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Last updated: 09 June 2021

Black uPVC Windows

Black uPVC Windows: Simple and Efficient

Out of all the materials used to make windows, uPVC windows are still one of the most popular in the UK. This is mainly due to their low cost and ability to effectively insulate one’s home from cold.

Not only are they a great sustainable solution for your home, but black uPVC windows are also very stylish and can add a touch of modernism to your house.

Since coloured uPVC is becoming more and more common among residential homeowners, uPVC manufacturers are now producing many different shades of dozens of colours to meet the demand.

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Is the Quality of uPVC Windows Compromised by Colouring?

When manufacturers produce coloured uPVC windows such as black, there are two main technologies used by uPVC window producers.

1. Spray Painted uPVC Profiles

If you want to have your windows spray painted, you can choose among a huge spectrum of black colour shades from the RAL colour range. Most suppliers should be able to provide you with a chosen colour. This way of colouring is less durable than the one explained below and you should always check with suppliers what technique they use.

2. Foiled uPVC Profiles
The range for foiled uPVC profiles is a little more limited, however, the technology used when applying the chosen shade of black makes it a very effective option. A synthetic coloured foil is applied on the vinyl profile and heated so that it merges with the surface.

This way also makes it possible to make the surface of the frame have a distinct texture similar to that of a wooden surface. 

Both of the abovementioned processes can be executed with a so-called ‘dual-colour option.’ That means that your window can be white on one side (usually inside) and black on the other side. Windows can be coloured the same on both sides too if that is your preference.

Black uPVC Windows Efficiency

In terms of uPVC windows, the efficiency does not depend on whether the window is coloured or not. Since colouring means simply adding an extra layer on the window profiles, the levels of heat insulation remain intact.

The efficiency is commonly described by using the U-factor, also known as the U-value. The higher the U-value gets, the lower the ability of a window to capture heat and insulate one’s home. The value can also indicates that if you purchase uPVC windows with a low U-factor, you may generate larger savings on your heating bills in the future.

As already explained, the higher amount of panes in a window, the better the insulation. Therefore, triple-pane windows can achieve a U-value of 0.15 whereas double-pane windows can reach 0.30, which is still a good figure. The American department of energy states, that one should aim for windows of 0.6 U-value and lower.

Black uPVC Windows Prices

As in the case of most coloured windows, the prices of black uPVC windows do not differ so much from the prices of other coloured windows. The costs depends on each manufacturer and the frequency of them using the particular colour. Since black is one of the most demanded colours together with grey coloured uPVC frames, the prices are not as high as for other colours.

Nevertheless, some companies specialise on coloured uPVC windows, providing customers with over 30 types of frame colours and prices for each colour are almost identical, except for regular white window profiles. There are also many uPVC window styles that are readily available in black.

Here are some examples of suppliers’ windows pricing for a window with one side black and the other side white:

Black uPVC Windows Prices
Type Measurements (mm) Colour Pieces of Glass Price (£)
Fixed 700x900 Black ash & white 1 £70‑90
Fixed 1000x1200 Black ash & white 1 £110‑130
Fixed 1500x1100 Black ash & white 4 £190‑210
Fixed 1500x1100 Black ash & white 5 £210‑230
Tilt and Turn 800x900 Black ash & white 1 £210‑230
Tilt and Turn 1200x1000 Black ash & white 2 £310‑330
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What Other Factors Influence Price of Black uPVC Windows?

Size of the windows

One of the biggest price influencers is, of course, the size of a window. The bigger the window frame, the more pricey the purchase. Not all suppliers follow the same sizing and it can differ slightly with each window producer.

Nevertheless, most companies give an option of customised sizes based on the individual needs of each customer, in case you cannot find the size you need among the standard options.

Shape of the windows

There are several types of windows based on their shape and type of opening. The most common one is a casement window, bay window or skylight. However, there are also glass blocks, round windows or picture windows. All of them can be ordered in black colour to achieve a desired look.

Glazing type

Each window can have a different type of glazing, depending on the need of each client. That is usually decided based on the climate people live in. Single glazing is one of the options that is not so common anymore due to its inefficiency and inability to insulate heat properly.

On the other hand, double glazing and triple glazing are very common glazing types, especially in colder climates.

Pieces of glass per window

Usually you have more options for choosing how many pieces of glass you want in your window. That often adds some additional costs but also can fit better the overall design of your home.

Moreover, there are tens of types of glass made for various purposes. Among many others, the most common ones are clear glass, reflective glass, autumn glass, charcoal glass, flemish glass etc. It is also possible to add some symbols and colouring for different parts of a window.

Additional hardware features

To upgrade your window experience, you can always add some extra features. From simple features like special handles to more technical features like a customised ventilation system. You can also choose if a sill should be included, the type of hinges you prefer, and so on.

Are Black uPVC Windows More Expensive than White uPVC Windows?

Among uPVC suppliers, the common tendency is that price increases with each frame coloured. In other words, the more window sides require colouring, the more you have to pay.

For example, a white, tilt and turn window with a single piece of glass of 800x900mm costs around £200. On the other hand, one side-black version of the same type of window is approximately £220.

In general, the price increases by 15% when adding black colour to uPVC windows from both sides. The amount depends on each supplier and also on the technique they utilise. It is not a rule, but often the cheaper it is to colour the uPVC profile black.

Image of Grey uPVC Windows

Typical Black uPVC Window Frame Shades

In the colouring technology section, we explained that the width of colour spectrum depends on the technology used by the supplier when colouring a window. Usually you can choose from different types of black. The most common one is ash black, or just regular black.

If you do not want to have a regular black colour, you can also opt for grey uPVC window shades which are among the most popular windows from the group of coloured uPVC. Some suppliers only offer one type of a dark colour, so either you can have grey—usually anthracite grey—or you can have black such as ash black, charcoal black or black bean black.

On the spectrum of dark colours, there are many options that can look like black but, in fact, it is just the darkest shade of red, purple, orange or brown. That means that there really are many options and you can make use of that in order to achieve a suiting design for your home.

Best Black Colour Combinations

Black and Silver

Black and silver is a very futuristic colour combination and can induce a fresh and modern feeling. Even though it is not a very common choice, it will definitely make your home stand out.

Black and Lime

When mixing lime with black colour, a very refreshing look can be achieved. It is more of a modern design but its uniqueness is definitely worth considering.

Black and Red

Combining black and red is a very common choice. This combination has a lot of personality and brings both modern and cosy feels into your home, depending on the materials used.

Black and Cream

For a more sophisticated, rather royal look, adding black and cream can induce an exceptionally soothing atmosphere.

Black and Lavender

Lavender is a great choice to be combined with black. It does not overwhelm but can impress your guests at the same time.

All in all, black uPVC windows are a great complement to almost any type of design and colours. If you are interested in purchasing coloured windows don’t hesitate, get up to 4 quotes on local suppliers.

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