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Last updated: 15 November 2023

Double Glazed Front Doors: Sustainable External Doors (2023 UK Guide)

Contemporary House with A Double Glazed Front Door

In 2023, the goal of most home modernisation projects is to improve their energy efficiency and overall eco-friendliness. For this reason, double glazed front doors are an excellent choice as their design allows for increased insulation, energy efficiency and a significant reduction of noise pollution from outside.

With the increasing focus on sustainability and the rising energy bills that have affected thousands of UK homes, it has become increasingly important to opt for double glazed front doors. By using double glazed doors one can save over three times more heat than having traditional windows. This is why contemporary front doors are built using double glazing technology.

Similar to double glazed patio doors, modern front doors are durable and low maintenance, and are a lot more secure than regular, non-glazed doors. While it is important that all units are modernised, double glazed front doors are also essential for first-class noise insulation.

In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about double glazed front doors before you purchase one for your home. However, if you already have an idea of what you want but are just struggling to find installers or aren’t sure what a fair price is, then we can help you with that.

At GreenMatch, we have a UK-wide network of qualified door installers, so we can easily connect you with those available in your area. We can provide you with up to 3 quotes from trusted double glazed front door suppliers, which you can then compare to select the best deal. Our service is provided free of charge and without obligation.

If you feel ready to upgrade your home with double glazed front doors, then click the button below to get your free quotes now. Have your new front door installed in no time, and enjoy your new stylish entrance.

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What Are the Differences between Double Glazed Doors and Front Doors?

Double glazed doors can be used for many different situations: internally for separating rooms, as well as for the exterior as front doors, back doors, patio doors, barn doors, and more.

Double glazed entrance doors, however, are much sturdier structure and have usually a remarkably different style than regular doors. Even though traditional doors are often made of simple wood panels, double glazed front doors can be built incorporating many glass elements for a more contemporary design.

Types of Double Glazed Entrance Doors

Double glazed front doors can be purchased ready-made but a number of companies also offers made-to-measure doors. While double glazed front doors can be matched in style with traditional homes, their energy efficiency and security remain state-of-the-art.

What Is the Cost of Double Glazed Front Doors and Frames?

Despite the technology used, it is possible to get access to cheap double glazed front doors starting from £340. Pre-produced doors are accessible at discount prices and are sold in standard sizes that fit many UK homes. In certain shops, free delivery can also be part of the package. Even made-to-measure windows are usually shipped within two weeks.

French Patio Door Prices
1565 x 900mmWhite£750 – £1,690
1565 x 900mmWood Grain£1,250 – £2,190
2200 x 2090mmWhite£880 – £1,125
2200 x 2090mmWood Grain£1,380 – £1,625
Sliding Patio Door Prices (2 panels)
1600 x 1900mmWhite£895 – £1,140
1600 x 1900mmWood Grain£1,395 – £1,640
2900 x 2400mmWhite£1,195 – £1,730
2900 x 2400mmWood Grain£1,695 – £2,230
Bifold Patio Door Prices (3 panels)
2000 x 1900mmWhite£2,230 – £2,675
2000 x 1900mmWood Grain£2,730 – £3,175
3800 x 2300mmWhite£2,530 – £3,035
3800 x 2300mmWood Grain£3,030 – £3,535

As a rule of thumb, the custom fitted doors are pricier than ready-made ones. The size of the door is a major influence, too. Front doors can be bought as single doors or double doors. Different styling and accessories add to the complexity which, in fact, increases the prices. Accessories such as letterboxes, door numbers, knockers, spyholes, vents, and more are available as well. Yet, regular units can be fetched for a reasonable price and still increase the energy efficiency, the security, and the value of the house.

As well as comparing prices for different types of doors, it’s also critical to compare prices of different installers. Installers’ rates can vary a lot from each other, depending on factors such as where they are based. Therefore, it’s crucial to get quotes from multiple installers so you can ensure you’re not being ripped off and feel confident that you’re getting the best deal possible.

GreenMatch can help you compare quotes quickly and easily. By filling in our short form, we can provide you with up to 3 free, non-binding quotes from front door installers available near you. This means you don’t have to struggle researching and contacting multiple installers on your own, which can waste hours of your free time. Click the button below to get your free, non-binding quotes now.

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Is It Worth Investing in Double Glazed Front Doors?

Equipping your house with modern front doors is a smart investment for a number of reasons:

  1. The increasing household expenditure can be held back by installing a double glazed front door. Double glazing can save £170 per year for a single detached house. For mid terrace houses, savings are still above £100 per year. That means, within a couple of years, the investment is returned.
  2. Double glazed front doors conform the UK energy efficiency standards.
  3. You can reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.
  4. Having a modern entrance door, your home will be more comfortable as it reduces heat loss and helps to achieve an even temperature throughout the rooms.
  5. Thanks to its heat insulation, the glass on double glazed front doors are less likely to condensate.
  6. Double glazed exterior doors insulate sound better, keeping your home quiet.
  7. Being stronger and being equipped with more advanced locking systems, double glazed front doors are more secure than old doors.

Can Double Glazed Front Doors Have Custom Styles?

Made-to-order front doors enjoy a wide popularity as the custom production allows special requests, such as the size of the glazed element, the size and shape of panel inputs, sculptured design, accessories, lever handles, adjustable hinges, and lead strips, but also the material of the frame, the threshold, and the door, as well as the glaze engraving, the backing glass pattern, and the inside and outside colour of different elements. Technical aspects can also be personalised, such as choosing thermal argon filling between the two sheets of glass for even better thermal properties.

Obviously, heavy customisation affects the end price of the product. Depending on the supplier, you have access to endless combinations of colours, materials, and styles.

Double Glazed Front Door Materials

Despite generally known as uPVC front doors, double glazed front doors can be ordered in several different materials. Depending on the material, different colour or wood pattern can be chosen. Each material has its own design and advantage.

uPVC double glazed front door


Simplistic and functional, uPVC suppliers provide a cheap material for double glazed front doors.

fibreglass double glazed front door


Similar to uPVC doors, fibreglass offers good protection for a reasonable price. They can even be made to look and feel like real wood.

timber double glazed front door


While more expensive than artificial materials, timber doors offer the ultimate natural look, though at the price of high maintenance requirements.

metal double glazed front door


Metal doors are less popular as they are more prone to thermal conductivity. Their sturdiness and unique look makes them a viable option regardless.

Tips for Additional Security

The preferred material does have a certain influence on the safety of the front door to a limit, though all mentioned materials are considered safe for the regular households living under everyday conditions. There are three main ways to improve the door sturdiness:

  1. Materials: the most durable front door material is galvanised steel. For a cheaper option, uPVC doors can be ordered with a reinforced frame. For a sturdier solution, composite doors may be an option for you.
  2. Safety glass: security glass, that actually looks exactly the same as regular glass, can be used in double glazed front doors while still achieving the same energy efficiency. Different levels of protection can be achieved depending on how toughened the glass is.
  3. Advanced locking systems: there are many accessories available to toughen the lock systems, such as cylinder guard, anti-drill pins in the barrel, and multi-point locking systems.

Double Glazed Front Doors and Frame Colouring

When choosing traditional timber for the entrance door material, numerous natural wood types are available depending on the supplier. Moreover, regular paint can be used to recolour timber doors. Fibreglass and uPVC doors are harder to paint at home, however, manufacturers often offer a vast range of colours, wood imprints, and engraving.

Metal doors are usually painted in the supplying company’s paint shop, though some people prefer the raw version due to its contemporary look. However, with clever choices, any material can look fresh and modern. If you opt for the better insulation and cheaper price of uPVC doors, you can give your home a fashionable look by purchasing coloured uPVC windows and doors.

Double Glazed Front Doors with Security Glass

As burglaries are relatively common, it is vital to invest in quality front doors to protect your belongings in your home. In case of a front with large glass units, such as uPVC French doors, the durability of the double glazed front doors becomes even more important.

Security glass can be used for double glazed front doors so well as regular glass. While security glass cost significantly more, producers on the market offer highly toughened glass against crashes, penetration but even against bullets or for resisting explosions.

Reinforced Double Glazed Front Door with Security Glass

How Secure Are Double Glazed Front Doors with Stained Glass?

Traditionally, stained glass doors are considered energy-inefficient and unsafe. This is because of the single layer of protection they offer. Nevertheless, there is a solution for combining the advantages of regular double glazed doors and stained glass. Manufacturers solve this problem by placing a security glass in front of the stained glass element. As a result, the stained glass can be seen from the interior, while the security glass protects the building from break-ins.

Find the Best Double Glazed Door Companies in the UK

Having all the options available for double glazed front doors, many hundreds of options are available for your home. This means you’ll be able to find the perfect front door for your home, however, having all these options can still be overwhelming. Professional guidance might be needed to help you through all these possibilities and to find the best price-value ratio for your home renovation.

We know how frustrating it can be to find the best double glazed front doors for your needs. Therefore, we are offering up to 3 quotes from our trusted suppliers. All you need to do is fill in our short form. What’s more, our service is provided for free and without any obligations. Click the button below to get started.

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