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Last updated: 8 May 2024

Double Glazed Sash Windows Cost and Comparisons

double glazed sash windows cost

Curious about double-glazed sash window costs? With double glazing, classic sliding sash windows are given a necessary update that helps to improve the energy efficiency of your entire home. All the while, they can maintain the distinct appearance that makes them so popular.

But how much do double-glazed sash windows cost? Double-glazed sash windows costs in the UK range from £600 - £1,125. The final costs of standard sash windows with double-glazed panels are dictated by factors such as the materials you use, the size of the windows and the type of glass you choose. 

This guide is here to provide you with a double-glazed sash windows price list, based on our extensive market research. Whether you are curious about new or replacement double-glazed sash windows costs, we will cover all of that here. 

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Sash window double glazing costs

The average cost of double glazed sash windows in the UK is £845, with double glazed wooden sash windows costing £1,015 on average. The most affordable material is uPVC, with an average cost of £675 per window. 

The table below shows the average price for double-glazed standard sash windows in each of the most popular materials.

Costs of sash windows, per material 
Size of window (mm)Average cost per window (supply only)
uPVC£240 – £1,240
Aluminium£315 – £1,615
Wood£360 – £1,860

Double-glazed uPVC sash windows costs are the least expensive of the three most popular materials available since this is easily produced and manufactured. uPVC is available in many different colours and finishes which you can select to best match your sash window design and the window surroundings. Once installed, it will last a long time and is highly weather-proof and resistant to corrosion and warping, even with little to no maintenance. 

To learn more about the costs of uPVC sash windows, check out our Cost of Sash Windows page.

Aluminium starts at quite a higher price compared to uPVC but remains a popular choice given its distinct aesthetic appeal. While aluminium frames can add an especially modern touch to your home, they can still blend nicely with the traditional sash window design. If you'd like your window frames or glazing bars to be especially slim then aluminium is a great choice. 

Sash windows with wooden frames are a classic combination that is the most traditional choice for sash windows. Hardwood (usually timber) has a timeless, luxurious quality that enrichens the visual impact of your windows. With that being said, double-glazed wooden sash windows costs are the most expensive compared to uPVC and aluminium. Those looking for the most affordable alternative might be happy to know that uPVC can be coated with a wood grain finish that gives it the appearance of wooden windows, for a small fraction of wooden window prices

Glass type 

While double glazing provides security, weather resistance and energy efficiency, you can also choose a special type of glass that can enhance the quality of the glass in a number of ways. 

The table below shows the average costs for the most popular glass types, by square metre. 

Glass Type Average Cost
Glass typePrice (per square metre)
Toughened glass£30 – £100+
Annealed glass£25 – £50
Low-E glass£30 – £60
Self-cleaning glass£25 (glass coating treatment)

Toughened glass | £30 – £100+ per square metre 

Toughened glass, or tempered glass, is strengthened through thermal treatment during production. Toughened windows provide added safety since the thickened glass protects against vandalism or forced entry. This glass also improves insulation and thermal efficiency. 

Annealed glass | £25 – £50 per square metre 

Annealed glass is more durable and resistant than standard glass. Although it's not as durable as toughened glass, it is a far cheaper option making it a cost-effective alternative. 

Low-E glass | £30 – £60

Low-E, or low-emissivity glass, helps reduce heat loss since it has an ultra-thin coating that prevents heat from passing through it. This makes it an energy-efficient glass option popular for this living in especially colder climates. 

Self-Cleaning glass | £25 (glass coating treatment)

Self-cleaning glass is a great option for windows that cannot be easily reached or windows that open outwards and restrict access to the outward-facing panel. That's because, as its name implies, this glass stays clean by itself thanks to a transparent coating that breaks down dirt and debris. This is then washed away in the rain. 

Are double glazed sash windows expensive?

The cost of double-glazed sash windows is generally higher compared to other popular window styles. This is mostly because sash windows come with a more complicated design which enhances the premium quality of your windows. The sash bars, either astragal or Georgian, also require more materials and craftsmanship to create that iconic finish. 

The process of double glazing sash windows in particular is also more complex than single pane casement or tilt and turn windows. Since sash windows are made up of multiple panels, (typically 6-8 per sash) then it takes more time to manufacture, or replace them. 

New window costs 
StyleuPVCAluminium Wood 
Sash£240 – £1,240£315 – £1,615£360 – £1,860
Casement £160 – £825 £210 – £1,075£240 –  £1,240
Tilt & Turn £200 – £1,030£265  – £1,345£300 - £1,550
Bay (3 panels)£1,190 – £1,800£1,550 – £2,340 £1,785 – £2,700

While double-glazed sash window costs run higher than other window types, this generally applies to those seeking to fit new windows. If you are replacing old sash windows with double-glazed sash windows of the same size, then you may find that this will be less expensive than getting a new type of window, because the replacement windows can be fitted into the same structure.

If you are currently relying on single-glazed windows then you should certainly consider replacing these with some new double-glazed units. However, if the windows themselves are in good condition and have been well maintained, then it may only be necessary to replace the glazing panels. This will bring down the cost compared to full window replacement. 

Triple glazing 

New and replacement windows in the UK must be double-glazed in order to comply with government-enforced efficiency standards. Some homeowners, however, especially those in cold climates, go one step further and install triple-glazed windows. 

Triple glazing enhances all the benefits of double glazing since it reinforces your windows with another layer of glass. Therefore, your windows are more energy efficient and secure. They will also help to prevent outside noise disturbing you.

With that being said, the cost of triple-glazed windows will amount to more than double-glazed, 30% to 50% more in some cases. The table below compares the cost of double glazing with triple glazing, according to our estimates. 

Sash window prices: double glazing vs triple glazing
MaterialCost of double-glazed sash windowsCost of triple-glazed sash windows
uPVC£240 – £1,240£335 – £1,735
Aluminium£315 – £1,615£440 – £2,260
Wood£360 – £1,860£505 – £2,605

Sash double glazed windows cost comparison

Sash double glazed windows cost comparison

As we've explained throughout this guide, double-glazed sash window prices can fall anywhere within a wide range of potential costs. To learn the most accurate costs that you can expect to pay, you should consult a professional windows installer who can offer you a quote based on your project's specifications. 

There are a lot of window installers out there that you could possibly enquire for quotes from. If this process is new to you, or if you're in need of an urgent window replacement, then individually searching up installers and collecting their quotes can be overwhelming and taxing.  

This is where GreenMatch's free quotes service can help you. We have a wide network of installers up and down the country, all of them vetted by us and FENSA certified. 

Once we've received your details, our dedicated team will match you with up to 4 installers who are most suitable for your project. We'll also find the best installers based closest to you. This way, you can avoid overpaying for the delivery of parts and labour from a faraway company. 

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