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Last updated: 15 March 2024

Viridian Solar Panels: Compare Prices, Reviews & More

Viridian Solar UK manufacturer

Viridian Solar is one of the go-to solar panel manufacturers in the UK for a roof integrated solar pv panels. Whether it’s a new build or a retrofit installation, Viridian Solar has got you covered. Their Clearline Fusion panels are designed to integrate seamlessly into the roof, providing a sleek and streamlined appearance that complements the overall design of the property. 

In this article, we will compare Viridian Solar panel prices, review customer feedback, and explore the features and benefits of Viridian Solar panels. If you already want to get a head start in your solar journey we can help you take the next step to get solar panels. It all starts with getting quotes from professional installers who work with solar panels from top manufacturers, such as Viridian Solar.

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What makes Viridian Solar panels so special?

Viridian Solar is a UK-based company that was officially launched in 2007, with their headquarters near Cambridge. Viridian Solar’s reputation as a dependable provider of high-quality solar panels was further reinforced in 2021 when they were acquired by Marley Ltd, a highly-regarded name in the UK roofing industry.

While Viridian Solar offers a range of products, including roof windows, solar connectors, and EV electric vehicle chargers, what they’re most known for is their roof-integrated solar systems. Viridian Solar’s Clearline Fusion range of roof-integrated solar panels are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to switch to renewable energy without compromising the aesthetic appeal of their property. 

These panels replace the tiles or slates on your roof, and blend in seamlessly with the existing roof. It has made them a popular choice among both housebuilders and individual homeowners looking to reduce energy bills while maintaining the kerb appeal of their building.

Viridian Solar panels specifications

Viridian Solar’s Clearline Fusion solar roofing system, launched in 2015, is a roof-integrated solar photovoltaic system designed to be easily installed for both new build and retrofit applications. The Clearline Fusion PV16 solar panels are available in a range of power outputs and styles to suit different aesthetic preferences and energy requirements.

Clearline Fusion PV16
Height x Width x Depth1,640 x 992 x 69 mm
Weight21 kg
Number of Cells60
Power Warranty90% after 10 years
80% after 25 years

The monocrystalline silicon panels are cut from a single crystal of silicon, producing deep black cells with a high degree of colour uniformity. When combined with a black backing sheet and a black frame, the result is a sleek and sophisticated black solar panels look. These panels are available as 320Wp (watt-peak) and 300Wp.

Clearline Fusion PV16 Models
Peak power270Wp300Wp320Wp
Maximum power voltage30.7Vmpp33.1Vmpp34.0Vmpp
Cell typePolycrystalline siliconMonocrystalline siliconMonocrystalline silicon

The polycrystalline panels are cut from a cast block of silicon made up of many crystals. They are surface-treated to improve uniformity and darken the colour. The polycrystalline panels are available in two options – on black backing and on white backing. These panels are available as 270Wp.

The reflective backing sheet of the polycrystalline panels on white backing allows for a slightly higher power output, making them the most cost-effective option for situations where the white lines and border are desirable. These panels are also available as 270Wp.

Overall, the Clearline Fusion solar roofing system and its range of panel options provide customers with both high-performance and attractive options for their Viridian Solar energy demands. Whether you prefer the sleek black aesthetic or the cost-effective white panels, Viridian Solar has an option to meet your needs.

Viridian Solar panels prices (UK)

roof integrated solar panels PV

Viridian Solar manufactures an assortment of solar-related products like roof windows and solar connectors, but in this section, we’ll only cover the cost of the solar panels and the fusion kit you’ll need to create any rectangular combination of columns and rows on your roof. 

Cost of Viridian Solar panel models
Potential Cost£100 – £170£165 – £200£204 – £245

The fusion kit is a universal roofing kit that works with all common tiles and slates so that a professional installer can easily install your panels in either portrait or landscape orientation. Below is a Viridian Solar price list of the available roofing kits.

Cost of Viridian Solar roofing kits
Name of KitDescriptionPotential Cost
F16-TLBottom-left flashing kit (portrait)£100
F16-TCMid-bottom flashing kit (portrait)£100
F16-TRBottom-right flashing kit (portrait)£100
F16-TYStart a row above (portrait)£57
F16-JAdd panel to row above (portrait)£45
VAT-16Flashing for single panel (portrait)£116
F16-LLBottom-left flashing kit (landscape)£101
F16-LCMid-bottom flashing kit (landscape)£101
F16-LRBottom-right flashing kit (landscape)£101
F16-LYFlashing to add row above (landscape)£51
F16-LJAdd panel to row above (landscape)£42
VAL16Flashing for single panel (landscape)£123

It’s important to keep in mind that investing in solar panel system kits and accessories can contribute to the long-term durability and efficiency of your system. These are an investment in the protection and longevity of your solar panel system.

However, it’s worth noting that the prices listed are averages and may vary depending on your location and the supplier. A professional installer would be able to give you a more accurate quote that includes the cost of the solar panel system and installation costs such as labour work and roofing kits.

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What do Viridian Solar panel reviews say?

Customers who have purchased Viridian Solar PV panels are generally satisfied with their purchase. One standout feature of Viridian Solar panels is their easy roof integration. Customers have reported that the panels are straightforward to install, with clear instructions and helpful support from the manufacturer. The panels also come in a variety of sizes and configurations, allowing for flexibility in installation options.

Customers have also been pleased with the aesthetics and quality of Viridian Solar panels. Many have commented on the sleek and modern design of the panels, which can enhance the overall look of a building or property. 

The panels have also been noted for their durability, longevity, high efficiency, and wind resistance, even in less-than-ideal weather conditions. Overall, Viridian Solar panels reviews suggest that their panels are a reliable and high-quality option for those looking to invest in solar energy.

Should you get Viridian Solar panels?

If you’re considering investing in solar panels, you may be wondering if Viridian Solar PV panels are the right choice for you. The answer depends on a variety of factors, including your location, energy usage, and financial resources.

Firstly, if you live in a location with abundant sunlight and few shading obstacles, solar panels can be very effective. This is because solar panels rely on sunlight to generate electricity, and the more sunlight they receive, the more electricity they can produce.

Solar panels can reduce your carbon footprint and give you the opportunity to become independent of the gas grid. It’s a future-proof solution that relies on renewable energy.

However, it’s important to note that solar panel installation does require an upfront investment, and maintenance costs can add up over time. If you’re willing to make an upfront investment and have the financial resources to cover the costs of installation and maintenance, solar panels can be a valuable long-term investment. 

Therefore, if you’re ready to get solar panels, then Viridian Solar is a reliable choice. But whether you decide to go with Viridian Solar or another top solar panel manufacturer, you can rest assured that you’ll be reaping both long-term environmental and financial solar energy benefits. Read more on this topic in our advantages and disadvantages of solar energy guide.

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