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Last updated: 09 June 2021

Brown uPVC Windows

All That You Need About Brown uPVC Windows

More and more people are buying brown uPVC windows for their house, and it's not happening by accident. It is actually part of one of the biggest trends in home refurbishment: the production and selling of personalisable products.

No longer are prospective clients limited in their uPVC window selection to choose just in regards to functionality. uPVC window manufacturers have risen to meet the needs of the market, and now homeowners have a wide variety of styles, looks, and colours to choose from. Coloured uPVC windows are in very high demand, with brown uPVC windows being one of the most popular client colour choices.

The benefit of choosing brown uPVC windows is that they add elegance and warmth to your house, giving it that extra homey touch. They are a perfect acquisition for both older houses as they preserve the distinguished look, as well as modern ones as they can add a touch of colour.

Our mission at Greenmatch is to provide you with all the information you need in order to make the most advantageous and well informed decision regarding your purchases. By reading this article, you will gain the knowledge in order to choose the best uPVC manufacturers and suppliers for your brown uPVC windows.

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Building uPVC brown windows

Why Buy uPVC Windows in Brown?

The benefits for buying brown uPVC windows are numerous and can be connected to functionality, ecological considerations, and personal choices.

Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Durability - the brown uPVC windows can last up to four decades and numerous suppliers offer insurance for up to 10 years (some even offer lifetime coverage).
  • Insulation - your home can become up to 30% warmer through uPVC insulation.
  • Recyclability - the material is not only resilient but it is also eco-friendly as it can be reused up to four times before it loses its properties.

Brown uPVC windows provide a classic, elegant, and warm look. They can be a great choice many uPVC window styles, both for older and newer accommodations, as they can enhance the already existing features or they can provide a distinguished look.

Are Brown uPVC Windows Lower Quality Than White uPVC Windows?

The process through which the uPVC windows are created is the same, and does not affect quality regardless of colour. Brown uPVC windows are of the same quality as white uPVC windows.

Window energy rating scale

Brown uPVC windows are made from plastic powder (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, uPVC) to which a coloured tint is added. When the powder is heated and injected into the mould frames, it hardens into the specific shapes which are then connected to make the double glazed windows.

One of the most important factors to keep in consideration when buying white or coloured uPVC windows is their Windows Energy Rating (WER). The scale varies from G to A+ (with G being the lowest and A+ the highest). The higher the rating of your windows, the more energy-efficient your double or triple glazed windows are.

But what does this actually mean? The window’s rating is calculated based on a formula that defines the amount of solar heat transmittance permitted by the double or triple glazed window, the U-value for the frames and panes, and the air infiltration (how good the insulation provided by the window seals is). Together these parameters define the overall quality of the uPVC window.

What Are the Prices for Brown uPVC Windows?

Because of the tint that is added in the uPVC window manufacturing process, the brown uPVC windows prices are generally more costly than white uPVC windows.

Below is an overview of the approximate prices for brown uPVC windows according to the type, size, colour, and number of glass pieces.

Brown uPVC Windows Prices
Type of window Measurements (mm) Colour uPVC window Pieces of Glass Price (£)
Fixed 700x900 Rosewood brown & white 1 £70‑90
Fixed 1000x1200 Rosewood brown & white 1 £110‑130
Fixed 1500x1100 Rosewood brown & white 4 £190‑210
Fixed 1500x1100 Rosewood brown & white 5 £210‑230
Tilt and Turn 800x900 Rosewood brown & white 1 £210‑230
Tilt and Turn 1200x1000 Rosewood brown & white 2 £310‑330

However, there are also several other factors that can influence the final price of brown uPVC windows:

  • Single or multi-sided colour. If the customer chooses to get the windows coloured only on one side of the frame (be it either on the inside, or outside). This adds to the final uPVC window price
  • The style chosen for the windows. The prices can vary between uPVC sash windows, uPVC casement windows, or uPVC bay windows, and uPVC tilt and turn
  • The type of colour. If the colour chosen is standard (least expensive), non-standard, or custom (most expensive).

Go to best uPVC window prices for a more detailed analysis of these variables.

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What Are the Standard Brown uPVC Window Colours?

The brown uPVC windows come in a wide variety of shades. At the beginning of their manufacturing, the different brown uPVC colour combinations were limited mainly to Rosewood, Golden Oak and White.

Brown uPVC window house

Today, people interested in buying brown uPVC windows can find them in dozens of different shades. Still, the general rule remains that the more uncommon the different uPVC colours combinations are, the more costly they will be.

Below are a few of the most popular brown uPVC window colour combinations.

Rosewood Brown uPVC

Rosewoown brown uPVC windows is a relatively dark brown that is balanced with a rich red that brings warmth and is soothing to the eye. Because of the dark red tint found in this uPVC window, this shade goes well both with pastels and darker colours.

Golden Oak Brown uPVC Windows

Golden Oak brown uPVC coloured windows provide for a lighter shade, that makes houses look more homey and sun-bathed. This shade goes well with nuances that are in the same family (reds-oranges-yellows), but also those that are its opposite on the colour scale (such as, light blue or green).

Cherry Brown uPVC

A medium between the first two, Cherry brown uPVC windows are darker than the Golden Oak, but still warm and shooting. This shade goes with metallic blues and greys, but also with light colours.

Can uPVC Windows Be Painted a Different Colour?

There is no need to worry that you will not be able to change the uPVC colour once you have purchased the brown uPVC windows, as they can be repainted. Any colour (also black and white) uPVC window can be changed by applying additional coats of paint.

This is done by first thoroughly and carefully cleaning the surface of the uPVC window frames. Secondly, the areas that should not be painted are covered. Thirdly, two to three layers of paint are added to the frames with 10-15 minutes breaks between them. All that is left is waiting 24 hours for the coloured uPVC window frames to be completely dry and you are done.

Re-painting the uPVC windows has the added benefit of providing the homeowner with a wide variety of colours to pick and combine. More adventurous nuances can also be made by mixing different colours.

What Are the Best uPVC Window Suppliers in UK?

Finding the right brown uPVC window supplier for you and your family’s individual needs can be hard. Fortunately, at Greenmatch, we have already compiled a list with the best uPVC suppliers that you can access any time you desire.

By simply completing the contact form at the top of the page, you can avoid spending needless time researching for suppliers. Fill in the form and you will receive up to four quotes that are free of charge and with no-obligation.

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