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Last updated: 22 November 2023

Double Glazing Cost in the UK (Updated Price List 2023)

Double glazing cost UK

Need help finding the best double glazed windows for your home? Replacing your single glazed windows with double glazing will drastically improve your home’s energy efficiency. As a result, you’ll not only enjoy a more comfortable home but you’ll also save money on your monthly energy bill.

Before you buy double glazed windows, you should consider the style of windows, the frame material, the type of glass and the costs associated with double glazed windows . That’s why this price guide is here to help you determine which options best suit your needs and your budget.

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How much does double glazing cost in the UK?

How much is double glazing? Double glazing costs in the UK are shaped by a few key factors- each with its own set of options for you to carefully consider.

The frame material you choose will perhaps have the biggest influence over the final double glazing windows price. It’s also important you choose the material that best matches your home. The best material will vary from home to home, based on the design preferences and which features you prioritise most.

How much does it cost to double glaze a house?

The cost-estimates provided in this article refer mostly to singular double glazed windows, but how much is it to double glaze a house?

You can be selective about the windows you’d like to replace with double glazing- perhaps only windows in some rooms that don’t use so much or don’t heat up as often.

However, generally, people opt for an entirely new set of double glazed windows. Doing so maximises the efficiency and security of your home, and you’ll have peace of mind that they are performing at the highest potential.

Based on the prices referenced throughout this article, we’ve provided cost estimates based on the number of windows you’d like to double glaze.

How much does it cost to double glaze a house?
Number of windowsuPVC Aluminium Wood 
4 to 6£2,320 – £3,480£3,120 – £3,480£3,480 – £5,220
8 to 10£4,640 – £5,800 £6,240 – £7,800£6,960 – £8,700
12 to 14£6,960 – £8,120£9,360 – £10,920£10,440 – £12,180
16 to 18£9,280 – £10,440£12,480 – £14,040£13,920 – £15,660

Do keep in mind that these double glazing average costs provided throughout this article are only estimates. For the most accurate costs, based on your home’s specifications, it’s best to consult a professional double glazing installer.

When planning a home renovation, it is very important to know that the number of windows that need to be replaced can affect the price. Sometimes installers might give a small overall discount for more units, so changing a single unit can be more pricey. That is why it is very important when asking for quotes and planning a budget, to give the installer, and our website, the true and complete info of what are your plans and needs.

It can be a challenge to find installers if you’re not sure what credentials to look out for, or what the fairest and most accurate prices are. Rather than spending so much time and effort looking for the right installers with the best prices, leave it to our dedicated team at GreenMatch.

With the details you provide, using the form linked below, we’ll match you with up to 4 of the best double glazing installers within our network. With multiple quotes for double glazing, you can compare until you’re sure you’ve found the best deal.

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The average cost of double glazing

The style of windows you require for your new double glazing installation will also have a significant influence on the total price. Below we’ve provided price estimates for the most common window styles you can choose from.

These average prices are based on standard white uPVC windows (900 x 1200mm), not including installation.

  • Casement (single) | £455
  • Tilt & Turn | £570
  • Sash | £685
  • Bay (2,400mm x 1,200mm) | £1,460

The total cost will also vary depending on the frame material you choose. The most common materials available are (from typically lowest to highest price):

How much does it cost to get double glazed windows?

As you can see from the table below, there’s a wide range of potential costs you can expect from buying uPVC, aluminium, or wood double glazed windows.

How much does it cost to get double glazed windows?

As you can see from the table below, there’s a wide range of potential costs you can expect from buying uPVC, aluminium, or wood double glazed windows.

How much does it cost to get double glazed windows
uPVCAluminium Wood 
Casement £160 – £825£210 – £1,075£240 –£1,240
Sash£240 –£1,240£315 –£1,615£360 –£1,860
Tilt & Turn £200 – £1,030£265 – £1,345£300 – £1,550
Bay (3 panels)£1,190 –  £1,800£1,550 – £2,340£1,785 –£2,700 

As well as the style and material, you should account for some additional costs, such as handles, glass type, and installation costs. The latter will differ from company to company. Use GreenMatch’s free installation quotes service to learn more.

Each of these options has its own pros and cons. Finding the right style and material for your new double-glazed windows will depend on which features you personally favour.

The sections below summarise the pros and cons of each material, and how the costs shape up according to the window style.

How much does uPVC double glazing cost in the UK?

uPVC is the most commonly sought-after material for double-glazed windows since it offers high levels of energy efficiency at the most affordable price points.

uPVC double glazing costs
uPVC windows stylePrice range
Casement £160 – £825
Sash£240 –£1,240
Tilt & Turn £200 – £1,030
Bay (3 panels)£1,190 –  £1,800

uPVC double glazing costs

uPVC windows can be easily customised to fit any size and shape specifications. They are also available in a range of colours. Altogether, these make uPVC windows one of the most versatile options compared with other materials.

uPVC windows are also preferred for their durability as they are unaffected by UV light, strong winds, and changes in moisture. Additionally, they require very little maintenance.

uPVC is also a great insulator, as heat can not easily pass through it. This reinforces the energy efficiency of your double glazed windows by keeping your home warm during the winter and cool in the summer.

While uPVC will last around 20 years, they are more likely to become damaged or prone to breaking towards the end of their life.

How much does aluminium double glazing cost in the UK?

The cost of aluminium windows starts slightly higher than uPVC. With that being said, aluminium double glazed windows make a stylish, long-lasting addition to any home.

Aluminium double glazing costs
Aluminium windows style Price range
Casement £210 – £1,075
Sash£315 –£1,615
Tilt & Turn £265 – £1,345
Bay (3 panels)£1,550 – £2,340

Aluminium is highly durable, weatherproof, and easy to maintain. Like uPVC, it can be altered to meet your home’s specifications. It’s strong enough to support large panes of glass while maintaining a sleek, slim frame with wider views.

While the metal itself is a poor insulator, aluminium windows are fitted with a thermal break that will prevent heat loss. Aluminium is also more easily recycled and sustainably manufactured than other common materials and metals.

Aluminium windows offer a very modern and contemporary look. You can find options with very slim and elegant frames that can complement a variety of architectural styles.

One downside to aluminium is that it is prone to condensation as it is an effective conductor of heat and cold.

How much does wood double glazing cost in the UK?

While the cost of wooden double glazed windows will vary depending on the style you require, it starts at higher prices than uPVC or aluminium.

Wood double glazing costs
Wood windows style Price range
Casement £240 –£1,240
Sash£360 –£1,860
Tilt & Turn £300 – £1,550
Bay (3 panels)£1,785 –£2,700 

Wooden windows are usually made from hardwood, such as oak, but softwoods are also available. Despite its premium costs, hardwood is recommended for its longer lifespan.

Wooden windows are available in a wide range of colours and designs. They have a very distinct aesthetic appeal making them especially popular in traditional or period homes.

Wood is also a natural material, and a natural insulator. This makes it a more renewable material than uPVC, and a more efficient insulator than aluminium.

A significant downside to wooden windows is that they require more regular maintenance than other materials. Without semi-regular re-varnishing, wooden windows could be exposed to rot.

Why buy double glazed windows?

Investing in double glazing in place of single glazing will bring multiple benefits to your home. Double glazing is an effective measure that protects your home more effectively than secondary glazing, but you’ll end up paying far less than triple glazing costs.

✓ Improved insulation

The gap between two panels of glass which make up your double glazed windows can either be filled with air or argon gas.

Argon gas in particular will not allow heat to pass through it, meaning heat can be kept in your home during the winter. Equally, during the summer months, hot outside air will not enter your home so easily, keeping your indoors cooler.

Low-E glass will also further improve double glazing window’s efficiency since it has a reflective layer of metal oxide that heat cannot pass through.

Double glazing: lower energy bills

Lower energy bills

Thanks to improved insulation, energy spent on heating or cooling your home will be saved. Over time this can bring significant cost-savings, depending on the energy efficiency rating of your new windows.

The table below shows the potential savings that could be made by replacing single glazed windows with new, A-rated double glazed windows.

Cost savings gained with double glazing
Efficiency rating Potential cost savings per year Potential cost savings in 20 years 
A-rated double glazing £155 £3,100
A++ rated double glazing£170 £3,400
Double glazing: improved security

Improved security

Double glazing is sealed tight to keep out the cold, but this also makes it more resistant to breakages than single glazing. This helps protect your home from potential break-ins.

For even more heightened security, you should consider toughened glass, and ensure your windows are fitted with a multi-point locking system.

There are several ways windows are made to be more secure. The glass is installed from the inside, which means the window beading can only be accessed and removed from the inside of the house.

Security can be increased even further by using security glass as toughened and laminated. Using toughened glass will make the possibility of breaking the glass harder than if using regular glass. Using laminated glass will make the potential break-ins almost impossible, so investing in that type of glass, especially in the ground levels of your house is a good idea.

Double glazing: reduced noise

Reduced noise

If you live in an especially busy area, then outside noise could be a constant disturbance. Installing double glazed windows however, will drastically reduce outdoor noise entering your home.

That’s because the sound is absorbed by the gas-filled space between your glazing panels, by up to 36 decibels using regular double glazing, or even up to 44db using acoustic laminated glass.

Reduced condensation

With double glazing, moisture cannot pass through the airtight glass, meaning less condensation will build up on the inside windows. This helps avoid any structural damage, mould, and health implications.

However, it’s important to note that condensation could still form on the edge of your double glazed window if you have aluminium frames.

Reduced carbon footprint

Double glazing: reduced carbon footprint

Since double glazing reduces your energy usage, as heat is kept from leaving through your windows, those with a traditional gas-fired boiler will make significant long-term emission reductions.

This is because there will be less internal combustion, thus resulting in less CO2, and other harmful greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere.

With A++ rated double glazing, you could reduce 405kg of CO2 per year, which is the equivalent of 18% of the annual CO2 emissions produced by a gas boiler.

CO2 reduction with double glazing
Potential CO2 reduction per year Potential CO2 reduction in 20 years 
A-rated double glazing 330kg 6,600kg
A++ rated double glazing405kg8,100kg

Is it worth getting double glazed windows?

Double glazing is certainly worth it, considering this long list of benefits. Despite the upfront costs, you’ll soon receive a return on investment given that you could save up to £235 per year.

Based on our double glazing cost estimates, the average payback period for A-rated double glazing is 25 years. The table below shows the average payback time for the average-sized home (8-10 windows) according to the type of double glazing you purchase.

Payback period with A-rated double glazing
Material Average cost of double glazing (8-10 windows)Average payback period 
uPVC £3,37517 years
Aluminium£4,72524 years
Wood £5,08526 years

Compare double glazed windows quotes

The prices provided throughout this article are only estimates and do not take into account additional installation costs since this will depend on the company that you choose to install your new double glazed windows and your home’s specific requirements.

We always recommend that you compare double glazed window quotes before choosing an installer. This way you can shop around for the best deals, and learn the fairest and most accurate installation rates.

Generally, local installation companies will offer the best double glazing deals for installation. With familiar, nationwide companies you can expect to pay more for the delivery of parts and labour.

The trouble then comes in finding multiple, trustworthy installers. This can take a considerable amount of time and effort- unless you do it with GreenMatch.

Not only can we match you with up to 4 qualified installers from our network, but we only match you with installers in your region, so you can take advantage of the best local rates.

With their tailored quotes, based on your home’s specifications, you’ll be best placed to find deals in your area.

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