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Last updated: 09 June 2021

Vaillant Heat Pumps

Vaillant Air-to-Water and Ground Source Heat Pumps

Vaillant produces both air-to-water and ground source heat pumps. Currently, Vaillant is the only manufacturer who also offers a hybrid heat pump. They hold up to 5% market share in the UK for air source heat pumps and up to 10% for ground source heat pumps. This German brand has the highest market share for GSHPs in the UK compared to the other well known heat pump manufacturers.


Vaillant Ground source heat pumps extract heat from the ground. Using this heat, water is being heated up, and then used to produce hot water or heat the apartment. The heat in the ground is a reliable source of energy since it does not have a strong impact on the environment and it does not need a great amount of energy to work.

Vaillant Air-to-water heat pumps source heat from the air which is then transferred to a refrigerant that increases its temperature to heat the inside of the building or the water for domestic use. Only a small amount of energy is required to run the system in order to ensure reduced running costs.

GeoTherm Exclusive 6,8 & 10 kWh: it is a very efficient device not only for heating the apartment but it is also good at storing water. This device consists of a 1litresers stainless steel cylinder that allows a quick supply of hot water when needed, reducing the volume occupied by the structure at the same time. This model also offers the possibility of cooling in the summer and it has been rewarded with the Quiet Award which means noise levels are kept to a minimum.

GeoTherm 6-46 kWh: this model is highly effective when replacing an LPG or oil system, as its low running costs will guarantee you a great cost reduction. Furthermore, you will be protected from the oil price fluctuations, while also reducing the negative impact on the environment. This model also has been certified with the Quiet Award.

AroTherm 5,8,11 & 15 kWh: this device comprises many individual components that make this system very flexible and easily adaptable to almost all kinds of real estates/households. This system is very easy to install and it does not require major changes. The outdoor unit can easily be placed under a window and it operates at minimal noise levels. It delivers a better performance than LPG or oil since it offers access to a cheap and reliable heating resource.

AroTherm 8 & 11 kWh hybrid system: this is a mixed system that includes a highly efficient boiler and aroTherm air-to-water heat pump so that the heating potential is exploited at maximum. The system is designed to always use the most efficient resource in the house so that bill prices are reduced. It is also certified with the Quiet Award.

Price of Vaillant Heat Pumps

It is hard to give an exact price evaluation of Vaillant heat pumps since the final result is affected by many variables such as the size of the house, the overall consumption that is connected to the desired warmth level. These are important variables and estimating them is the first step toward a realistic and reliable price forecast.

What you can do is to fill out the form that is provided and specify the type of heat pump you would like to buy, how big is your property in square meters and what kind of heating you are currently using. You will receive up to four quotes so you can compare Vaillant heat pump prices from different suppliers.