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Last updated: 24 March 2021

19 Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked

Climate change has inspired multiple countries to join together to reduce carbon emissions, decrease energy use, and become more sustainable. Many countries have encouraged Energy-Efficiency strategies by offering special tax and financial incentives for homeowners and the elderly.

Currently, 70% of UK’s household energy is used towards heating, however, this can be brought down by employing some simple Energy-Efficiency strategies. But with so many different tips, it’s hard to know which strategies work. Greenmatch wants to clear popular misconceptions and debunk these popular Energy-Efficiency myths through our unique infographic below:

Energy Efficiency Myths Infographic

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1. Using Appliances During the Day Is the Best Way to Save Money.

The UK government has encouraged homeowners to use appliances during the evening between 12AM - 6AM to pay less for electricity. UK Homeowners can apply for the Economy 7 Tariff program, a government tax tariff program to help reduce the overwhelmingly energy costs.

2. Having Heating on Low All Day Is Better Than Having It on High

This is absolutely wrong because you’re instead losing energy. Rather, you should consider installing a timer to your thermostat so that it turns on and off at specific times throughout the day.

3. Turning the Temperature Down Won’t Save you Much

The World Health Organization's suggestion is that we keep the minimum temperature at 21 degree celsius. However, if you simply reduce this by 1 degree, you can potentially save about 10% on your next utility bill.

4. Solar Panels are Expensive and Do Not Save You Energy in the UK?

Solar Panels gradually gather electricity throughout the year and may be able to power a 3 bedroom family home for a year.

5. Central Heating Systems Heat your Home Better

Although this would work best for the main room, it is actually better to have individual thermostatic radiator valves for each individual room. This will help reduce wasted energy because you can select rooms to have specific heating.

6. Energy-Efficient Furnaces and Air Conditioners automatically Reduce Energy Usage

If installation is done correctly, then it should be able to save heated or cool air from going to waste. If installations are done incorrectly, you can waste about ⅓ of heated or cool air

7. Tumble Dryers Saves you Energy

It’s better to use an airer to hang your clothes which requires no energy. If the weather is okay, then it would be better to dry outside.

8. Heater is On: Open or Close Each Room

When doors are closed, the heat can stay within a room. If you would want the house to be heated in each room, it would be best to add individual thermostatic radiator valves.

9. Painting Radiators Black Conserves and Reflects Heat

Unfortunately, this would have no significant effect in containing heat, it would be best to keep them white. However, by adding cheap Radiator panels, you can help reflect and circulate heated air in rooms.

10. Closing Curtains Conserves Heat and Keeps Your House Cool

Leaving the curtains closed can block sunlight to keep house cool but, an easy way to warm the house will be by opening the curtains. Sunlight is completely free and enters easily through glass frames. Go Nature!

11. Clingon Plastic Wrap is the Solution to Containing Heat

This short-term solution may trap some air, but it will only work for a limited time and is ineffective compared to replacing the window. Double Glazed Windows will have a significant effect by reducing the threshold of the window to the frame and, the extra layer will act as an insulation to trap the air.

12. Devices are Off and Plugged into the Wall, No Worries

Although this may have been true in the past, many modern devices have standby power which still uses energy even when powered down. Don't let the Vampire Power suck up that electricity and charge you for unused devices. Simply unplug when you’re not using your devices.

13. Computer Screensavers are Awesome and Save You Energy

There are several interesting screensavers that are visually appealing but, your computer is operating fully which is wasting energy. It would be beneficial to simply turn your device completely off while not in use.

14. Duct Tape is Good for Sealing Leaks in the Duct System

Duct tape have been proven to be an ineffective method of concealment because the tape falls off, adhesive dries out and wrinkles away. Fully replace and repair Duct System to avoid future repair costs.

15. Closing the vents in unused rooms to save energy

Closing the vents in unused rooms may seem logical, however, this simply redirects it to other areas of the home and escapes through a leak in the duct system. This redirection also pushes air through the system and can wear your fan out because it's working harder and using more energy.

16. Use an Electric Heater to Save Costs and Heat Rooms Faster

Electricity is typically the highest cost of your utilities, and using two electric space heaters is equal to using a Central Gas Powered System. So, it's better to use that and, if possible, individual thermostatic radiators valves for each room to control each heating.

17. Most Heat Is Lost Through Windows

This is not true at all. Up to 35% of heat can be lost through uninsulated walls, while only 10% can be lost through windows. 

18. If You Want the Warmest Seat, Put the Sofa in Front of the Radiator

No, move your sofa as soon as possible. Even though the owner of the sofa may have the warmest bottom, the heat will not circulate freely and not heat the room properly.

19. If You’re Leaving Your UK Home for Winter Vacations, Turn the Heater Off

If you’re out of home during the winter, you should highly consider leaving the heating on at a low setting during specific times to prevent frozen pipes. Save money on future reparation costs and conserve energy by leaving it on a low setting.

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