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Hannah Maza


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  • Solar panels & batteries
  • Replacing boilers with renewables
  • Energy grants
  • Energy efficiency
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  • 130+ articles written
  • Work featured across 4 sites
  • Writing for GreenMatch since
    May 2022

About Hannah

Hannah has been a Writer at GreenMatch since April 2022. She is not just a dedicated researcher but also an advocate for sustainable living. Her passion lies in unravelling the complexities of energy system policies and sharing this knowledge, a journey that has led her to focus her expertise on solar panels, heat pumps, and other domestic energy systems.

With a deep understanding of low-carbon energy systems, she aims to break down knowledge barriers and share invaluable insights to empower individuals in their pursuit of creating more environmentally conscious homes.

Hannah's writing experience spans various platforms—from in-depth articles to captivating podcasts and interactive social media—in fields spanning health startups, social networks, and digital solutions research.

The information barrier to enter the green energy market can be absurdly high. I believe that in order to start feeling significant positive impact of the energy transition, it all starts with understanding on an individual level. My goal is to break down all of the confusing jargon from the government and critics so that you have all the information you need to make the best choice for your family and home.

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