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Last updated: 01 March 2022

About Us

Who Are We?

GreenMatch is an online service which provides quotes for green energy products from multiple providers. Our service is free and has no binding obligations. We provide useful information on different types of renewable energy sources and help you to save time comparing prices and quality of green energy solutions, such as solar panels, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, and more.

Our Mission

We strive to promote sustainability by providing a one-stop site for people who are interested in making the transition to renewable energy. We are convinced that switching to a greener lifestyle should not be a hassle, and therefore aim to make the process simpler by saving people time and money by offering them customised quotes from our leading suppliers.

We provide clear, updated, and unbiased information about renewable energy products. We work closely with partners all over the UK, in order to ensure great service to our users.

Our Vision

We want to contribute to a more sustainable planet by becoming the first source of reference in Europe for every individual who decides to make a green transition in their home.

Is the Service Free of Charge?

Yes, and here’s why. Many providers of heat pumps, solar panels, and other green energy products do not have the time to provide loads of information on their website.

Receiving free quotes is as easy as filling in our contact form, and our partners will be in touch with you.

We value quality, which is reflected upon all of GreenMatch's partners and our own work ethic. After filling in the contact form, we will call you to confirm the information that our partners need to have before they can send you a quote.

It is of utmost importance to us that both customers and partners have a positive experience in terms of service, and are satisfied with the result.

Our Business Model

The quote comparison service is free for every user. We, at GreenMatch, are financially sustainable through applied fees on the suppliers' end. The commission is a share from the sale of the supplier, as a service for connecting them with new customers. This process does NOT affect the price for the customers.

Support & FAQ about GreenMatch Services

How does GreenMatch's service work?

GreenMatch is an online service that offers comparative quotes to UK homeowners for various green energy solutions, helping them compare and make the best choice.

Once we receive your request, our customer service team starts processing your case immediately (it may take an extra day on the weekends). In some cases, we will call you to confirm a few details.

We will match you with up to four relevant installers in your area, and pass on your information to those partners. You will then be contacted by the respective installers, who will give you a quote. Once you have received all of your quotes, you compare the best offers and make the most informed decision.

If in some cases, we can’t help you with our own partner coverage, we will find someone that can. This may sometimes result in your case being forwarded to another quote comparison service provider.

How soon will I receive quotes?

This can vary depending on your availability. We start processing your request immediately and match you with the best suited installers for your project. In some cases, this is dependent on communication with you, so we advise you to keep an eye out for our emails and phone calls to speed up the process.

Once we have forwarded your request to our partners, it is then a matter of setting up the consultation with them to get the final quote. Therefore, there are a lot of moving parts that can affect the time it takes to receive quotes.

Why do you need my address and phone number?

We need your contact information, including your phone number and address, in order to match you with the most relevant installers for your project. Your phone number is required so that we and our partner can get in touch with you, and your address is needed so that we can do preliminary evaluations of your property type and the installation you are seeking.

Is my information shared with a third party?

In cases where our partner coverage is unable to match your requirements, we still want to help out by finding another quote comparison service. Your information will then be shared for verification purposes. We ensure complete data protection and assure you that GreenMatch is GDPR compliant.

Is there any financial support available when investing in renewable energy?

GreenMatch does not provide financial support when investing in any of the energy solutions. However, there are multiple grants and incentives available in the UK such as the Green Homes Grant, Renewable Heating Incentive, and the Smart Export Guarantee.

If you want to arrange an instalment plan, we advise you to consult the installer of the project.

Can I get free solar panels?

No. There are no free solar panel schemes on the market currently. We strongly advise against making any agreements for free solar panels.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We, at GreenMatch, value the importance of giving back to society. We have awarded scholarships to students around the world to help them succeed in achieving their goals. Read about our Scholarships here.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Business Partner?

We help UK businesses in their search for suitable suppliers. We focus on the quality of every individual lead to make it a high potential one for our suppliers. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please visit our “Become a Partner” section.

What to Do If You Find Misleading Information in Our Content

We, at GreenMatch, strive to collect and provide the most accurate information. We have an in-house content and research team that aims to offer the best experience on our website. You can read about our authors and content team here.

All content on our site is believed to be accurate at the time of publishing. However, due to changes in prices and technology over time, there may be inaccurate or outdated information on some of our pages.

Please inform us of any inaccuracies you may find, either by email or telephone. Your feedback will help us provide the best experience to all our users.

DISCLAIMER: GreenMatch shall have no liability for the accuracy of the information found on the website due to changes in prices and technology over time.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Our Policies

Privacy Statement

Your right to privacy is our primary concern as we want you to feel safe and comfortable using our website. Please read about our Privacy and Cookies Policy here.

Image Use Policy

GreenMatch owns all the intellectual property rights to the custom images and graphics used on the website. It is allowed to share them without modification for commercial and non-commercial purposes by giving appropriate credit to GreenMatch, in the form of a clickable link back to the article or page the image was found on (that is, not to the image URL itself).

The images and graphics can not be redistributed or sold in any form, including but not limited to digital copies, stock photos, or printed materials. You do not need to seek permission to share images found on GreenMatch, provided you follow the image use policy laid out above. You are however always welcome to contact us via email at regarding a visual that you intend to include in a publication.