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Last updated: 2 May 2024

Black Aluminium Windows: Prices, Types + Pros & Cons in 2024

Black aluminium windows

Black aluminium windows in the UK are a touchstone of the iconic mid-century modern design aesthetic. While they represent a classic style, they have always maintained a contemporary feel and can complement any style of home. 

Bold, sleek, and ultra modern, black aluminium windows can do a lot to elevate the visual appeal of your entire home. But beyond striking aesthetics, modern black aluminium windows are also highly functional and long-lasting. 

In terms of standard aluminium window colours, black and white aluminium windows are among the most popular. Other popular options include green and grey aluminium windows.

Black aluminium windows are available in different styles and in a range of price points. In this article, we'll outline the most popular aluminium window styles available, and give you an idea of how much they will cost. 

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Black aluminium windows prices in the UK: Costs in 2024

Standard black aluminium window prices tend to range from £400 - £1,410. The cost of your new black aluminium windows will be determined by their size, the width of the frames, and the style you choose. There are also various glazing and glass options you can choose between. 

Use the table below to get an idea for the supply costs for the most popular black aluminium double glazed windows. 

Black aluminium window prices 
Casement windows
600 x 900mm£210 - £860
600 x 1200mm£260 - £925
1400 x 1400mm£300 - £1,075
Sash windows
600 x 900mm£315 - £1,290
600 x 1200mm£390 - £1,390
1400 x 1400mm£450 - £1,615
French windows
1565 x 900£975 - £1,235
2200 x 2090£1,145 - £1,465

The aluminium windows cost estimates provided throughout this page are meant as a guide. They also represent potential supply costs and do not include the price of installation. 

Installation costs will depend on the time and complexity of the installation, which also vary according to the company you choose. That's why it's always recommended to shop around for the best local deals. 

It can take several hours of research to determine which companies are the most suitable companies to go for, and even longer to acquire their tailored quotes. Alternatively, we at GreenMatch can do this vital work for you, and provide you with up to 4 carefully vetted installers in your area.

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Which black aluminium window frames can you install?

Black aluminium windows come in a range of different styles. In the list below, we've outlined some of the most popular choices for new black aluminium windows. 

When choosing between different styles, it's important to consider how well it matches your home and the surroundings, as well as its functionality, and the cost. 

Black casement windows

Black aluminium casement windows

Black aluminium casement windows are a simple and versatile window style. With some black aluminium frames, you can elevate your windows to become the focal point of your home. 

Casement windows are easy to operate, typically featuring a single window unit that opens inwards from a side-mounted hinge. This gives you wide open views with plenty of ventilation and sunlight entering your home.

They are limited in terms of size since they can not always support the additional weight with larger glazing panels, or triple glazed windows. In this case, you may prefer a popular double casement, or an arrangement of fixed and openable windows, which is typical of the mid-century modern style. 

Black sash windows

Black aluminium sash windows

Black aluminium sash windows are a classic choice for more traditional properties. These windows typically feature two window sashes, one that slides vertically over the other. They might also feature internally beaded or protruding glazing bars. 

Despite their traditional appearance and operation, new sash windows are highly thermally efficient, secure, and functional. However, they are typically more expensive than other popular window styles, such as casement or tilt and turn windows because of their intricate design. 

Their operation, and their design, give them an old English charm. Pairing sash windows with some black aluminium further enhances their luxury quality. 

Black French windows

Black aluminium French windows

Black aluminium Ffrench windows are very elegant and usually sought after in traditional homes. In black, new French windows can complement contemporary or traditional properties since black is associated with more contemporary, urban aesthetics, rather than classic, romantic white french windows. 

Some internal French windows will also add some striking dimension and contrast throughout your home. Internal French windows are less expensive than external French windows since they will require less hardware and thermal efficiency features. 

Having said that, external patio doors in a French window style creates a beautiful connection to the outdoors that allows plenty of natural light to enter your home. 

Black heritage windows

Replacement heritage windows in listed buildings are legally required to match the pre-existing units as much as possible. This is so the original look of these buildings are maintained. 

Black heritage aluminium windows might come in any style. The cost of a heritage window project very much depends on the extent of the work that's required. The style of window is also important in terms of cost. Curved windows, or custom built windows will likely be the most expensive. 

In some cases, new sash windows might not be allowed to be fitted with double glazing in case it alters the appearance of the windows too drastically. While some specialists can offer this, it will likely cost significantly more than a typical double glazed sash window unit. 

Slimline aluminium windows

More than any other style, slimline black aluminium window frames are the perfect addition to any home aiming to achieve the mid century modern aesthetic since they create sleek, clean lines. Slimline aluminium frames are typically up to 20mm thickness, which create ultra-slim sightlines. 

Another main advantage of slimline aluminium windows is that there's wider glazing in your windows. This creates a bright, airy space in your home and wide open views to the outside. 

In terms of cost, slimline aluminium windows come in many styles at varying prices. Compared to standard frame widths, slimline frames will generally cost between 10-20% more. 

Pros and cons of aluminium black windows

Choosing the right material, the right size, and the right style for your new windows takes careful consideration. While black powder coated aluminium windows are a popular choice, they are not without their downsides. 

It's important to consider the pros and cons of other materials, such as black uPVC windows, and assess which materials work best for your needs and budget. 

Below we've outlined the main pros and cons of black aluminium windows for you to weigh up. 

Advantages of black aluminium windows

The main pros of black aluminium windows include:
  1. Corrosion resistant 
  2. Energy efficient with thermal break 
  3. Highly durable and long lifespan 
  4. Classic and fashionable choice 
  5. Range of price points 
  6. Less visible dirt than white windows

Disadvantages of black aluminium windows

Some of the main cons of black aluminium windows include:
  1. Susceptible to condensation 
  2. Black absorbs heat in the summer 
  3. More likely to fade from sun’s UV rays
  4. More expensive than uPVC

Find black aluminium framed windows for you

One of the main concerns of homeowners looking to install new windows is making sure that they are paying a fair and accurate price for installation. One of the best ways to do this is by comparing quotes from different installer companies. 

To do this, usually you would have to research the best companies operating in your area that offer the windows that you want. It's important to do your due diligence by checking previous customer reviews, and doing some background research into the company to make sure they are qualified and professional. 

Altogether, looking for companies and requesting window quotes can take several hours, if not days. That is, unless you get your quotes through GreenMatch. 

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