Last updated: 06 November 2018

Well, According to many researchers a world powered entirely by renewables such as wind, solar, hydro etc., is not unreasonable at all. In fact, they predict that we can achieve this by 2050.

In the past, many countries have made it their mission to go all-renewable, and some have been very successful. Today, more than 5 countries have achieved their goal, and many more vow to go 100% renewable by 2050.

To summarise the 100% renewable energy debate and all the points listed in this article, we at GreenMatch have provided you with a short and informative video below.

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So, Why Is Renewable Energy So Important?

It is more important than ever to put resources into the growth of our global renewable energy sector. Currently, our energy supply relies mainly on fossil fuels which emit carbon dioxide as a by-product. As a result, problems like air pollution, climate change, and acid rain have become prominent and real threats to our planet.

In order to get to 100% renewable energy globally we need to make a few big, but impactful changes. We’ll have to change our whole infrastructure as our current one is built around and depends heavily on fossil fuels.

Additionally, we need political, as well as business leaders aboard, to fundamentally change the way we generate energy.

The bottom line is if we don’t change the way we generate energy, the problems we’re faced with nowadays are only the beginning. For future generations, our large and growing demand for fossil fuels can have serious consequences.