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Last updated: 13 March 2024

Triple Glazed Windows Cost and Comparison

triple glazed windows cost

You must have heard a lot about double glazed windows, but do you know anything about triple glazed windows and their cost?

Triple glazing is an efficient and affordable solution for energy saving in modern buildings. Surveys show that upgrading from old double glazing windows to triple glazed windows can make your home 60% more energy efficient.

Of course, triple glazed windows can cost 30-50% higher than double glazed windows on average. But it’s completely worth thinking about modernising your home with triple glazed windows to reduce your energy bills and also your building’s carbon footprint.

This way, you can also reduce the ambient noise because of an extra barrier between your home and the outside. In fact, if you could have an acoustic laminated outer glass pane in your triple glazed windows instead of the standard one, it can even outperform acoustic double glazing.

So if you’re curious about what triple glazing is and how much it will cost, continue reading this article. We’ll also show you the best way to get a good deal on new or replacement triple glazed windows. 

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The cost of triple glazing

Triple glazed windows cost is the most important matter people think about when it comes to choosing these windows. In fact, many people believe that triple glazing isn’t worth the price they have to pay. 

But this is not true because enhancing energy efficiency, noise reduction, and security are absolutely worth the triple glazed windows cost. The average cost of triple glazed windows might be higher than double glazed windows, but in the long term, you’ll get your money back by saving energy.

You need to know that triple glazing costs in the UK depend on a few key factors, especially the following ones:

  • Number of windows you want
  • The style of the windows
  • Frame material (uPVC, wood, and aluminium)
  • Company you choose

So, in this section, we’ll discuss the price of triple glazing in different window styles to give you an insight into what you’re paying for. Before going for details, let’s get an overall idea of the price of triple glazed windows (uPVC casement windows):

Triple glazing prices: number of windows
HomeNumber of WindowsPossible Cost (excluding installation)

Now, let’s take a look at the prices of different triple window styles.

uPVC triple glazed windows prices

uPVC stands for Unplasticized PolyVinyl Chloride and is one of the most advanced materials used in window frames. Due to their high energy efficiency, durability, colour diversity, and affordability, uPVC windows are becoming the most popular window frames in the UK, especially when it comes to triple glazed windows.

The reason why uPVC frames are vastly used in triple glazed windows is that uPVC can reduce the final price you pay for a window compared to other materials like wood or aluminium. Therefore, if you’re worried about the cost of triple glazing, you can go for uPVC triple windows to have the best of both worlds: low cost and high efficiency.

uPVC triple windows come in different shapes and colours, making them the best option for your triple glazed windows. Actually, uPVC frames give you a vast range of options to choose from depending on your home.

The uPVC triple glazed windows costs vary from £400 to £2000, depending on the size and the style of the window. The following table gives some details about the price of uPVC triple glazed windows depending on the style:

Triple glazing prices: uPVC
Type of windowEstimated Cost per windowAverage price per window
Casement £225 – £1,155£690
Tilt & Turn £280 – £1,445£865
Sash£335 – £1,735£1,035
Bay (3 panels)£1,665 – £2,520£2,095

Here is also a table to compare the prices depending on the size of the window (uPVC casement).

Triple glazing prices: standard sizes
Size of Window (mm)Price per window (not including installation)Average price per window
600x900mm£225 – £925£575
900x1200mm£280 – £995£640
1200x1200mm£325 – £1,155£740

It’s also good to know that coloured uPVC frames are usually 10-25% more expensive than normal windows. Moreover, the cost of different styles of triple glazed windows might vary by 30-50%.

Triple glazed wooden window prices

Despite what many people think, wooden triple glazed windows are more expensive than uPVC ones. This is the most significant difference between uPVC and wooden triple glazed windows. Of course, wood has some advantages, like:

  • Naturally Available
  • Aesthetically Appealing
  • Low Energy Loss
  • Long Life Expectancy

However, wooden triple windows are relatively more expensive, and therefore, it’s not the choice of many families. Besides, even those who pay special attention to the aesthetic aspects of windows can choose wood-effect uPVC frames. In fact, we can have a wood grain finish on uPVC frames so that they look exactly like wood at way lower costs.  

With that being said, here is an approximate price you have to pay for wooden triple glazed windows in different styles:

Triple glazing prices: wood 
Type of WindowEstimated Cost Per WindowAverage price per window
Casement £335 – £1,735£740
Tilt & Turn £420 – £2,170£1,295
Sash£505 – £2,605£1,555
Bay (3 panels)£2,500 – £3,780£3,140

Moreover, you have to add the installation cost to these numbers to calculate the final cost of having wooden triple glazed windows.

Aluminium triple glazed windows prices

Aluminium is also a common choice when it comes to triple glazed windows. Although the aluminium window cost is less than that of wooden windows, it can’t compete with uPVC in terms of cost.

The worst aspect of aluminium is its high thermal conductivity, resulting in low energy efficiency. Although standard aluminium frames come with thermal breaks, it’s not a wise course of action to choose a material with low energy efficiency, especially when we’re using three layers of glass panes to reduce thermal loss.

Anyway, it’s good to take a look at the price of triple glazed aluminium windows:

Triple glazing prices: aluminium 
Type of windowEstimated cost per windowAverage price per window
Casement £295 – £1,505£900
Tilt & Turn £370 – £1,885£1,126
Sash£440 – £2,260£1,350
Bay (3 panels)£2,170 – £3,275£2725

There are also some other options like composite windows that you can consider when buying windows. Of course, it’s good to check how much composite windows cost, but considering all the options, uPVC triple glazed windows are the best option on the market. 

So if you want to modernise your old house or buy windows for your new home, you’d better go for modern triple glazing. Here we can help you choose the best option and offer you the best installer near your home. You can also get free quotes to be able to compare all the prices and choose the most affordable one.

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Double and triple glazing cost comparisons

Before going for prices, it’s good to look at the u-values of triple glazing and double glazing to have a general understanding of the difference between these two:

U-value of different glazing types
Type of windowU-value
Old single glazing4.8
Old double glazing2.4
Double glazing + Low-e + Argon gas1.1
Triple glazing Low-e + Argon gas0.7 – 0.8

In general, triple glazing is between 30-50% more expensive than double glazing. On average, the price of a triple glazed window starts at around £160, while the cost of a double glazed window is about £225. The cost gap can be further widened if you are eligible for grants for windows and doors from government initiatives like ECO4, which apply to double glazing but not triple.

The price of double or triple glazing window unit will be affected not only by the price of the glazing itself but from the frames, hardware, and so on. The triple glazing is around 30% heavier and much thicker than the double glazing. This has a significant role in the choosing of frames and hardware that will be able to carry all that weight, and will definitely affect the total price of the window. 

If we consider the size of windows, the following table can be helpful to see how much you’re paying for triple glazed windows.

Overall, we can say that if you want to go for the least expensive option, you have to go for secondary glazing as the cost of secondary glazing is lower than all other options. After that, the least expensive option is double glazing and finally, you have triple glazed windows, which are the most expensive option.

Another popular alternative to triple glazing is double glazing that inserts a thin film glaze in the mid-point of the unit. The CUIN glass will perform the same as triple glazing for a fraction of the price, and with 33% less glass. Currently this is only offered by a few suppliers across the UK.

Of course, the advantages of triple glazing outweigh the disadvantages. Here is a list of the pros and cons of choosing triple glazing over double glazed windows.

double vs triple glazing cost
Is triple glazing worth it compared to double glazing?

The biggest downside of triple glazing is its price and the fact that compared to double glazing it is around 30% more expensive. Another downside is the weight of the triple glazing, which might demand different frames and hardware, which will also significantly affect the price.

Triple glazing is a better choice than double glazing when it comes to performance. But the question of whether that high quality of performance is needed is a different subject.

Monika Zoksimovska

Monika Zoksimovska is an Expert Contributor for GreenMatch since March 2023. She is a Master of Architecture with great experience in designing and implementing innovative and energy-efficient glazing solutions for various projects. Her portfolio boasts a diverse range of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings.

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