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Last updated: 01 April 2019

Information about Home Solar Panels

Solar panel systems, which are formed by photovoltaic (PV) cells, capture sunlight and transform it into pure green energy that is ready to use. The generated energy can then be used to run all household appliances and lighting. The solar panels don’t necessarily need direct sunlight, they can still produce electricity during cloudy days.

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Benefits of Solar Energy

  • Reduce your energy bills—as sunlight is a free source of energy, your costs are cut down to the ones needed to cover the initial investment for the installation. From then on your electricity bills will be diminished.
  • Earn money by producing clean energy—the FIT (Feed-In-Tariff) was a scheme introduced by the UK government and it pays you for the electricity you produce even if you are using it. However, the scheme ended in April 2019, and no new registrations are being accepted.
  • Sell electricity back to the national grid—under the FIT scheme, the electricity that you don’t use and is left in excess will be sold back to the grid, allowing you to increase your earnings. 
  • Decrease your carbon emission—as solar power is pure green renewable energy, it doesn’t harm the environment in any way. 

The Feed-In-Tariff

The FIT is a government incentive that allows you to not only increase your savings but also earn back your investment and make a profit over the tariff period (20 years). The scheme itself was introduced in order to encourage more people to install solar panels on their homes. FIT gives you the chance to get paid for the electricity you produce, use and sell back to the grid. Keep in mind that the rates will vary depending on the date of your application for FIT. 

Since the introduction of this scheme, though, the prices for the renewable technology installations have dropped so much so that the government no longer deems it necessary to subsidise them. Therefore, the grant closed in April 2019 and no new registrations are being accepted. The registrations that were accepted before the closure will still benefit from the payments for 20 years since the approved installation. 

Costs of Solar Panels

Let’s take a 4kW solar panel system for instance. It usually starts at around £6,000 but could cost you up to £8,000. However, it generates you a decent amount of savings. The electricity it generates on a yearly basis is around 3,800 kWh, which is approximately enough to cover the needs of a regular household.

  • It will save you around £780 per year
  • It will reduce your carbon footprint with nearly 2 tonnes per year

Remember that costs of the installation may vary between different suppliers and products.

Another way of cutting down the costs of solar panels is to store the generated energy by installing a battery system, which can provide you with more surplus energy to sell back to national grid. A solar battery storage system costs between £1,200 and £6,000, and it will be a worthy investment in the long run.

To get an idea of what amount of money you will need, firstly you will have to determine the size of your desired solar panel system. The main factor is usually the size of your roof, which in the perfect situation also has to be a South facing. However, West or East facing ones would produce just up to 15% less energy. The angle, under which the panels are tilted also matters so the angling of your roof will have a part to play when it comes to your solar panel system’s efficiency.


Free Solar Panels?

There was a popular option for customers to get solar panels installed on their homes for free. A few years ago, many companies were offering potential customers to get solar panels installed on their roofs for free as long as the company itself could collected all the FIT rates. This, of course, was quite tricky as you were basically lending your rooftop to somebody else and your roof stayed with the panels for the next 20 years, which can make any possible change of residence a bit more difficult. These factors grouped altogether usually put people off the idea of even considering having “free” solar panels. With the decrease in Feed in Tariff rates, and the subsequent closure of the entire scheme in April 2019, made this free solar panel deal unprofitable for businesses.

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Choosing The Right Supplier

Finding the right supplier can be challenging, especially if you are relying only on a casual internet research. Thorough information about each suppliers’ expertise can be tough to find just anywhere around the web. 

If you wish to be able to directly see and compare different MCS certified installers, you are at the right place! Our Solar Panel Guide will make it easy for you to browse through different suppliers and compare them. 

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Going Solar?

If we have managed to inspire you to at least consider going solar then we will give you some useful information as well. To be able to do some estimations on the price, you need to see what solar panel system size you are going to need as they all cost different amounts of money. Prices will also vary from supplier to supplier, therefore it’s good to get a few quotes from different suppliers.

To get free quotes from up to 4 qualified suppliers, the only thing you have to do is fill in our form. After doing so, you will be contacted by suppliers closely your location and they will present their offerings and then it’s up to you to choose one or none. It’s absolutely free and without obligation!

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