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Last updated: 09 June 2021

UPVC Windows Manufacturers: All You Need to Know About Suppliers & Installers

The Best uPVC Windows Manufacturers and Suppliers

uPVC windows have gained popularity as people have become more aware of them as an environmentally-friendly and sustainable option. As a result, there are many uPVC window manufacturers on the market, and it can be quite difficult to find the best one for you.

To help, GreenMatch has compiled the 14 best window manufacturers and suppliers to make your search easier. 

Top uPVC Windows Manufacturers

Whether you are interested in a modern, sleek look, or a more rustic aesthetic, most window manufacturers can cater to your individual preferences when it comes to uPVC window styles. Most commonly, grey uPVC windows create a modern, minimalist look, while brown uPVC windows offer a more warm, rustic feel.

Your search for the best uPVC windows manufacturer does not have to be a difficult process. If you want to compare the best offers on the market, simply fill in the contact form. We will send you up to four quotes from verified window manufacturers near you. This service is free of charge and non-binding!

uPVC Windows Material

Which Manufacturers are Energy Saving Trust Certified?

One of the first pieces of advice when searching for your uPVC windows is to relate to the endorsements made by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), an independent and impartial organisation providing consultancy for energy consumption reduction in the UK.

The Energy Saving Trust Recommended Team made product endorsements, which are afterwards reviewed by a panel of industry experts. Energy Saving Trust recognises the following UK manufacturers that offer the best uPVC windows prices:

Safestyle UKSafeStyle UK

A uPVC windows manufacturer that has been securing homeowners with uPVC windows and doors for the last 20 years. The company follows the product performance criteria during the manufacturing process, then endorsed by EST.

Zenith Zenith

As one of the most known uPVC windows manufacturers, it has been on the market for over 30 years and is specialised in uPVC. It offers 10-year comprehensive warranty and multiple payment options for its customers.

Anglian Anglian

A uPVC windows manufacturer that carries the marque Made in Britain, an assurance of high standard quality made in the UK, for 50 years. Besides, the uPVC windows are endorsed by EST.

Everest Everest

Their expertise comes from more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing uPVC windows. During this time, they managed to help over 2 million people in making their homes warmer and more comfortable.

Masterframe Windows Masterframe

Focused on creating a specialised market for sash uPVC windows since 1984. Through enhanced creativity, innovation and passion, they are trying to fulfil the needs of most of their customers.

Among other EST endorsed uPVC windows manufacturers are:

  • Duraflex
  • Quickslide
  • Senator Windows
  • Tradesmith Ltd.
  • CMS Window Systems
  • A and B Glass
  • Rapid Frame
  • Amber UPVC Fabrications
  • Direct Window Company.
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uPVC Windows Manufacturing and Components

Who Are the Best uPVC Suppliers in the UK?

The amount uPVC suppliers operating in the UK are numerous, and that can often make hard it to determine which, among them, might better satisfy your specific needs. With so many suppliers, it is easy to compare uPVC window prices.

Therefore, the following list should help you familiarise yourself with what the UK market has to offer, the major uPVC suppliers, and their general services. Here is a shortlist of uPVC suppliers in the UK:

Veka Veka

Founded in 1969 in Germany, Veka has since become one of the uPVC windows and doors suppliers in the UK that is the most committed to environmental efforts.

Rehau Rehau

Generally considered the UK’s leading supplier of high-quality uPVC, the company was started in 1948 in Bavaria, Germany, and nowadays is a premium brand for polymer-based innovation and systems.


With 40 depots in the UK, GAP has supplied both commercial and residential building markets since 1993. The company started from Lancashire but operates in the entire UK now.

Eurocell Eurocell

Since 1974, has developed and designs products to help homeowners improve their properties. Eurocell is considered the UK’s first manufacturer, supplier, distributor and recycler of uPVC products.

Direct Plastics Direct Plastics

Established in 2000, the company specialises in the online distribution of uPVC building products ( i.e., uPVC fascia, uPVC soffit, and uPVC cladding) across the UK.

Plastic Centre Plastic Centre

Offering more than 4,000 products for a variety of different purposes from underground waste systems to PVC-UE cellular foam products, Plastic Centre also supplies high-quality uPVC building products.

Selecta Systems Selecta Systems

Operating for 35 years under the same family name, Selecta Systems are among the UK’s top uPVC windows and doors suppliers and extruders, providing friendly and caring service to their customers.

Plastic Building Supplies Plastic Building Supplies

Satisfying the needs of both tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts, the company started in 1988 and is now one of the leading uPVC suppliers in the East Anglia region, UK.

SBS Cumbria SBS Cumbria

Began as a small business in 1994, now the company is able to supply most of the uPVC products available on the market, from gutters and drainpipes to windows and doors.

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Cross Section of uPVC Windows Components

uPVC Window Costs and Savings

While it is difficult to calculate the exact cost of uPVC windows, considering the multiple variables such as suppliers of uPVC windows, costs of replacement/installation or design, it is much easier to inform about the enormous advantages homeowners gain installing uPVC windows

Saving on household bills is just simpler when uPVC windows and doors are used. In fact, a study carried out by the Northern Consortium of Housing Authorities in the UK shows that a softwood window requires maintenance costs that are 33% higher than for a uPVC window, over a 30-year period.

This is the reason why uPVC has become increasingly successful compared to alternative materials.

Check the Thermal Efficiency of Your uPVC Windows: 

Value Description
U-value it measures the window’s thermal transfer value, so the amount of heat energy transmitted through the window; lower value means higher ability to resist heat conduction
G-value the solar gain that measures the ability of the window to re-radiate into a room the heat absorbed from solar energy; it is also known as Sollar factor
Air leakage the measurement of performance of the window’s gaskets and beads, and prevention of air loss through the seals

Besides, all uPVC windows efficiently reduce heat loss up to 30%, representing an investment in your future (and savings on your bill!). The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) - the UK authority for the independent rating of windows efficiency - uses, since 2004, a grading system called WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme), to help consumers to understand the efficiency performance of uPVC windows. 

Through an A++/G scale and a rainbow bar, like the one used for rating white goods, homeowners can easily learn about uPVC windows manufacturing standards for energy efficiency. Energy efficiency also often depends of the uPVC window style, which can be seen in the following table. 

Savings with uPVC Windows Depending on the Energy Rating and Style

Energy rating Detached Semi-detached Mid-terrace Bungalow Flat
A £90‑110 £60‑80  £45‑55  £45‑55 £30‑35
B £85‑105  £60‑75  £45‑55  £45‑55  £25‑35 
C £85‑105 £60‑75  £45‑55  £45‑55  £25‑35 

What Are the Benefits of uPVC?

uPVC is well-known for being very easy to maintain because of its resilience. For example, uPVC won’t rust or corrode. The most remarkable qualities of uPVC are attributed to its durability and sustainability. Besides, you can find the best uPVC window prices.

uPVC benefits range from thermal efficiency to sound insulation, and from adaptability to style and variety. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, like uPVC bay windows, and sash windows.

Here a short list of advantages provided by PVC-u:

  • Thermal insulation: around 10-20% of a building’s heat loss happens through the windows. uPVC has proven over the last years to be able to prevent heat loss by up to 30%.
  • Sound insulation: uPVC is an effective sound insulator.
  • Style and design: PVC-u can be easily shaped to fit any desired style or design. They can be found in various different colours, from brown uPVC windows to almost all the colours of the rainbow.  
  • Adaptability and variety:  the absence of plastic makes it rigid, allowing for a wide range of applications.
  • No condensation:  the combination of double glazing and uPVC provides an even higher degree of comfort by reducing annoying condensation issues. 
  • Sustainability - uPVC is renown for it environmentally-friendly characteristics. It can be reused up to ten times and is the reason why many windows and door manufacturers often provide recycling facilities and replacement windows services, in order to reuse the PVC-u for manufacturing new uPVC products.

What Are the Benefits of uPVC Windows?

Why Are uPVC Windows Better for Your House?

The acronym uPVC stands for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. Nowadays, uPVC represents one of the most commonly used materials by window and door manufacturers, or when it comes to plastic conservatory roof tiles, for example.

Thanks to its high degree of adaptability and resistance, uPVC can be used for improving your house in various ways. Using uPVC, you can give your home a solid roof, long-lasting gutters, a new window sill, or a decorated plastic skirting board. Sourcing from uPVC suppliers will give you the opportunity to provide your property with more resistant soffits and fascias.

uPVC windows are also well-known for being nearly maintenance-free, meaning that they do not rust or corrode, so you do not need to replace them as often as some of their alternatives. There are also a variety of uPVC window colours, meaning you can always find something that fits your house well. Just choose uPVC windows!

Double glazed windows and double glazed doors provide maximum efficiency if framed by uPVC profiles due to the numerous advantages of uPVC. Double glazing is mainly characterised by two panes of glass with a gap of 16mm between, ensuring heat retention and eliminating condensation.

Find Your Ideal uPVC Window Manufacturer

There are numerous uPVC window and door suppliers around the UK. You can choose from the big companies listed above, as well as local installers, each having their own strength.

Are uPVC windows what you need? Request up to four free quotes and find out how you can make your home unique and energy-efficient. GreenMatch can help, just fill in the form and receive your no-obligation quotes now!

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