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Last updated: 24 March 2022

Gas Safe Register

What is Gas Safe Register?

This institution is the official one to register for gas safety. This list is the only one recognized in the UK, Isle of Man and Guernsey and registers all the gas engineers that are acknowledged as working safely and legally on gas appliances such as boilers, cookers or fires. This is the only organization registering legally gas engineers in the UK, therefore other certifications are considered illegal and you should be careful about them.

Gas Safe Register officially replaces CORGI in the UK since 2009-2010. Nowadays, over 120,000 gas engineers are certified in the UK.

The institution has for main purpose to ensure that gas appliances are installed as safely as it can be. To do so, Gas Safe Register often conducts verifications that encompass the following elements:

  • Track down individuals that work illegally thanks to a national investigation team
  • Gas engineers are inspected regularly to maintain high levels of safety on gas appliances installation
  • Educate citizens about gas safety and raise their awareness
  • Conduct frequent reports about unsafe gas work
Introduction to Gas Safe Register

How Can I Find A Gas Engineer that Best Fit My Needs?

To be able to find a Gas Engineer close to your home, you can use the option “Find a Gas Safe Registered Business” available on the website or you can call Gas Safe Register directly, specifying your postcode to be sure you will get the engineers that are located the closest to your place.

When the form is filled, the organization will come back to you with up to 50 gas engineers that are located close to your place. You then need to check the following information and pick the engineer that best fits your needs:

  • Contact details
  • Services provided (domestic and/or non domestic work)
  • Gas type qualification: LPG, natural gas or bottle gas
  • Qualified Areas of Work: boiler, cooker, etc...

You can also search directly for a company using its name or its phone number on the search bar. Moreover, you benefit on the website from an advanced search option where you can directly specify the type of service needed, the gas type engineers need to work on or the product that needs to be installed/checked.

ChecklistYou can also check to see if a gas engineer is registered by entering his licence number in the search toolbar of the Gas Safe Register website.

Finally, if a gas engineer arrives to your place, take a moment just to check its gas ID card to be sure that the work will be conducted safely if you did not previously review the background and certification on the Gas Safe Register website. As the organization says, “better gas safe than sorry”! The elements you have to check on the ID card can be summarized as follow:

  • The ID number
  • The name of the company (verify that it is the same one that you contacted previously)
  • The start date and expiry date
  • The security hologram
  • The photo
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