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How to Get Free Solar Panels in the UK

Free solar panels are offered as a service by companies who are interested in generating electricity from solar energy. While it may sound too good to be true, these offers are absolutely real and valid. What is more, you can even save more £150-300 each month on your electricity bills!

Recently, more and more companies have started offering this kind of service. Picture a solar panel supplier coming to you and installing solar panels worth thousands of pounds on your roof completely free of charge. One might wonder why they are doing it; but there’s a simple explanation: these companies are renting your roof space and provide it with a solar panel installation, so that they can collect the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) payments afterwards.

So far, the idea has received mostly good publicity and around 120,000 "free" solar panels have been installed by mid-2015. The largest rent-a-roof solar company, A Shade Greener promised to continue the scheme next year.

Whether you are interested in receiving free solar panels or purchasing your own system so that you get the Feed-in Tariff payments yourself, investing in solar panels is always a good idea. Fill in the form above to receive up to 4 quotes from our partner suppliers, free of charge and with no obligations.

Free Solar Panel Installers

What Is the 'Free Solar Panel' Deal?

If you have a suitable roof, but can’t come up with the cash needed to buy the solar panel system, then this option is quite good for you. You get solar panels that generate a decent portion of the electricity that you need and you save money on bills every year. You don’t have to think about maintenance, etc. as the installers will be taking care of everything.

Once the 25 year period agreed in the contract expires, you as the owner will keep the panels, but will not receive any FIT payments. However, you will stay save on bills as the panels will still generate some electricity. Savings will also be generated by selling surplus energy back to the national grid. 

Anyways, mothers with small children, retired people and people working from home will be able to make the most out of the “free” deal as they are at home during the day the most and that is the time in which one can make the most out of the generated electricity.

What Type of Roof Should You Have for Free Solar Panels?

Companies are looking for the "right" roofs and if yours happens to fail at fitting the desired profile, you will be turned down. So, your roof needs to have at least 30 square meters of free usable space. It must be almost entirely south-facing and without anything shading over it, which means that any nearby trees or different telegraph poles might be a problem.

Some companies are ready to make compromises if the conditions are decent enough but not quite perfect. For instance, you might get the deal with a £500 charge or with a £5 monthly charge. Keep in mind that in some cases you might need to strengthen your roof and that expenses are not covered by installers. However, this is rarely needed.

What Are the Downsides of Free Solar Panels?

Solar Panels on the RoofThere are no significant downsides really. However, if you are usually not at home during the day, your savings will suffer a bit as most of the energy is generated during the day and thus this is the best time to use it. 

You might have trouble with selling your home if you wish to at some point. Some people can be thrown off by the big solar panels on the roof, even though they will be the ones using them and the electricity they provide. All in all, there are no significant downsides, except the fact that you don’t own the system and hence don't receive the FiT payment yourself.

What If I Install Solar Panels Myself?

Well if you are able to cover the initial costs of £5,000-15,000 then this is what you should do. Buying the solar panels system directly is considered the much better option as you receive Feed-In Tariff payments, which allows the system to pay for itself in 7-9 years. Since the FiT payments come for 20 years, you eventually end up with profits.

There are plenty of pros and cons for both "free" solar panels and buying your own solar panel system. Many experts are saying that buying your own solar panel system is the better option, but still, a lot of people can’t afford to do so and still want to reduce their carbon footprint. Therefore, the "free" solar panels option is perfect for them, as they get to generate their own clean energy and save a lot on energy bills. 

Thus, if you want to install solar panels on your house and you are ready to either buy your own system or take advantage of the "free" solar panel systems, just fill in the form above and request up to 4 quotes from suppliers nearby you. The service is absolutely free and without obligation.

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