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Last updated: 7 March 2024

Why Install A Heat Pump During Spring?

We have just said goodbye to the cold winter weather, and with spring just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about how you will keep your house cool during the extremely hot days. As the weather is becoming nicer and temperature rises, it might seem strange to think about investing in a heat pump system. However, there are, in fact, three principal reasons which suggest that the spring is the perfect time to consider upgrading your heating and cooling system:

  • It is cheaper to buy a heat pump during the spring
  • The cooling system will be prepared for the warm summer months
  • Process of installation is easier due to the softer ground, suitable for digging

Make the Most out of Your Heat Pump

Planning an investment is the very first step towards making a final decision regarding the model and type of heat pump. Make sure that you have enough time to find everything about the various heat pumps available in the market, and talk over the choices with the qualified, professional installers. Getting a heat pump installed during the spring gives you more time to get used to your new system and get ready for upcoming hot summer days. A heat pump will reduce your monthly bills much more than any other cooling system. Additionally, installation cost and prices of the heat pumps are often lower during the spring, since it is not installers’ busiest time of the year.

With you can save money and time on extensive market research just by filling the form on the right and requesting quotes. Our suppliers know that they are competing, and therefore, they will be willing to go out of their way and provide you with their best quotes.

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Heat Pump as an Air Conditioner

Heat pumps are not just for winter and they can provide you with all year comfort, including excellent air conditioning ability. As its name suggests, a heat pump moves heat from one place to another in contrast to furnace that generates its own source of heat. It will ensure that you and your family enjoy the comfort of your home, even during the hottest summer days. More and more people are opting for a heat pump because it will provide you with cooling during the burning summer days and heating for freezing winter nights while assuring greatest energy and financial savings.

Installation Process

It might be hard to imagine installing a heat pump when it is 20+ degrees outside, but this might be the very best time of the year for a new heating system. Longer days mean that the installation process will be quicker and there is no disruption to your heating or cooling system when you need it. If you decide to purchase a ground source heat pump, the drilling operation will be conducted easier because the ground will be softer and more suitable for digging a trench or a borehole.

There is nothing better than a cold drink when the hot nights hit and if you install a heat pump during the spring you will not need to worry about losing your cool. It will ensure you enjoy a greater level of home comfort while your heat pump is working to optimum capacity.

Funding for Heat Pumps

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a UK Government scheme designed to assist homeowners and businesses that want to upgrade their heating system and opt for a greener solution. The program is created to help meeting the costs of installation of renewable energy sources and support communities to deliver cleaner energy. It will provide homeowners with long term financial support for installing one of the eligible heating systems, which include:

For more information about governmental grants, take a look at our RHI Guide.

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