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Last updated: 25 October 2021

3kW Solar Panel System

Save on Your Energy Bill with a 3kW Solar System

Did you know that you can save money and make your home more energy efficient by installing a 3kW solar panel system? These solar PV systems are ideal for medium-sized homes of 2-3 people, or smaller homes with larger energy consumption.

On average, you could expect to pay is £5,400 for your 3kW solar panels. Naturally, the cost will vary depending on a number of factors, namely, the orientation of your roof, the roof capacity (how many panels you can install), the output of your 3kW solar panel system, and the solar panel installation costs.

Price Overview of 3kW Solar Panels
Output Number of Panels Estimated Roof Space Total Price
 150W  20 27 m2  £4,499
 200W  15 20 m2  £5,399
 250W  12 15 m2  £6,999

The size and the maximum capacity of the solar PV system you can get is limited to the roof size of your house. A typical 3kW solar panel system requires roof space of at least 20 square metres. If you are willing to invest in higher efficiency PV panels, you may reduce this required area to around 15 square metres, although at a higher price.

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What Is the Average Cost of a 3kW Solar System?

Depending on the different solar panel types and their efficiency rates, the price range will vary slightly. The more efficient the solar panels are — i.e. the more electricity they can produce within the same area (e.g. 1 m2) — the more long-term savings there will be.

In the UK, a 3kW solar panel system typically costs around £5,400. Depending on your preferences and the characteristics of your home, you may want to choose a high-tech version that pushes the prices towards £7,000 but offers additional solar panel advantages.

Or, if your needs are not as specific and you don't need the latest technology, you might be able to get a good deal of only £4,500.

The government has offered some schemes to encourage the adoption of solar energy across the UK.

Feed-in Tariff

The financial benefits of purchasing a 3kW solar panel system is an aspect which should be taken into consideration when prospecting the market. The energy produced by the panels can not only heat your home and power appliances but can also be sold. The bigger the size of the installed system, the more energy can be produced and sold.

The Feed-in Tariff (FiT), a popular solar panel grant, is a rate agreed when you first buy solar panels for your home, that is paid to you for each kWh you generate. If excess energy is produced and sold back to the national grid, a separate rate is received. The amount received depends on when the tariff is taken out and how much energy has been generated with the domestic 3kW solar system. 

The FiT ceased its enforcement on 31st March 2019.

Smart Export Guarantee

With the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), you can earn money with your 3kW solar system for feeding surplus electricity back to the grid, making your solar investment even more attractive.

The SEG effectively replaced the Feed in Tariff in 2019, and incentivises UK homeowners to export energy to the grid. A 3kW solar system is eligible under this new scheme.

According to the new scheme, licensed solar panel suppliers with more that 150,000 domestic customers are obligated to provide a tariff to their customers that export electricity back to the grid.

The tariff rates have not been set, but require a 'fair price'.

3kW Solar Panels

How Much Power Does a 3kW Solar System Produce?

A 3kW PV system will produce around 2,500 kWh of electricity per year. The solar panel system will consist of 20 × 150-watt panels (low efficiency), 15 × 200-watt solar panels (average efficiency), or 12 × 250-watt solar panels (latest technology).

You may be asking yourself 'how many solar panels do I need for a 3 kW system?'. If you opt for 250 watt panels, you would need 12 panels to generate that much energy.

This means that you will save at least £270 per year on electricity bills with 3kW solar panels. In the long, at least 25-year lifetime of a solar panel, you are likely to profit at least £1,350 in addition to breaking even on your investment. Due to the sufficient energy produced per year, the 3kW and 4kW solar panel systems are the most used in the UK households.

Find the Best 3kW Solar Panel Suppliers

Over a longer period of time, the 3kW solar panel system will generate more revenue than the smaller 2kW and 1kW systems. Generating more power means reducing energy bills in the long-term, thus, the investment will be earned back in a shorter period of time as well. You can also install a 5kW solar system, if you have a larger house.

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