New Green Homes Grant: Up to £10,000 Energy Saving Vouchers for Homeowners

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Last updated: 10 August 2020

UK Homeowners and Landlords Will Receive Government Grants for Home Renovations

On Wednesday, the 8th of July, chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the £2 billion Green Homes Grant scheme, in which homeowners can receive vouchers of up to £10,000 to carry out renovations to make their homes more energy-efficient.

The complete list has now been released by the government, and improvements such as energy-efficient doors, double glazing, ground source heat pumps, air-source heat pumps, solar thermal, and insulation are said to be covered by the scheme.

The government also urges suppliers of the above-mentioned improvements, to sign up for TrustMark or MCS accreditation in order to take part in this scheme.

'From September, homeowners and landlords will be able to apply for vouchers to make their homes more energy efficient and create local jobs. The grants will cover at least two thirds of the costs, up to £5,000 per household,' chancellor Rishi Sunak announced during the briefing.

Households with the lowest income can receive a voucher of up to £10,000, covering the full cost of renovations.

This Page Will Be Updated Regularly

The government has now confirmed all guidelines and criteria for the Green Homes Grant scheme. We will continually update this page as and when new information is announced.

The vouchers will cover two thirds of the renovation costs, and are designed to help families save money on annual energy bills. According to estimates from the Treasury, families can save as much as £300 per year through the Green Homes grant.

In order to participate in the scheme, homeowners can apply online from September onward, and will receive a redeemable voucher that they can then use with accredited partners.

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New Green Homes Grant Scheme Explained

The Grant Will Reduce Energy Bills, Cut Carbon Emissions, and Create Jobs

The Green Homes Grant scheme is a £2 billion package to help the UK bounce back from the covid-19 pandemic by saving money, cutting carbon, and creating jobs. A further £1 billion package for the public sector was announced by Mr Sunak.

In total, this £3 billion initiative by the government will make 650,000 homes more energy efficient, help save households money on bills, lower the UK’s carbon emission by more than half a mega tonne per year — equivalent to taking 270,000 cars off the road — and support an estimated 140,00 green jobs.

'This is going to be a green recovery with concern for our environment at its heart,' Sunak says.

Together with existing funding opportunities for green energy, a £5,000 voucher makes the switch to renewables more affordable than ever.

Existing Green Energy Funding

There are a number of existing funding options for domestic renewable energy technologies. These include:

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FAQ about the Green Homes Grant Scheme

The Green Homes Grant is a new scheme unveiled by the UK government to help homeowners make energy-saving renovations in their homes. £5,000 vouchers will help cover the costs of home improvements to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions and to create local green jobs. Low-income households can receive up to £10,000 vouchers.

The Green Homes Grant will cover green home renovations, and the comprehensive list of improvements have been released by the UK government.

The following improvements are said to be included in this scheme:


The government has officially released information regarding eligibility, for the general scheme and for the low-income scheme. Under the general scheme, the following properties are eligible:

1. All owner-occupied homes

2. Landlords of private rented sector domestic properties

3. Landlords of social sector domestic properties

4. Park homeowners

Under the low-income scheme, only owner-occupied properties and park homes are eligible. Households receiving income-based or disability benefits would be eligible for a fully-funded package of measures.


In September, homeowners and landlords will be able to apply for a voucher online. This voucher will then be redeemable with accredited partners.

You will first need to get a quote for your renovation project from an installer and get the work approved, then the voucher will be issued to you.

Written by Natalie Kunz Content Manager Natalie is the Content Manager at GreenMatch. She is educated in media & communications, and has several years of international experience in marketing and content creation. Natalie’s focus lies in the areas of finance, sustainability, business communications, and more. She and her content team have been published in reputable sites like EcoWatch, Sunday Post, Earth911, and more.
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