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Last updated: 29 March 2021

UPVC French Doors: Bring Style & Efficiency into Your Home

uPVC French Doors: Combination of Style and Comfort

UPVC French doors or windows? People often wonder which is the difference between the two. In fact, according to the majority of the dictionaries, no big difference exists. French doors are by definition a pair of casement windows that are designed like doors, extending to the floor level. The main features revolve around the design, characterised by a set of opening doors.

uPVC French doors are commonly composed of small glazed sections, featuring a classical style, but full-length panes of glass are also a diffuse choice among uPVC French doors fans. uPVC French doors can be used in different ways and this makes them even more stylish. French doors can definitely be used not only as exterior doors but as interior doors as well, for separating, for example, the dining area from the living room or the conservatory.

The style of your house and the purpose of the uPVC doors are the elements that are mainly going to influence the design of the perfect uPVC French door for your home, but it is important to underline the opposite as well: uPVC French doors can give a unique style to your house, along with the comforts and the advantages of uPVC doors.

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Image of a uPVC French door

Why uPVC French Doors?

The origin of French doors can be traced as far back as the 16th and 17th centuries. At that time, the French took inspiration from the Italian Renaissance style for recreating proportion, symmetry and light through windows and doors in a house.

The glass pane extended to the floor would transmit a sense of regularity and allow the light to easily enter and spread across the room where the French doors are installed. The perfect solution for who wants a luminous space.

UPVC is an acronym for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, a material that for the absence of plastic becomes more rigid and adaptable to construction works and manufacture of windows and doors frames.

In the last 30 years, uPVC has been increasingly used in the UK for building frames of double glazed doors, thanks to the ease of adaptation of the material and the convenience of it.

In recent years, the uPVC market has been growing, representing one of the most chosen material when it is time to replace windows and doors. This due to some unique, remarkable and irreplaceable characteristics. uPVC french doors will satisfy your need for style, flexibility, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, sound and acoustic insulation.

Besides, uPVC French doors can be produced in various colours, as a result of different advanced techniques and processes.

Image of a uPVC interior french door

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The Benefits of Installing uPVC French Doors

UPVC provides resistance to water and sunlight, making uPVC French doors a low-maintenance product, durable and also recyclable. The advantages of uPVC are not limited to the ones already listed. uPVC can give you much more. Here are the major benefits of installing uPVC French doors:

Energy Efficiency

uPVC French doors are a proven protection from heat and cold, insulating your home from heat loss up to 30%.

Sound Insulation

uPVC French doors are a great way to reduce noise once installed.

No Condensation

uPVC French doors have multiple panes of glass that avoid cold and hot air to enter in contact, therefore avoiding annoying condensation issues.

Style and Value

uPVC French doors offer the buyers the chance to enhance their house, not only functionally, but above all aesthetically. Thanks to the window panels, more light than usual is allowed to enter the room and the resulting effect is surprising, giving the illusion of extra space.

Adaptability and Variety

uPVC French doors are present in the market in a wide range of shapes and colours. Besides, uPVC can be cut really easily, replicating moulded panels and matching the desired styles of each home.


uPVC doors can satisfy everybody’s need for privacy, just choosing a different kind of glass transparency and decorations. These kind of uPVC doors are the perfect solution if you want to interconnect two spaces or, on the contrary, create some private area.

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uPVC French Door Benefits

Are uPVC French Doors Expensive?

uPVC French doors are effectively cheaper than French doors made from other materials, due not only to the lower prices of raw materials but also to less complex manufacturing processes. French doors that are made of uPVC have, additionally, long-duration over time and require a low-level maintenance. These characteristics make uPVC French doors a convenient choice for whoever wants to change the doors of its house.

Costs to consider when deciding to install new uPVC French doors are related to the size, the shape, the glass and the colours used. However, an important role is played by the installation of the door itself. This will have different costs if you go for DIY or a professional fitting. One key factor when installing uPVC French doors regards the amount of money you will be saving, because uPVC material remarkably reduces the loss of heat up to 30%, saving on your bills.

As for windows, the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) - the UK authority for the independent rating of windows efficiency has created a system in 2011 for evaluating the efficiency of doors. This is called the Doorset Energy Rating scheme (DSER) and it provides a performance assessment scale going from A++ to G, along with a rainbow bar, as the one used for white goods.

Finally, remember to check the U-value, important parameter for understanding the heat loss of a material. The lower the U-value, the better the thermal insulation of the chosen uPVC French doors.

uPVC French Doors Energy Rating

uPVC French Doors Design

One of the main advantages of installing uPVC French doors revolves around the great choice-range availability of the product, present in the market in a wide variety of shapes and colours.

UPVC is a material that can be cut and shaped without any particular difficulty and that is the reason why many choose it when it comes the time to replace their interior or exterior doors.

The design of a uPVC French door is related to the different options available on the market for:

  • Window types
  • Material used
  • Glass types (i.e., frosted, tempered, impact-resistant, etc.)
  • Door colour
  • Door size

No matter what are the elements already mentioned, uPVC French doors are commonly composed of some basic parts.

uPVC French doors are normally installed as a pair of doors, swinging from the centre and can feature a plain panel of glass in the full length of the door, framed by a uPVC profile, but most likely will present a grill, simulating multiple small windows called lights or lites. The lites are also sold in the half-view or three-quarter-view alternative, allowing more privacy into the room if necessary.

French doors require also more space to allow for the door to swing open and shut. These can be installed in an in-swing or out-swing fittings, and in any case need to be measured accurately, as well as the space available around them, in order to have the right area for opening.

What is important for you to do when deciding to buy and install a uPVC French door? You need to measure the width of the opening and then calculate the radius distance from the hinges. UPVC French doors suppliers provide both standard French door types and custom fits for specific openings.

uPVC French Doors Glass

uPVC French Doors Glossary

UPVC French doors are undoubtedly a smart investment for any house. These not only add style and elegance to the ambience but also improve the appearance of your property.

Sometimes when entering the world of uPVC French doors, it is difficult to understand all the technical terminology related to the topic. There are many component to French uPVC door panels, and frames. 

Greenmatch wants to make this task as easier as possible! The following are the words that are mostly encountered when in search of a new French door:

  • Jamb: frame that holds a door, securing it through the hinges
  • Hinge: the movable joint or mechanism that link the door unit to the frame
  • Lite or light: each of the small glass panels composing a French door
  • Mullion: often confused with the muntin, is a vertical element separating entire window units, structurally separating the glazed areas
  • Muntin: vertical or horizontal strip of uPVC dividing or holding together different glass panels of a window or door, visually separating the glazed areas
  • Trim: the decorative outside frame around the door (the same is called casing when framing the inside part of a door)

uPVC French Doors Glossary

Find the Best uPVC French Door Supplier

French doors add style, energy-efficiency, and security to your home. However, you may still need the help of a professional, considering the numerous choices and technical details. Finding the best uPVC door company can be hard, but Greenmatch is here to help you!

Send us an inquiry to receive a quote for your new uPVC French doors. Do not hesitate to fill in the contact form! It’s free, easy, without any obligation and energy efficient!

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