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Last updated: 18 February 2021

Combi Boiler Installation

Why Install a Combi Boiler?

Currently, combi boilers are the most popular boiler type used in UK homes. Owing to the reason that they are cost and energy efficient. Since 2004, energy used for water heating has decreased in the proportion of household by around 21%, according to the United Kingdom’s Housing Energy Fact File.

The most common types existing in the UK are the oil and gas combi boilers. Since 2005, only condensing boilers are installed in UK homes, as a result of new building regulations. Condensing combi boilers are considered 25% more energy efficient than the non-condensing ones. The combi boiler installation process and cost are considered quicker and easier compared to the other types that exist on the market. Thus, the increase in its installation in many homes.

If you are pondering on whether to install a new or replace your old one, we have provided all the important information needed before purchasing one; reasons on why it might be the suitable option for your home, the prices, suppliers in the UK, and the different types so you can find the best fit for your home.

You can also fill in the GreenMatch’s contact form for no charge, easy, without obligation service. According to your preferences, it will give you information from different suppliers within your region boundaries prior to a combi boiler installation.

Benefits of Combi Boilers

What Is the Installation Cost of a Combi Boiler?

Combi boiler installation cost varies enormously and it can be dependent on the size and other factors. The size of a combi boiler is generally smaller relative to other types of boilers; for instance, smaller than a biomass mass boiler that needs a lot of space.

There are different size ranges, usually depending on the size of your home and what fits your household needs; ranging from size 24-42 kWh. Additionally, combi boiler installation cost can be dependent on whether you are replacing an old condensing combi boiler with a new one at the previous place, or replacing an old non-condensing boiler with a new condensing combi boiler. Another variation in combi boiler installation cost can be on whether it is an oil or a gas combi boiler, condensing or non-condensing you are installing.

According to the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors Limited (APHC), replacing an old gas condensing combi boiler with a new one at the same place could cost between the range of £550-670.

On the other hand, with an old heating system, it is important to do a mechanical flush. A mechanical flush involves the process of pumping a chemical into the central heating system to clean it before a combi boiler installation. As a result, an extra cost might arise, a mechanical flush could cost around £500. A mechanical flush will be needed frequently for old systems. On that account, it is always efficient to replace the old system with a new one in order to prevent the frequent mechanical flush with the extra cost.

What Is the Total Cost With Installation?

If one wants to know the price and the combi boiler installation cost; one can choose an all inclusive offer, ranging from around £1550-2500 to make it less stressful. Most popular suppliers in the UK, offer combi boiler installation cost together with the price during purchase.

Consequently, buyers do not have to worry about the combi boiler installation cost after purchasing it. For smaller boiler sizes ranging from 24 to 27 kWh, the average price including installation cost is around £1550-1650. For medium- sized, from 28 to 34 kWh, the average price with installation cost ranges from around £1800-2200. For large sizes, from 35 to 42 kWh the average price with installation cost might be around £1900-2500.

One should know that these costs are general. Specific operations needed to be carried out at the combi boiler installation site in your home might carry extra charges, thus, these prices might not apply to you.

How Do I Install a Combi Boiler?

It is always advisable to contact a gas engineer in your location prior to a combi boiler installation.The authenticity of the gas installers can be verified by the Gas Safe Engineer Records. There are over 700 registered gas installers in the UK. Therefore, finding one within your region or local area after purchase is always plausible.

Combi Boiler Installation

What If I Want to Install a Combi Boiler on My Own?

As mentioned previously, it is always advisable to contact an expert, but in the case of wanting to do it your own, combi boiler installation procedures have been provided by the supplier that best fits your combi boiler model. This can be found in the user guide or the installation manual accompanied with the boiler upon purchase.

If a manual has not been provided, one can always visit the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council, to get all the information needed with regards to the combi boiler installation process, manual and guidelines of the specific brand and model. 

Maintenance after Combi Boiler Installation.

Maintaining a combi boiler after it has been installed is one of the most important factors in ensuring the efficiency, energy saving ability and simultaneously cutting the cost of repairs. Annual servicing is recommended in order to keep it functioning, and also prevent a potential health risk to households. It is required by the Energy Saving Trust that the annual servicing is performed by a competent person.

In addition, one has to make sure that the relevant Service Interval Record Section of the Benchmark Commissioning Checklist has always been filled by the service person. This form is always included towards the end of the installation manual upon purchase, regardless of model or brand.

Generally, it is recommended that one performs a regular check after a combi boiler installation. As a result, any leakages or corrosion problem around the space or the product is quickly noticed so it can be solved. An annual servicing could cost from around £80.

Do You Wish to Install a Combi Boiler?

You are always welcome to contacting us for detailed information on choosing the right combi boiler for your home, comparing costs, suppliers and all the procedures necessary for installation. Similarly, you can easily fill in the forms on the right in some few minutes and our team will contact you as soon as possible for guidance.


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