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Last updated: 23 March 2022

4kW Solar Panel System

Things to Know before Buying 4kW Solar Panels

A 4kW solar panel system can cover the energy needs of a family of 3 or 4. Installing such a system will not only save you on electricity bills but will also make your home more environmentally friendly and make your life easier thanks to the low maintenance requirements and very long lifetime of the product.

A 4kW solar panel system will cost you around £5,000, but if installed by an MCS certified supplier, it will save you up to £870 a year. Annually, a 4kW solar panel system will generate enough electricity to meet the needs of a regular UK family. What is more, if you can generate enough energy to export it back to the grid, and therefore earn money through the Smart Export Guarantee.

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4kW Solar Panel System -Everything You Need to Know

How Much Money Can I Save and Earn?

A correct number can’t be set as the sun rays that your 4kW solar system will collect will vary throughout the year due to weather conditions. To make sure that you are getting the most out of sunlight, you must consider the placement of the system before installing it.

For instance, the angling of your roof can increase or decrease the efficiency, if your roof is completely North facing your panels will have significantly reduced capabilities. Remember that if you want to increase your earnings, you will have to save energy. Don’t leave all appliances working or on standby when you are not using them.

For the installation, you will need 28 m2 of free roof space and around £7,000 (price may also vary depending on the supplier you choose) for the purchase and installation. The first year you are looking at around £700-800 return, which means that the system will pay for itself in approximately 9.5 years and for a 20 year period you are looking at around £5,000-6,500 pure profit.

How much will I save with a 4kW solar system

The Feed-In Tariff

The tariff was a government incentive introduced with the purpose of inspiring people to go solar. On average, you can expect to earn around 4p for each kWh produced and used, according to Ofgem.

The extra electricity that you simply don’t use but export back to the grid will earn you around 2p and your energy bills will be reduced significantly.

In order to receive the money from FiT your supplier must be MCS certified. This scheme closed in 2019, though the installations registered under the FiT will continue to receive payments.

The Smart Export Guarantee

This scheme was newly introduced in 2019, after the closure of the FiT. Under the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), UK homeowners can receive payments from their energy suppliers when they export surplus energy back to the grid. This will help you recover some of the installation cost of solar panels.

Solar energy suppliers with over 150,000 domestic customers are obliged to offer at least one export tariff - though the tariffs are not yet regulated by the government. The average price of the tariff would be between 5-6p per kWh exported.

To be eligible, you need a small-scale low-carbon electricity generator, such as a 4kW solar system. Your installer must also be MCS-certified.

Benefits of Investing in a 4kW Solar Panel System

Are you in doubt whether it is a good idea to invest in a solar power system? It is true that buying 4kw solar panels implies a considerable investment, but this will guarantee that you will produce your own and clean energy, and will also save money in the future. As with any big investment, one should think of solar panels from a long-term perspective

Even though it is cheaper today to pay your bills and get electricity from the national grid, this will not remain the same in the future. Firstly, because the price of fossil fuels will undoubtedly grow, therefore pushing the prices of electricity produced from such sources.

Secondly, as more people are switching to green energy, economies of scales are leading to lower prices in the respective technologies. In the next few years, solar panels will be cheaper, and more effective.

Additionally, as governments are pressured to take actions in order to tackle climate change, there are many incentives and solar panel grants that make green investments financially convenient. 

How to Maximise Efficiency of Your 4kW Panels 

Installing a solar panel system should not be a hassle. There are some things you can do to make sure you will make the most out of your 4kW solar panel system. This includes not only where you place the 4kW solar panels (away from any sort of shade) but also making sure that your home is energy efficient.

Sometimes this factor is underestimated, but having a well-insulated home will for sure lead to better results when incorporating any type of renewable source of energy!

  • You need to make sure your home is suitable for the installation (having good insulation is usually enough). This will determine how many solar panels you need in order to cover your energy demands.
  • South-facing roofs are perfect, but east or west-facing ones produce only up to 15% less energy.
  • You will need from 21 m2 to 28 m2 roof space for a 4kW solar system. Installers will typically ask you how big your roof is as a first thing,
  • Make sure nothing is shading over your roof. The power output of a solar array is proportional to the energy it receives from the sun. If the panels are blocked with shade, then the energy they can convert into electricity will be limited.

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