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Last updated: 09 June 2021

UPVC Window Styles

uPVC Window Styles and Design for Your Home

When considering what type of uPVC window to fit for your home, it is important to consider different kinds of uPVC window styles and designs available. uPVC windows have many benefits, from their low cost and maintenance, to their insulating effects for both heat and sound, durability, and not to mention the wide range of uPVC window styles to choose from.

As uPVC windows are so common in the UK, uPVC windows manufacturers can create a variety of different uPVC window styles to best fit your home. Due to the growing demand of uPVC windows in the UK, there are several types of designs to choose from, with an array of features and benefits.

When considering which of the uPVC window styles to pick, you are no longer limited for choice. However, you do have to consider the architecture of your house, as not all styles may fit in or suit every area of your home. Whether you would like regular or roof windows also influences your decision.

uPVC Window Styles Overview
uPVC Window Style Window Style Features Window Style Benefits Ideal Location
Casement windows Simple opening mechanism Can be opened fully for ventilation and cleaning Ground floor, kitchen, and first floor bedrooms
Attached by one or more hinge Cheap, standardised orders
Tilt and turn windows Varied opening mechanisms Safe ventilation Compact spaces and top floor bedrooms
Multi-point locking systems Modern and uncluttered look
uPVC sash windows Horizontal or vertical sliding mechanisms Traditional feel  Tight spaces like bathrooms or small bedrooms
Single- or double-hung sashes Varied ventilation options
uPVC bay windows Three window panes Luxurious feel Living rooms or master bedrooms
Creates an inner alcove Additional storage space
Cottage windows Horizontal and vertical strips Traditional feel Dependent on the window style

If you want to find the best uPVC window styles for your home, simply fill in the form at the top of this page and our specialists at GreenMatch will provide you with up to four free, non-binding quotes from our suppliers!

Which uPVC Window Style Fits Your Home the Best?

uPVC windows can improve your house in numerous ways, from aesthetics to safety, to their energy saving capacity. By having the right uPVC window styles installed, your property will benefit greatly.

There are three main possibilities when purchasing uPVC:

  • uPVC windows made to measure
  • Off the shelf uPVC windows that are ready made uPVC windows
  • uPVC windows supply only - an option for those who are passionate about DIY projects

Within these options, you have many different aspects to select, from which coloured uPVC windows you would like, to whether you want more traditional or modern styles, to which room you want to install the uPVC window styles in.

All of these factors will ultimately affects your uPVC window prices, as coloured windows like grey uPVC windows will be slightly more costly than the standard white ones. Manufacturers can make your uPVC window styles available in different colours and combinations, giving house owners the possibility to choose from a wide palette of frames according to trend, house type and style. Your choice could range from a natural wood look to all different colour selections, all of which provide you with the benefits of uPVC. Naturally, the number of windows you will choose to install will also have an impact on the overall cost.

Some uPVC window styles lend themselves better to certain needs and tastes. Read about the most common types of uPVC window styles below.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are one of the most common uPVC window styles in the UK. This makes them readily available in an array of styles and sizes. Casement windows are a fixed type of uPVC window style, with one fixed glazed frame, and a hinged frame. The opening mechanism of casement windows is very simple, and allows a large volume of air into the room for effective ventilation.

The opening casement of the window can be on the top, the bottom, or on either of the two sides. Therefore, the design of this uPVC window style is personalisable to your preference and needs. Casement windows can either open inwards or outwards, depending on the formation of the house and exterior. Because the casement window allows such a large volume of air in, it is ideal for ground floors, kitchens, and first floor bedrooms.

Casement windows grew in popularity in the 60s as they offered a far more modern look than other alternatives did. Therefore, this is one of the types of uPVC window styles that can now be found in most UK homes today.

You can order standardised casement window sizes to save money, making this uPVC window style one of the cheapest out there. However, it can also be customised to your needs, if you want to add your personal design to it. Nowadays, you can get them in a variety of styles and designs, from traditional to ultra modern looks.

For casement windows you can expect to pay between £200-£900 per window.

upVC Window Styles Casement

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are a dynamic type of uPVC window style, with multiple functions. You can either open the tilt and turn window fully (like a side hinged casement window) to let in a large amount of air and to easily clean the outside of the window, or you can tilt it inwards from the bottom hinges for safe ventilation.

The tilt and turn window is one of the uPVC window styles that gives your home an uncluttered, modern look, and it is no surprise that this practical window design is extremely popular across Europe.

This is one of the uPVC window styles perfect for children’s bedrooms, as the inward tilt from the bottom hinges allow you to safely and securely ventilate the room, even at night. The tilt and turn window is generally also great for rooms with restricted space. The multi-point locking mechanism, makes the tilt and turn window one of the safest uPVC window styles.

Tilt and turn windows are typically more complicated to install than a basic casement window, therefore installing the tilt and turn uPVC window style will require more labour and installation costs than others. You can expect the tilt and turn windows to cost anywhere between £400-£600.

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uPVC Sash Windows

The uPVC sash window has been one of the most ubiquitous window style for centuries. Their popularity decreased in the 60s when the more modern look of the casement became more desired. However, since the 90s, the sash window became more popular again. Nowadays, this uPVC window style retains the traditional feel but has the security and energy saving features of a modern-day window. This uPVC window style is suited to Victorian style homes.

The uPVC sash window, also known as box sash windows or sash and case windows, can be manufactured either as a horizontal or vertical sliding sash window. Essentially, this traditional uPVC window style comprises two movable sashes that open through a sliding mechanism. You can opt for single-hung or double-hung sash windows, where either one window or both move up and down.

The sash window is a uPVC window style that fits great in tight spaces, such as small bedrooms or bathrooms. In some cases, manufacturers can also unlatch the window from the rails and tilt it inwards for varied ventilation options.

The uPVC sash windows are within an affordable price range. You can expect to pay £400-£1000 per window.

uPVC Bay Window

The uPVC bay window adds an element of luxury to your home. This type of window is amongst the grandest, and therefore also most expensive uPVC window styles on the market. Generally speaking, it is any kind of window style and design that protrudes from the building, creating an inner alcove and adding depth to your home.

A uPVC bay window can either create a cosy little nook in your home, add drama to a dining room, or act as extra storage space. With any installation of this type of uPVC window style, the bay window adds space and character to the room. The most common places this style is installed in is living rooms or master bedrooms.

The uPVC bay window style comprises of three window panes at either 25 or 45 degree angles, thus adding a lot of light to the room. You can either opt for a casement, sash or fixed uPVC window style.

As this type of uPVC window style is the most complex to install, all purchases of uPVC bay windows are made-to-order. On average, the approximate price per uPVC bay window is anywhere between £1000-£3000.

uPVC Bay Windows

Cottage Windows

Cottage style uPVC windows are a great way to preserve the look and feel of an old style home, but with modern benefits. uPVC in particular is definitely the best for replicating antique looking trims, moulded panels and traditional elements. Cottage windows, also known as Georgian or Tudor windows, have both horizontal and vertical strips running through the glass so as to appear like there are separate panes.

Cottage windows can be either casement style windows, tilt and turn, or sash windows. This flexibility makes cottage windows a desirable uPVC window style amongst UK homeowners. You can typically choose the configuration and shape of a cottage style upvc window, so by opting for this uPVC window style you can attain the traditional feel without compromising safety.

The cottage window style is great for most rooms in a house, but depending on the type of uPVC window style you opt for - casement, sash, or tilt and turn - the ideal location will change. For example, a casement cottage window would be better suited to ground floor rooms than a second floor bathroom.

Again, as it depends on which uPVC window style you choose for your cottage window, the price will also vary, but can range from £200-£1000 per window.

Find the Right uPVC Window Styles for Your Home

uPVC windows manufacturers are able to make your house totally unique, following the exact specifications given, so that the new windows can match your house. All uPVC window styles are easy to maintain and offer a durable, safe, and offer energy saving functions.

If you are interested in uPVC window styles, simply fill in the form above and GreenMatch will provide you with up to four free quotes with no further obligations.

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