specialist who can install the solar panels in your home. 

Finding installers near you with good reviews can take days of research, when done alone. Fortunately, we can help you get the process started in just 30 seconds! Simply fill in our short form to request quotes for solar panels and installation services from up to 4 local professionals. Our network consists of reputable installers who can offer you high-quality services at competitive prices.

Get started today and receive free, no-obligation quotes. 

How we selected the best domestic solar panels

Which solar panel is best for your home can vary based on power, efficiency, temperature coefficient, product warranty, reliability, performance degradation, and maximum wind load.

Before choosing our list of best solar panels, we conducted in-depth research to ensure that each product we recommend is of the highest quality and shows excellent industry standards. We went through countless reviews of solar panels, the most expensive and cheapest solar panels in the UK to arrive at the following list.

When you are looking into solar panels for your home or reading solar panel reviews, these are the factors that you will want to consider if you want to compare solar panels in the UK:


solar panel power

The power output of solar panels is measured in Watts (W) or Kilowatts (kW) and can offer an indication of how much power they can supply to your home. What is important to know is that for a larger home, you will want solar panels with a high power output or check how many solar panels you need. Depending on your situation, you might need more solar panels for your home.


solar panel efficiency

The efficiency of solar panels is stated as a percentage and it indicates how much sunlight can be converted into usable electricity. The average domestic solar panel has an efficiency of between 15-20%, so any solar panel with a rating of around 20% efficiency is considered a high-quality product.


solar panel reliability

Reliability can be judged through customer reviews, expert opinions, and even by institutions such as the PV Evolution Labs. The measure indicates that the performance of the panels is up to scratch in a real-world environment. As mentioned earlier, another sign of reliability is the degradation rate of the solar panels (the amount of energy they lose per year or generally over time) and their temperature coefficient (which can indicate stable energy generation during extreme weather).

Temperature coefficient

solar panel temperature

This is a measure of the efficiency drop that occurs for every 1°C increase in temperature above 25°C. This is an important factor to consider, especially in roof integrated solar panels, because high temperatures contribute to the degradation of solar panels, as they decrease their efficiency percentage.

Product warranty

solar panel warranty

Solar panel manufacturers offer warranties on their equipment, which ensures their durability. Warranties are an important point for our list, as they indicate a manufacturer’s confidence in their product and also offer more security for homeowners.

Performance degradation

solar panel performance degradation

Solar panel lifespan is inevitably characterised by some performance degradation over time. Regardless of manufacturer, the efficiency of your solar panels will decline by 2-3% after the first year of being used. Specialists estimate that after this occurs, the solar panels will degrade at a rate of around 0.2-0.7% every year.

Maximum wind load

solar panel maximum wind load

Solar panels need to withstand all kinds of weather in the UK, including strong winds. This tolerance is tested by manufacturers and is expressed in pascals (Pa). The higher the number, the higher the wind tolerance. Most panels are certified to withstand 2,400 Pa, which is equivalent to 140 mph.

Alongside these characteristics of the solar panels you choose, you should also factor in the unique circumstances of your household. You will want to consider the size and weight of the solar panels based on the strength of your roof, the installation costs for your area, your design preferences, and the local availability of certain brands. 

Alongside these characteristics of the solar panels you choose, you should also factor in the unique circumstances of your household. You will want to consider the size and weight of the solar panels based on the strength of your roof, the best orientation for solar panels at your location, the installation costs for your area, your design preferences, and the local availability of certain brands. For solar panels, the best brands are usually fairly accessible to the average consumer.

Get the best solar panel deal

Now that you know which solar panels are the best ones available on the market today, you can decide which are the most suitable for your home based on your energy consumption requirements. However, when taking the next step of purchasing and having your new solar panels installed, you will want to avoid overpaying for both the product and the installation service.

With the number of installation companies available in the UK, it’s easy to get confused as to whether they are offering you a good deal or not. This is why it is so important to compare prices. Nevertheless, doing your research can take hours of your time – time that you might not have.

Instead of skipping the comparison process altogether and risking being overcharged for solar panels and their installation, we can help you request multiple quotes in 30 seconds!

By filling in our short form, you can receive quotes from up to 4 local solar panel installers. Once you compare the information you receive, you can find the best price for solar panels in your area and decide which installer you want to work with.

Simply click below to find the best solar panel deal for your home.


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