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How Can Solar Panels in Wales Power Your Home?

Wales, known for its mountainous landscape, and its distinctive Welsh language, has a bit over 3 million inhabitants, and its capital and most populated city is Cardiff. The country is making a big effort to reduce its carbon footprint and has created many local jobs in the renewable energy sector, which has led to a higher number of purchases of solar panels in Wales.

In contrast with the larger part of the United Kingdom, Wales has a relative sunny climate. Therefore, solar panels in Wales are the perfect solution for tapping into renewable resources, which are abundant by default. Solar panels in Wales can be purchased and integrated into many types of buildings, homes, and into larger business-related structures. To increase the adoption to renewable energy and solar panels in Wales, UK government initiated several programs that offer solar panel grants to the consumer.

In 2012, the Welsh Government stated their ambition to ’create a sustainable, low carbon economy for Wales’. The programme sets out how Wales will change its habits from fuel-based energy generation to utilising a wider mix of low-carbon and green sources of energy, such as wind, geothermal, solar thermal, and energy from biomass and solar panels in Wales.

Part of this programme is the Feed in Tariff scheme, whereby you can benefit from payments for up to 20 years for having a solar PV installation in your home. However, the UK's Feed in Tariff is ending on 31 March 2019, so if you want to lock down those payments for the next two decades, act quick and submit your application in time!

Application Deadline for Solar PV Feed in Tariff:

Read our guide on how you can still benefit from the solar PV Feed in Tariff before it ends in March 2019.

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Solar Panels House Wales

How You Will Benefit from Solar Panels in Wales

How to Save Money by Purchasing Solar Panels in Wales
Solar Panels in Wales Are a Long Term Investment and Decrease Energy Consumption Cost?
Does the Feed-in Tariff Apply for Solar Panels in Wales?
How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for My Home in Wales?
Where Can I Find the Best Suppliers for Solar Panel in Wales?

How to Save Money by Purchasing Solar Panels in Wales

Flintshire hosts the largest solar panels project in the UK, and the largest wind park of England and Wales is in Pen y Cymoedd. Cabinet explains 'by using our abundant natural resources in a sustainable way, we can ensure energy continues its important role in achieving our energy and decarbonisation targets. By doing so, we will deliver a prosperous and low carbon Wales.' Apart from solar panels in Wales, ground source heat pumps can also deliver many benefits to your home.

In 2016 there were 67,000 renewable resource projects, whereoff 81% are solar panels in Wales. 43% of energy usage came from renewable resources and the aim is to generate 70% of energy by renewable resources in 2030.

When purchasing solar panels in Wales, consumers can save a good amount of money by requesting the Feed-in Tariff. Tariff rates are set by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The scheme commands cooperating electricity suppliers, also known as Feed-in Tariff Licensees to make reimbursements on both generation and export from qualified installations.

Once your installation is accredited, a tariff will be sent to you based on a number of factors like technology, Total Installed Capacity (TIC), and your position in distribution caps. Depending on the calculation for the Feed-in Tariff, you might be able match your initial investment after six years of owning solar panels in Wales.

Solar Panels in Wales Are a Long Term Investment and Decrease Energy Consumption Cost

The best way to understand the cost of solar panels and how you can save cost on your energy consumption is by investing in renewable energy resources. Devoting a small portion of your income to solar panels are a great way to start benefiting from the sustainable goals set by the Welsh government. Especially in combination with the Feed-in Tariff, investing in solar panels in Wales need short time to give you a return on your initial investment and you will start saving money right away.

Renewable Energy Generation in Wales
Year Renewable Energy Percentage Solar PV Cumulative Capacity in MW Heat Pump Cumulative Capacity in MW
2012 18% 150 15
2013 21% 180 20
2014 29% 400 27
2015 34% 680 34
2016 42% 800 41
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Any kind of renewable energy resource integrated into a home is a long term investment. One of the advantages of solar panels is the immediate effect of profiting from green energy that powers all the comforting appliances and technologies in ones home.

On average, a customer pays around £100 for 100 watt of solar capacity. 1 m² of solar panels has a power capacity of approximately 200 watts, therefore 30 m² of solar panels would cost around £6000 without including cost for inverters, mounting brackets, and other components. 

Solar Energy Output in Wales

Does the Feed-in Tariff Apply for Solar Panels in Wales?

Yes, like any other nation in the UK, the Feed-in Tariff for renewable energy resources is also available to citizens in Wales.

The greatest benefit from the FiT is that you are paid for the electricity you generate, i.e. you get reimbursed for energy that you don’t use, and ultimately reducing your energy bills. Taken into consideration that all repayment is generated by your own solar panels in Wales shows that a massive step forward is taken in becoming energy independent.

The occurence of solar panels is higher in Wales than in the rest of the UK, therefore many citizens who possess solar panels in Wales profit from the Feed-in Tariff and have decreased their energy bills significantly. Contrary to the other countries in the UK, Wales has a fairly consistent sunny weather, which makes a solar investment a very tempting option.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for My Home in Wales?

The total square meters of solar panels you need depend on your daily energy consumption. Solar panels in Wales benefit from a relative high amount of sunshine hours. This flux of solar rays will power your homes and your utilities. Since the technology of solar panels is improving each month, components become less expensive and can easily be integrated into existing systems.

If, for example, you have a total energy consumption requirement of 3,000 kWh and want to rely for the large part on solar panels, you can install 30 square meters of solar panels that will generate a yearly power output of 2,190 kWh.Efficient Power Output per m2

Where Can I Find the Best Suppliers for Solar Panels in Wales?

GreenMatch offers services with our suppliers who are able to deliver complete solar panel systems fitting your need and budget for solar panels in Wales. It is possible to install several components in your existing energy supply system. Smart components can be easily integrated, leading to higher power efficiency for your solar panels.

Solar panels in Wales can be purchased at several businesses. In order to get the best deals, GreenMatch links you up with the best suppliers in your area that can deliver solar panels in Wales on a short term. All businesses that deliver quotes to GreenMatch are licensed electricity suppliers registered with the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

If you are interested in buying solar panels in Wales, simply fill in the contact form above with your needs and preferences. We will find 4 of the best deals for your solar panel system. The service is 100% free and with no obligation.

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