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Last updated: 13 April 2022

Solar PV Calculator

Calculating Solar

Investing in solar panels is no doubt beneficial for both households and businesses. In doing so, thousands of pounds can be saved per year on electricity bills. However, before investing in solar panels it is important to know some facts about them, such as how much money they can save you per year and which size system would you need to install, depending on your energy needs.

To obtain answers to questions regarding solar system size, power output and how much space and money they will require, you can use a solar PV calculator.

You can use the solar PV calculator to calculate estimates for how much you could receive from a system of solar PV panels. Whilst the figures provided by the solar PV calculator are only estimates and cannot be exact, the solar PV calculator is a good way to give yourself an idea of your savings 

How to Use a Solar PV Calculator

Before using a solar calculator you will need to measure the size of your roof in order to calculate the available area where the panels will be installed. Once you have calculated your approximate roof area then you need to divide this by 10, to calculate the size of your solar panel system in kW. For example if you have 30 square meters roof space then you will be able to have a 3kW system.

The most common size for an average UK household is a 4kW solar system.

It is recommended that you never install a renewable energy generator without first consulting an expert. The amount of solar radiation received by your panels, and therefore the amount of energy produced, depends on the orientation and slope of the surface your panels are mounted on - typically your roof. Certified installers know how to optimally install your solar system, orienting it in the correct position and angle.

Most solar panels produce between 175W and 250W of electricity, depending on the type of panels their efficiency would vary. Based on this, to produce 1kW of energy it would require a roof space of minimum 8 square meters, installing 4-6 panels. When estimating the size of the solar panel system, be sure to allow a few meters more because the installer needs to leave some space at the edges and below the panels.

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