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Last updated: 18 March 2021

Benefits of Solar Panels in Wales

How Can Solar Panels in Wales Power Your Home?

Solar panels in Wales are the perfect solution for tapping into renewable resources, which are abundant by default. In 2017, about 48% of Wales' electricity consumption was from renewable energy, and the Welsh Government expects this to rise to 70% by 2030.

There has been an increase of renewable electricity generated in Wales by over 500% since 2005, and an increased government focus on clean energy. For example, the Welsh Government set a target to generate 1GW of locally owned renewable energy by 2030.

There are several locally owned renewable energy projects, 83% of which are photovoltaic systems. Solar panels in Wales can be purchased and integrated into many types of buildings, homes, and into larger business-related structures.

Most homes install 4kW solar systems or 5kW solar systems, although this can range from 3kW to 7kw systems depending on your usage.

If you are interested in buying solar panels in Wales, simply fill in the contact form above with your needs and preferences. We will find up to 4 of the best deals in terms of price and product. The service is 100% free and with no obligation

Solar Panels in Wales

Are Solar Panels Effective in Wales?

Wales benefits from a relatively high amount of sunshine hours and therefore solar panels can work effectively. The solar system’s efficiency may vary depending on which direction the panels face and the time of the year. South facing panels are more efficient than north facing ones throughout the year.

For solar panels to work effectively, several factors need to be considered. Some of the factors include; your average energy consumption, the size of the solar system, type of solar panels and quality installation. 

Solar Outout in Wales

How Much Do Solar Panels in Wales Cost?

There are many factors that affect the cost of installing solar panels. These include the size of the solar system, the installation cost and whether you choose to install a battery storage system. Other costs are dependent on the choice of supplier and type of panels.

Below are the estimated costs of different sizes of solar installations.

Estimated Costs of Solar Systems
Solar panels size Estimated solar system cost (£)
3kW From £4,500
4kW From £4,500
5kW From £6,000
6kW From £7,000

It is advisable to get in touch directly with your supplier in order to get the exact price of your domestic solar installation.

Are There Grants for Solar Energy in Wales?

Like any other nation in the UK, the Feed-in Tariff for renewable energy resources was also available to citizens in Wales. The greatest benefit from the FiT was that you are paid for the electricity you generate, i.e. you get reimbursed for energy that you don’t use, and ultimately reducing your energy bills. However, as per the announcement from the Uk government, the solar Feed in Tariff came to an end on 31st March 2019.

There are no specific grants for solar panels in Wales, but you can benefit from the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). SEG is a type of solar funding where licensed electricity suppliers are required by the government to offer an export tariff for electricity exported to the National Grid.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for My Home in Wales?

The number of panels you need is mostly dependent on the amount of energy you consume, your roof size and size of the individual panels. If, for example, you have a total energy consumption requirement of 3,000 kWh and want to rely for the large part on solar panels, you can install 30 square meters of solar panels that will generate a yearly power output of 2,190 kWh.

Planning requirements in Wales
  • Panels cannot be installed above the highest part of the roof
  • Panels should not project more than 200mm from the roof slope or wall surface
  • You cannot install panels on a building within the ground of a listed building or designated ground

It is highly recommended that you consult a professional solar panel installer to check whether you meet all the requirements.

Where Can I Find the Best Suppliers for Solar Panels?

GreenMatch offers services with our suppliers who are able to deliver complete solar panel systems fitting your need and budget for solar panels in Wales. It is possible to install several components in your existing energy supply system. Smart components can be easily integrated, leading to higher power efficiency for your solar panels.

Solar panels in Wales can be purchased at several businesses. In order to get the best deals, GreenMatch links you up with the best suppliers in your area that can deliver solar panels in Wales on a short term.

If you are interested in buying solar panels in Wales, simply fill in the contact form above with your needs and preferences. We will find 4 of the best deals for your solar panel system. The service is 100% free and with no obligation.

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Esther Katete
Written by Esther Katete, Content Writer

Esther is a Content Writer at GreenMatch. She has an educational background in Business Administration and Marketing and a passion for sustainability. She has working experience in Sales & Marketing in the renewable energy sector.

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