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Last updated: 20 May 2024

Best Privacy Window Films UK: Adhesive & Non-adhesive

Privacy films windows.

Glass windows are utterly essential for your home for a whole host of reasons, from allowing a ton of healthy sunlight to enter your home, not only providing much-needed vitamins but also free heat, to improving the aesthetic of the interior and exterior of your home.

However, windows do generate somewhat of an issue with privacy, whether that’s because you live on a busy street and are growing tired of making awkward eye contact with a dog walker every 5 minutes, or whether you’d just prefer to bolster your privacy for other reasons. Now, you typically have two options to improving the privacy of your windows at home – a costly set of new windows or a glass privacy window film.

What is privacy window film?

When people hear ‘Privacy Window Film’ they may imagine tacky stickers that are prone to peeling away after only a few days and poor clarity, but with the advancements in technology, this isn’t the case.

Privacy film, frosted window film, blackout window film and decorative window film are just some variations of privacy window films, and in this guide, we’re going to explore some of the best products on the market. However, first, we’re going to explore glass privacy window films in a little more detail to give you a full understanding of how they work on your windows and what to look out for in terms of applications.

Privacy window film in a nutshell

Glass privacy window film is typically created with a self-application option so you can simply cut the film to size and apply it to the interior of your windows. This type of glass film is very easy to apply and usually, all you need is some soapy water and maybe a squeegee to ensure it’s completely even and flat.

Different variations of privacy film will have different features from blackout, to frosted, mirrored and UV rays protection. Below is a list of the best glass privacy window film products on the market today, where to buy them, how the delivery and application works and many more details to help you make a decision on which glass privacy film works best for you and your home.

Lifetree One Way Mirror Window Film Silver Privacy Glass Film

This window film has a number of different uses and features that solve some issues and problems around the home. First of all, this glass window privacy film is mirrored on the outer side that is seen from the street, while allowing you to look through the window from the interior. This not only combats the problem of nosy neighbours but also creates a nice decorative effect for the front of your home.

The privacy window film also blocks out harmful and unwanted UV rays from entering your home which can not only present an issue with safety, but it can also cause flooring and fixtures to fade in the sunlight. There are plenty of different sizes on offer with the Lifetree glass privacy films, and the film is incredibly easy to install.

You can order this Lifetree product and the other Lifetree range online at Amazon in various sizes, and it’s one of the best-reviewed window films. The versatility of the Lifetree glass window film is another great benefit to be enjoyed with it being suitable for a bathroom window or bedroom window, in fact, these designs are suitable for any window in the home, removing the need for costly curtains or blinds.

Rwest X Privacy Window Film Self Adhesive Frosted Glass Film Opaque No Glue Static Cling Sticker for Office, Bathroom, Living Room and Kitchen

Unlike the other categories on this list, the Rwest Privacy Window Film blocks all UV light from entering the room in the form of a blackout film of very high quality. This privacy film is perfect for creating complete darkness in a film by blocking all the light from outside, and these types of privacy films are popular with shift workers that sleep during the day and for toddler rooms for those bright summers evening when you’re trying to get your toddler to sleep!

These privacy film products also have a ton of other uses from replacing unsightly blinds and curtains, making the best ambience for a film night, and even creating a solid window effect for a shop or store. These types of privacy films provide a ton of security for properties that may be worried about the vulnerability of their privacy, and the black colour of the blackout blinds can be very calming for those inside the room.

This product can be used on any window in the property, including side windows, and features an incredibly easy installation that boasts glue and mess-free installation on top of the ease it provides. This Rwest range and others are available at Amazon.

Get the most from window film by discovering the best way to clean windows before application.

Rabbitgoo Self-adhesive Decorative Film Privacy Film Static Adhesive Anti-UV 3D Window Film

This privacy film is the top choice for window films that create an alternative stained glass window effect. A lot of people experience privacy film in a bad light, whether that is due to uninteresting, solid colour privacy film, or window film that just doesn’t match the aesthetic that they are going for.

The Rabbitgoo designs solve these problems with their decorative designs range. In fact, these films are so popular for their decoration, some people will use them on bathroom windows, privacy glass windows and even adorned on doors, to give a door a new lease of life, and the different size and range helps everyone find the right fit for them.

The Rabitgoo boasts easy installation, quality security benefits and many different colours, patterns and ranges to choose between, so there will always be choice to layer on your windows regardless of style. Rabitgoo often have some special offers available online for their privacy glass and privacy window films. Window film and privacy film are a big target for this brand, and this shines through in the intricacy of the designs, something which customers have been very pleased with over the years.

Rabbitgoo Frosted Glass Window Film Opaque Privacy Film Anti-UV Static for Office

This privacy window film is a popular option for blocking out the light through glass without darkening the space by using blackout privacy film. The lighter frosted effect makes for a much brighter atmosphere while still reducing the amount of glare and heat let in through the window.

The installation and application, much like others on the market, is designed to be easy and simple while remaining sturdy and reliable. The security aspects of this application ensure a complete seal on the window film to the glass, resulting in a privacy window film that you can rely on.

These films also feature different sizes and patterns depending on what type of aesthetic you’re creating in your space, so your window film can match any decorations you have for the interior. This is another great option for any space in the property, from keeping cookies out of the direct sunlight in the kitchen, to gaining complete privacy in your bathroom.

Homegoo One Way Silver Reflective Adhesive Glass Window Film

The Homegoo is similar to the previous designs on the list in terms of the one way nature of the window film. However, instead of the exterior side being mirrored, it has a silver reflective property to it. This is a great alternative to a frosted window film, as you’ll still have the transparency of your windows without blocking them using other window films, which can be the real sticking point with privacy film in the house.

This decorative window film is really easy to install and you can order it from Amazon for just around £15.99. This design is another great choice for bathroom windows, where you may not want to remove the natural light from the space to help with the heat in the bathroom, but you still need privacy.

Homegoo have quite an extensive range of products in their ranks, from stained glass to vinyl window film ranges, and all of these items are available to purchase on Amazon in a number of different sizes, so it may not be a bad idea to take a look at all of these products to see which would best suit the windows in your house!


Privacy glass films are great additions to your property, and they are also incredibly inexpensive. They work well to reduce the amount of glare into the space, which closed doors can’t always solve, and even a well placed and a sturdy door isn’t enough to reduce the heat from UV rays into a space.

Much like a door, our windows are integral parts of our interior design, so glare-reducing privacy glass films that feature different patterns is a wonderful addition to your property while not reducing the aesthetic look of it. Privacy should be absolutely essential, and not to be negotiated, so make the jump to privacy glass film today!

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