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Last updated: 8 May 2024

Double Glazing Grants In The UK: A Complete Guide (2024)

Double Glazing Grants In The UK
  • While there are technically no grants specifically for new windows and doors, there are incentives and schemes for glazing and draught-proofing as part of energy-saving and eco-friendly policies.
  • ECO4, Warmer Homes Scotland, and Home Upgrade Grant are the most popular window grants.
  • By installing better glazing, you can cut your heating bills by £180 per year.

Currently, across the UK, there are various region-based government schemes that many homes are entitled to. These grants mostly target the lowest-income households to address fuel poverty across the UK and upgrade the inefficient housing stock. In this article, we will discuss the various grants and schemes available in the UK.


While there are technically no grants for new windows and doors, there are financial incentive schemes that are hosted by the UK government, mostly aimed at glazing and eco-friendly improvements. The difference between the two is that these double glazing grants are not specifically for windows but include them as one possible measure.

Government grants for windows are a great way to help reduce the upfront costs of your new windows. However, it is not the only way you can save money on your windows. You can also cut costs by finding the right window installers and ensuring you’re getting the most value for your money. But how do you find qualified window installers quickly?

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Are there grants for windows and doors from the government in the UK?

As mentioned earlier, most available grants are more akin to government incentives to help pay for eco-friendly measures for low-income residents. A government grant for windows usually comes with means-testing measures and windows can be one part of this.

That said, these can still be an effective means of improving your windows and doors if you are eligible. Let’s go over the main ones.

Grant Type of installation Regions covered Eligibility criteria Timespan
ECO4 scheme Varies based on inspection England, Scotland, Wales Based on income-related benefits 1 April 2022 - 31 March 2026
Affordable Warmth Scheme Draught-proofing windows and doors, replacing single glazed windows Northern Ireland Residents earning under £23,000 annually September 2014 - ongoing
Home Upgrade Grant (HUG2) New windows, doors and draught-proofing UK Low income households,off-grid, low energy efficiency rated property April 2023 - March 2025
Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan Upgrading single glazing and draught proofing available on loan Scottish homeowners Scotland May 2017 - ongoing
Great British Insulation Scheme (previously known as ECO+) Currently, only insulation measures England, Scotland and Wales Vulnerable homes, properties with low energy performance ratings April 2023 - March 2026
Welsh Government Warm Homes Nest Scheme Energy efficient home improvements (currently excludes double glazing) Wales Based on income-related benefits, properties with low energy performance ratings 2011 - ongoing
Warmer Homes Scotland Energy efficient home upgrades, including insulation, new boilers (currently excludes double glazing) Scotland Vulnerable people living on their property over 6 months 2015 - ongoing

ECO4 (Energy Company Obligation Scheme)

ECO4 was launched in April 2022 and will run till 31st March 2026. ECO4, the latest iteration of the UK government's Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, obligates energy suppliers to support low-income, energy-inefficient homes in the UK to alleviate cost-of-living pressures by offering free energy efficiency upgrades. Included among these free home improvements is double glazing installation.

This windows scheme is available to any recipient of a list of means-tested benefits. These include Income-based Jobseekers Allowance, Universal Credit, and Income Support. You can potentially earn enough for free double glazing (depending on the size and number of installations).

Currently, there aren’t any government grants for double glazing in Wales. Therefore, ECO4 is the best option for homeowners in Wales looking to upgrade their windows with the help of a grant.

If you do not qualify for the ECO4 grant, you may still be eligible (via referral) for ECO Flex. This can widen the pool of eligibility, extending it to those outside of the set criteria but still classified as in need of assistance. To see if you qualify for the windows replacement grant, check with your local authorities and/or energy provider.

Home Upgrade Grant (HUG2)

Serving as a brand-new window grant in 2023, the Home Upgrade Scheme will offer £1.4 billion in funding to local authorities and social housing providers. This will go towards energy efficiency measures in vulnerable homes and homes off the gas grid with an EPC rating of D and below. These serve as grants for replacement windows and home improvement to deter cold weather.

These measures will include loft insulation, draught-proofing as well as new doors and double glazing in England. The scheme expects to target over 115,000 homes in England and could save tenants between £220 and £400 on yearly energy bills.

Home Energy Scotland Grant & Loan

Rural and island homes which can face increased costs to install home improvements can apply for these grants. These include a ‘rural uplift’ which is available to households in Remote Rural and Island areas. The grants can finance up to 75% of the price of the improvements, which can add up to the maximum grant amount of £7,500 (or £9,000 for rural uplifts).

Grant funding for heat pumps is up to £7,500, or £9,000 for households which qualify for the rural uplift. Any remaining portions of the funding request can be taken on as an optional interest-free loan. The caveat is that the scheme will upgrade your single glazed windows but does not offer loans for improving existing double or triple glazing.

Homeowners looking for window replacement grants and those who are building entirely new homes can apply.

Warmer Homes Scotland

The Home Energy Scotland grant is an initiative established by the Scottish Government. First established in 2015, this scheme targets low-income, energy-inefficient homes in Scotland by granting them up to £7,500 to make energy efficiency improvements or install low-carbon heating. Homeowners in rural areas can receive up to £9,000.

If you need double glazing in Scotland, then this includes double glazing replacements if you are replacing single glazed windows. However, you are not eligible if you already have double glazed units installed. This scheme is available to homeowners and new home builders who meet the eligibility criteria.

Affordable Warmth Scheme in Northern Ireland

Since 2014, the Affordable Warmth Scheme aims to protect low-income Northern Irish homes from fuel poverty by providing £7,500 toward energy-efficiency improvements. These can include new double glazing installation.

Homeowners and private property tenants looking for new windows in Northern Ireland, with a total gross income of less than £23,000 per year. The amount you are granted is subject to approval following an inspection of your home and your needs. This assessment will also determine the extent of work needed to be carried out but it can easily supply sufficient funding for a double glazed windows grant.

Closed or paused window grants

  • ECO+: Soon to be replaced by the Great British Insulation Scheme.
  • Green Homes Grant: Ended in 2021, the Green Homes Grant offered vouchers worth a maximum government contribution of £5,000.

Can I still save money on new windows if I am not eligible for a grant?

If you are not eligible for any grants for windows and doors, you can still apply for loans. Many may not live in a region with free window grants or may not fit the criteria but loans have a lower barrier to entry.

In such cases, another option is to recycle your current windows for a discounted price. These schemes are not backed by the government but many companies provide this. Wooden windows and aluminium windows are widely recyclable, while uPVC windows can be recycled up to 10 times.

If your goal is to improve your home heating, you could instead opt for insulation and draught-proofing. Similarly, there are many grants for efficient heating systems. While they are more expensive than installing windows, technologies like heat pumps can also be more cost-effective in terms of running costs.

Comparing window quotes and prices

If you need help navigating prices and replacement window grants, you’ll need one thing above all: an installer you can trust. Instead of dedicating numerous hours to finding one on your own, why not let us take the wheel? GreenMatch can help you get new double glazed windows installed quickly by connecting you with up to 4 reliable installers available in your area.

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