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Last updated: 26 March 2024

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loft conversion quotes

If you’re thinking about a loft conversion, it’s important to understand the costs associated with the project before you start. On average, expect to pay between £20,000 and £75,000 for a loft conversion. The least expensive option takes about 4-6 weeks, while the more complex ones take 10-12 weeks. Factors such as space size, type of conversion, and project complexity influence prices.

To find the best quote, use our service to get four free quotes and save time, money and uncertainties.

This approach helps you budget more effectively and ensures you get the most value for your investment.

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loft conversions attached houses.

Starting a loft conversion is an excellent option to expand your property and increase its value. However, planning carefully and considering all aspects is important to ensure a successful conversion. One of the first steps is to select a reliable contractor, and a great way to do this is by comparing loft conversion quotes. Doing so lets you find the most accessible and suitable option.

Let’s explore the reasons for getting multiple quotes for a loft conversion.

To compare costs: Understand the market and find the best price for your project.

Service diversity: Different companies offer various services. Multiple quotes help you find the perfect match for your specific needs.

Negotiation power: With multiple quotes, your negotiation power increases for better prices.

Confidence in choice: Exploring options gives you the confidence that you’ve made the best decision for your project.

However, you want to ensure that the quotes you receive are precise.

Here are some tips for accurate quotes:

  • Provide detailed information about your property and project specifications
  • Include dimensions, the intended use of the converted space, and any specific requirements
  • Share any architectural drawings or plans if available

Compare Your Loft Conversion Quotes

Compare quotes for best prices.

Once you have gathered multiple quotes, it’s time to compare and choose the most favourable option. Here’s how:

Total cost and inclusions

When reviewing a quote, it’s essential to understand the details. Ensure you know what the quote includes, such as labour, materials, and additional fees. Doing so will minimise any risks of unexpected expenses or surprises later on. 

Project timeline

Review each contractor’s estimate of the project’s duration. When considering a shorter timeline, it is essential to balance convenience with quality.

After all, you want to complete your project to the highest standard possible, even if it takes longer. So, thoroughly assess each contractor’s proposed timeline and weigh it against the quality of work they promise to deliver.

Contractor experience and reputation

Look into each contractor’s past projects, customer reviews, and overall market reputation. Choosing a contractor with extensive experience in loft conversions could enhance the chance of results that match your expectations.

Doing so will help you gain confidence, knowing that your project is in capable hands. In the end, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a skillfully converted loft space that meets your standards of quality and comfort and is within your budget.

Quality of materials and construction

Check the quality of materials used in each quote. Higher-quality materials may cost more but last longer and look better. Remember to consider your budget and specific needs before making a final decision.

Consider sustainable options


If incorporating sustainable materials and building methods into your conversion is one of your priorities, it’s important to consider these factors:

  • Energy efficiency of the final construction: Prioritising energy-efficient solutions during the design process can create sustainable lofts that benefit the environment and your finances—for instance, advanced insulation or solar panels.
  • Waste reduction strategies: Look for contractors with simple methods for minimising waste during construction. These can include recycling materials and ensuring efficient resource use.
  • Long-term impact on home efficiency: When comparing quotes, consider your loft’s energy efficiency. Skylights like Velux windows can reduce the need for artificial lighting, while insulation can lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Certifications and sustainability credentials: Contractors with sustainability certifications show dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Choosing loft conversion quotes that promote sustainable materials and practices ensures a comfortable, stylish, and energy-efficient living space. This is a smart way to reduce utility bills and decrease your carbon footprint.

Loft Conversion Quote Example

Wondering what to expect in a quote request before signing up for a quotation?

Here, we provide an example of terraced house loft conversion costs.

Deluxe Velux loft conversion quote example for 30m2 terraced loft area with 8-12 weeks’ duration. This cost range varies from low to high end.

*Ask your home insurance provider if they’ll cover damage or loss during renovations since some policies don’t. Renovation insurance, also known as conversion site insurance, might be required.

**It’s common for people to underestimate the amount of work involved in a loft conversion. To be safe, budget 10-15% on top of your total costs, as chartered architectural practice, DetailedPlanning, UK suggested.

Loft Conversion Quotes Per Type

The loft conversion’s cost and scope depend on the type selected.

Velux Loft Conversion | 4-6£15,000 – £20,000
Dormer Loft Conversion | 10-12£30,000 – £60,000
Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversion | 10-12£40,000 – £65,000
Mansard Loft Conversion | 8-10£45,000 – £75,000

These approximate prices may vary depending on location, material used and loft size.

Whether your conversion project is big or small, several vital elements influence the overall cost of a loft conversion.

These factors include:

  • Loft size: Larger conversions often require a higher budget.
  • Roof structure: The existing roof’s condition and design can affect costs.
  • Conversion type: Different styles, like Velux or mansard, vary in expense.
  • Finish quality: Opting for high-end finishes increases the project’s cost.
  • Project duration: The longer the renovation takes, the more it may cost.
  • Location: Prices can vary based on where you live.

If you’re looking for a simpler project, exploring small loft conversion prices can provide insights into what to expect before requesting a quote. These conversions usually involve minimal disruptions and are more affordable.

If you want to add more headroom with a vertical window, examining the cost of a dormer loft conversion can offer a clear breakdown and help set expectations before getting a quote.

On the other hand, if maximising your internal loft space is a priority, understanding the process and cost of a hip-to-gable loft conversion before requesting quotes can be a good start.

The extent of your loft conversion and choice of materials are crucial in determining your budget. It’s essential to ensure that your project matches your expectations and budget.

What Do You Do if Your Loft Conversion Quote Outweighs Your Budget?

Embracing the current shape of the loft rather than making significant changes is a great way to reduce costs. However, if you have received quotes exceeding your conversion project budget, don’t worry. You can still make your dream a reality.

Consider the following suggestions to lower the cost without entirely giving up on your plan.

Explore interior design alternatives: Consider more cost-effective designs that still maintain aesthetic appeal. For example, consider luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or laminate flooring that looks like wood but costs less — instead of traditional hardwood flooring. These materials are more affordable, durable, and moisture-resistant, making them ideal for your loft space. 

Assess plumbing layout:  If you plan on installing a bathroom in your loft, the plumbing requirements and location can significantly impact costs. Position it wisely to minimise expenses. For instance, position it above an existing bathroom or kitchen to directly connect to existing water and waste lines. This strategic placement can dramatically reduce the need for new piping and reduce labour costs. Compact, all-in-one shower pods can also minimise the need for extensive waterproofing and tiling.

Explore financing options: Look into loans or plans that can spread the cost. One example is government grants and programs that provide funding or tax benefits for home improvements, particularly those that increase energy efficiency. Also, some contractors may offer financing plans with favourable terms, including low-interest rates or deferred payment options, especially during promotional periods.

Discuss your budget with your contractor: Open communicationabout your budget can lead to cost-saving measures without compromising quality. For instance, a reputable contractor might suggest using engineered beams instead of solid wood for structural modifications, offering the same strength and compliance with building regulations at a lower cost. They can also advise on the most cost-effective sequence of work to minimise labour costs and avoid re-doing work. 

Off-peak discounts: Ask about cheaper rates during off-peak seasons; contractors may offer discounted rates during winter when demand for construction and renovation work is lower. Planning your loft conversion during these times can lead to savings on both labour and sometimes materials, as suppliers may also offer discounts to move stock during slower periods.

Wood flooring loft conversion.

Reclaimed wood flooring: Opting for reclaimed wood flooring provides environmental and financial benefits. For instance, using reclaimed wood for flooring or accent features adds unique character to your loft and contributes to sustainability by reusing materials. Reclaimed wood can often be purchased at a lower cost than new lumber, and its aged appearance can add warmth and texture to the space.

Alternative materials: You can discuss using alternative materials that offer similar durability and appearance with your contractor at a lower cost. Consider using recycled or composite materials for structural elements or decorative features. Recycled steel beams can be as sturdy as new ones but at a lower cost and environmental impact. For insulation, sheep’s wool or recycled denim provides excellent thermal performance and is a greener alternative to traditional fibreglass insulation, often at a comparable price.

If your budget falls short of a loft conversion quote, don’t worry. Adopting these practical strategies and consulting with industry professionals can make your project more affordable without sacrificing quality.

To meet your needs, you can try using different materials, changing the design, and exploring other ways to pay for it.

Discussing your budget with your contractor can reveal opportunities to save costs and ensure your loft conversion is functional and financially workable.

To help you save time and money and gain confidence, we offer four free quotes to help you find the best suppliers for your loft conversion project.

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