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Wales and Renewable Energy

Wales has a bit more than 3 million inhabitants and its capital and most populated city is Cardiff. The next largest Welsh cities are Swansea, Newport, Wrexham, and Barry. The country is making a big effort to reduce its carbon footprint and has created many local jobs in the renewable energy sector.

There is an energy policy (2012) named 'Energy Wales: A Low Carbon Transition' that sets out how Wales will change its habits from fuel-based energy generation to utilise a wider mix of low-carbon and green sources of energy such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass. The policy aims at enhancing the economic, social and environmental well-being of the Welsh people by creating a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

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Solar Panels in Wales

Solar Energy in Wales

As it happens in the rest of the UK, solar energy (both solar panels and solar thermal) is becoming increasingly popular in Wales. Local councils play a key role regarding the development of solar technologies in Wales, and discrepancies in the average solar panel/household around Wales is mostly attributed to each council’s intervention on this subject.

According to estimates published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), more than 23,000 houses in the country have solar panel installations. In fact, some regions in Wales are outperforming the UK average in terms of solar installations per number of households. For example, the city of Wrexham is the number one solar hotspot in Wales and it has the second highest average in the UK, with 509 solar PV installed every 100,000 homes (the average for the UK is 177 every 100,000 homes).

Why so? One of the main reasons for solar development in Wales is the UK’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) incentive for renewable energy. This pays you for the electricity you generate from renewable sources of energy, either you use it yourself or if you sell it back to the grid, in which case you will get a bonus payment. However, the FiT alone is not enough to explain why Wales has such a high average of solar panels per house compared to the rest of the UK. Contrary to the other countries in the UK, Wales has a fairly consistent sunny weather, which makes a solar investment a very tempting (and safe) option.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Wales? Can I Get Free Solar Panels?

People generally underestimate the returns you can get when investing in solar technologies and are very much interested in knowing the exact cost of a solar system. However, since investing in solar is a long-term investment, one should not only think of how much money is needed to buy a solar system but also think about the long-term benefits of investing in such technology.

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Thanks to the FiT and the long lifespan of solar systems (more than 30 years), one can actually make money out of solar panels after 7-9 years.

The payback period will depend on how efficient the system is, and the rate of the tariff that you receive. Seen this way, one can say that it is possible to get free solar panels since the initial investment is definitely going to be recovered. If this does not make you happy enough, you can also find some installers that will install free solar panels on your roof, but in return will save for themselves the Feed-in Tariff (they will 'rent your roof'). Therefore, although it can be tempting at first sight if you consider the long term this is not the best deal.'

If you are curious to know exactly how much you need to invest to get a solar panel system or a solar water heating system, we suggest you request a customised quote by filling the contact form at the top of this site. We can give you a hint that an average price for a solar PV installation is around £4,000-6,000 and £3,000-5,000 for a solar thermal system (plus the cost of installation and insurance). The exact number will depend on various factors such as the size of your property, the conditions of your roof, the quality and efficiency of the system chosen, and more. By requesting a quote the suppliers will give you the exact price and other helpful information you might want to know.

Are There Grants for Solar Energy in Wales?

Apart from the Feed in Tariff, which is the most popular scheme regarding green sources of energy in the UK, you might have also heard about the Green Deal. This is a financing mechanism (a kind of loan) which allows consumers to carry out energy efficiency improvements to their homes without the need of paying the respective costs. These costs are funded by a charge on their electricity bills over the next years. Both solar thermal and solar panels apply for this deal.

There is another project by the Welsh Government called Cyd Cymru (or Wales Together). Its aim is to undertake collective energy switching and enjoy the benefits of this, like getting a better price for buying in bulk. This collective energy buying scheme is meant to guarantee the best deal for any participant that wants to invest in green sources of energy and joins the scheme.

There is also another project called Nest that targets those Welsh households in fuel poverty. If this is your case, you may be eligible to receive home improvements at no cost, with the objective of making Welsh homes warmer and more fuel-efficient places to live.

How Can I Find a Solar Supplier in Wales?

Finding the right solar supplier can consume a lot of time. Moreover, since the required investment is quite significant, you want to make a good purchase which will make you happy during the entire lifespan of the solar system. Therefore, you should compare different suppliers and their respective options and make sure that you pick a reliable and certified supplier. is here to help. You can fill the contact form at the top of this page and you will be contacted by up to four professional solar installers with their best offers to suit your particular needs. Our no obligation service is 100% free of charge!