Last updated: 18 March 2019

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We have gathered some interesting news for you in January. Read and stay up to date on what is happening in the green energy sector in UK and abroad.

Lowest Electricity Output Recorded in UK


Power stations in Uk have recorded the lowest electricity output in decades despite population being increased to over 8 million. This is a good sign for the nation as it shows the efficiency in energy use both in industries and in households.

Experts say that there could be multiple reasons for this, among which are efficiency in usage of electricity, energy saving appliances, light bulbs and LEDs. One more reason could be the financial crisis that made households more efficient in their consumption of electricity.

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EVs to Cost The Same as Conventional Vehicles


A research conducted by Deloitte says that more than 21 million electric vehicles are predicted to be sold every year by the end of next decade.

With the sales trends of electric vehicles doubling, this will be in parity with conventional vehicles thereby bringing down the costs. This demand is driven by consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, but also because of favourable government policies incentivising people to purchase EVs.

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Turning Food Waste


A recycling company in Scotland dealing with food and garden waste has changed the way we look at food waste. This innovative business has expanded into Northern England and is expanding soon in the entire UK.

The business is extracting economic and economic value from food waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill. They will add 150,000 tonnes of organic waste and turn it into compost and electricity every year.

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Investment in Solar Energy Predicted to Grow


European union will receive 12 % share of global solar module market because of the removal of tariff on Chinese-made solar panels. European union has lately been showing a lot of enthusiasm towards a renewable future. Spain has pledged to source 100% of its power from renewables by the year 2050.

“These claims are supported by the predictions that the EU is anticipated to make up 12% of the global solar module market share, and a number of member states including the Netherlands and Spain are set to exceed 1 GW in installed capacity next year.”

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