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Last updated: 10 October 2023

Lochinvar Boilers: Compared and Reviewed

About Lochinvar

Whereas the company was created in 1946 as the Walter Vallett Company, the UK subsidiary was founded in 1976, so 30 years later. Now called Lochinvar, it is located in Banbury,Oxfordshire, where the company possesses both its headquarter and its warehouse. Throughout the years, Lochinvar tried to diversify its portfolio towards more renewable resource based products such as the Integrated Solar and Air Source Heat pump.
Nowadays, both companies in the UK and the USA were acquired by A.O. Smith Corporation in 2011 which employs more than 10000 employees.

Lochinvar, LLC Corporate Video

The Following Lochinvar Boilers Are Available in the UK:

Gas Fired Condensing Boilers

CP-M+ Boilers:

CP M Combi Lochinvar

This product offers 6 different models, from 58 kWh to 178 kWh, that are either suitable for natural gas or LPG. It can offer up to 12 boilers cascade control and has a fully-modulating pre-mix burner. Moreover, it benefits from a stainless steel heat exchanger and a weather compensation option. The heat exchanger is guaranteed for 10 years whereas the other components have a 1-year warranty.

EcoKnight Boilers:

Eco Knight Boiler

This product is available for 8 differents models, from 41.2 kWh until 228.4 kWh and has a cascade control for up to 8 boilers. This product benefits from an advanced control system called SMART SYSTEM control. EcoKnight boilers also have a stainless steel heat exchanger coming with a 10 years warranty while the other components benefit from a 1 year warranty.

TTB Boilers:

TTB Boiler Lochinvar

This product line has 2 models that can both adapt to natural gas or LPG. It has a cascade control for up to 4 boilers and a fully-modulating pre-mix burner. It has really strong outputs, from 418 kWh to 576 kWh. As for the other products, the TTB boilers have a 10 years warranty on their stainless steel heat exchanger and 1 year warranty on its other components.

Gas Fired High Efficiency Boilers

Copper Fin Boiler Lochinvar

Lochinvar offers only one type of product, named Copper-Fin Boilers which is declined in 21 models and 4 ranges, both adaptable on natural gas or LPG. This range of product benefits from a copper heat exchanger and can deliver outputs from 20.8 kWh to 510 kWh. It can also provide homeowners with multiple flue options and benefits from a stainless steel burner. Therefore, as the other Lochinvar products, the heat exchanger benefits from a 10 years warranty and the other components are only guaranteed for 1 year.

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