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Last updated: 1 February 2023

Best Green Energy Websites 2017

It’s finally here! GreenMatch is proud to present you the Best Green Energy Websites of 2017. After extensive Internet research, we picked out the best online newsletters and sources for renewable energy solutions. With this list, we want to honour the most ambitious creators and editors we came across.

Why is this topic so important?

With over 80% of the energy we consume being generated by fossil fuels, we’re currently going through an environmental crisis. Promoting and apprising people of green energy solutions is, therefore, more important than ever.

This is why we’ve made it our mission to reward those that not only keep us up-to-date and informed about renewable energy throughout the year but do so with dedication and a passion for putting out amazing content.

We organised them in 4 categories to help you navigate through:

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So, If you’re interested in finding a green energy solution that fits your home or simply want to find out more about the future of energy, be sure to check out these informative and vibrant websites.

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Finding everything you need to know about renewable energy on one website is impossible, right? No! The following websites provide tips, case studies and news all on the same platform. The best ones are listed below.

Greener Ideal  

The greener ideal provides infographics, videos and tips on how to live a greener lifestyle, and of course on green tech and energy. Additionally, their news section is a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the renewable energy sector.

"It’s important to educate people about green energy because it gives the public a way to have a significant impact on the size of their carbon footprint. While many have been aware of the impact of greenhouse gas emissions for some time, most felt that there weren’t tangible actions they could take in their daily lives to make a big difference. Thanks to the relatively recent price decreases for solar panels and storage batteries, green energy options are becoming increasingly affordable for most households to consider. The more aware people are of these options, the closer we can all get to achieving a net zero carbon footprint."

Renewable Energy World  

Renewable Energy World was found in 1999 by professionals who decided to turn their passion for renewable energy into their job. They cover everything from daily news, to green technology overviews and green events. Renewable Energy World's aim is to educate people about green energy solutions as well as assisting them in making the transition to sustainable energy. 

"Green energy education is important because it is a part of all of our lives. Every day new projects are being built and more people want to choose how they power their homes. There are so many choices for consumers these days that educating yourself on those that make the most sense is incredibly valuable. Beyond personal choices, it is important to understand what is happening within the industries and the policy issues that are being discussed and ultimately how they are driving decisions for us all every day."

Greentech Media  

GreenTech Media is one of the biggest authoritative news, analysis and research providers on the net. They focus on solar power but also write about other topics like energy storage and electric vehicles. 


"The global electricity sector is in the early stages of its most dramatic transformation in over a century. The rapid expansion of distributed energy, combined with the newfound availability of data and analytics for utilities, will reshape how the world generates, distributes and consumes power."


Conserve Energy Future 

Conserve Energy Future gives people tips and information on how they can transition to a sustainable lifestyle using green energy. Rinkesh, the creator of this website wanted to share his passion for renewable energy with others and inspire them to do the same. 

"Green energy technologies are clean sources of energy that have a much lower environmental impact than traditional sources of energy. Most renewable energy investments are spent on materials and workmanship to build and maintain the infrastructure at home rather than on costly energy imports. This clearly means that your energy dollars remain here and fuel local economies. Renewable energy technologies have already produced millions of jobs in last decade and are poised for huge growth in coming years too." - Rinkesh Kukreja

2 Green Energy  

2 Green Energy provides everything from tips to the news on renewable energy. Coming from a business background, editor Craig Shields decided to use his skills to promote and educate people on green energy solutions. His blog includes guest posts and hence allows many different writers to share their ideas and thoughts.2 Green Energy provides everything from tips to the news on renewable energy. Coming from a business background, editor Craig Shields decided to use his skills to promote and educate people on green energy solutions. His blog includes guest posts and hence allows many different writers to share their ideas and thoughts.

Green Clean Guide  

Greencleanguide's 'Energy' section provides commentary, information, and news on renewable energy. Their website aims to be easy to read and encourages readers to participate in the comment section. They also connect through social media by frequently updating their 4000 followers on facebook. 

"College students, business persons, and many others are always in need of latest information in the fields of Environment, Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Green technologies. However, all this information is rarely available on a single platform. GCG aims to be an easy to use approach created to make available such information in a single place."

Amber Energy   

Amber energy was found in 2009 by Nick, a former banker, to guide businesses towards green and renewable energy. On their blog, you'll find pretty much everything from interesting and comprehensive news to commentaries and tips. Amber energy mainly provides articles about the green energy economy and finances written by their specialist staff.

"I'm a firm believer that once you understand what you are dealing with and the consequences of each choice you make you make better ones. Green energy is just like that. By understanding how difficult it is to generate and store energy, the harm that can be done in this process and then the marginal differences in making a green choice - and how to make sure it's at least PPA backed you can make a difference. As we look to innovate in this space we've launched our campaign to "turn a light off, turn a light on" powering families in Africa with clean green power with savings made here in the U.K. I hope more businesses will push to educate their stakeholders to make a better choice." - Nick Proctor

Student Energy   

Student Energy is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to inspire students and educates them about the issues we're currently faced with. The idea was initially to create a conference from-students-by-students but turned into a whole movement as it gradually gained popularity. We recommend checking out their recaps titled 'this month in energy'. Sorted by continents these blog posts give you all the information you need about the renewable energy around the globe.

"In a world where energy information is dominated by polarized soundbites, Student Energy is on a mission to deliver accurate and unbiased energy information to students across the world. is a universal entry point for learning about the energy system."

Energy Saving Trust   

The Energy Saving Trust offers consultancy to UK businesses and international companies. On their blog, they report on green energy innovations but also provide tips and guidance towards a greener lifestyle. 

"Climate change is a major threat to humanity, fuel bills continue to rise and our reliance on imported energy continues to grow. To address these challenges we all need to reduce our energy consumption and accelerate a move to sustainable, low carbon lifestyles."


Creator of the blog Franz Alt has won multiple awards for his work in politics and renewable energy. He is booked worldwide as a guest speaker to talk about how prominent challenges in relation to energy and the environment can be solved. His blog is a representation of his work, providing in-depth information about case studies, news, and analyses on topics related to green energy. 

"Every day, the sun provides us with 15,000 times more energy than all six billion people on earth consume at present. We regard this as a gift from heaven. It is environmentally friendly, has no negative effect on the climate, is free of charge and will last another 4.5 billion years. We assure you: the sun has never sent us a bill!" - Franz Alt on Solar Energy


Want to track what’s currently happening in the green energy industry? Staying up-to-date on the latest developments is easy with these amazing news websites.


Resilience is a project of Post Carbon Institute. It provides articles on 5 different topics which include energy and the environment. They post articles written by journalists, independent researchers, and renewable energy professionals. Their mission is to build our community's resilience and to educate people about the 21st century's interconnected environmental, energy, economic, and equity crises.

"As the world embarks on a transformative change in its energy sources, the eventual impacts may include a profound alteration of people’s personal and collective habits and expectations, as well as a transformation of the structures and infrastructure around us. Our lives, communities, and economies changed radically with the transition from wood and muscle power to fossil fuels, and so it is logical that a transition from fossil fuels to renewables—that is, a fundamental change in the quantity and quality of energy available to power human civilization—will also entail a major shift in how we live."Richard Heinberg

Energy Live News   

ELN aims to make current issues in the green energy world easy to read and understand, appealing to both B2B as well as the casual reader. They frequently provide videos on their website and use text as well as TV to get their message across.

"We believe green energy has a vital role to play in our future as we transition away from fossil fuels. There is so much innovation in the world of renewable technologies and so much scope, from the sea to the motorway, from our houses to our offices. That innovative drive makes it a fantastic area to cover with a wealth of interesting stories. Our job is to inform and educate, so we ensure we look beyond the ‘green agenda’ line and give our readers the real information so they can make their own judgment about green energy, which will become even more important in the years to come." - Sumit Bose

Alternative Energy News  

Alternative Energy News was created in 2006 by photographer and bicycle mechanic Alex Ramon. It is a positive news and information resource that helps facilitate awareness and change in how we acquire and use energy resources.

"I believe innovation and technology will continue to advance in fascinating and exciting ways, and that we are capable of solving our energy needs. We are just getting started. A clean energy future is possible!"


CleanTechies is a digital platform for intellectuals and experts that all share a common interest: Providing information about green innovations and sustainable solutions. CleanTechies post in-depth articles on the latest developments in the green energy industry, making it easy for readers to stay up-to-date.

"People need access to real, common sense ideas, professional insight, and visionary thought leadership. So, if like a good fortune cookie “life to you is a bold and dashing responsibility” join us for epic, free-form flight involving the written and video variety"

Alternative Energy HQ  

Creator of the website Kevin Rockwell provides a big variety of topics on his blog. However, he and his guest bloggers mainly post about news on the renewable energy industry to keep readers updated on a weekly basis.

"This site is about a passion for change. A passion for seeing the world improve its approach to energy and how we consume it. I am looking to provide solid information that can help folks make wise choices and perhaps influence the way things get done in the future."

Good Energy Solutions   

Good Energy Solutions' blog aims to encourage consumers to think about the environment first by lowering their energy consumption and installing green energy solutions. They provide news as well as information predominantly on solar energy but also on other green energy systems. 

"Knowledge is Power! And educated consumer makes knowledgeable decisions and has a vested interest in their energy future which ultimately leads to a better environment for all. At Good Energy Solutions we supply our customers with information to help them make good decisions regarding their energy needs. Our guidance is based on our breadth of knowledge in efficiency measures and renewable resources. We encourage the customer to think efficiency and energy conservation first and then help them supply their decreased energy needs through renewable energy systems like solar or wind. A well-informed consumer becomes a happy, satisfied customer when they understand their energy consumption and their energy contribution." - Shana


On his blog, you'll find high-quality news updates that are generally no more than 300 words long. So, if you want a quick, yet informative update of what's been going on in the world but don't want to read through whole essays, be sure to check out Ned's website!

"It is of vital importance to educate people about green energy. Fossil fuels may still rule the global energy market but the more people learn about renewable energy sources the sooner it will be possible to make the transition to cleaner energy sources. This will not only improve our energy security but will also keep our planet healthy for our future generations." - Ned Haluzan

Green Energy Times

Since 2009, Green Energy Times promotes the potential of renewable energy and sustainability to drive transformation towards greener future for all of us. The website offers an extensive list of resource links, green energy tips, and a newsletter to keep its audience up to date.

"Our mission is to get people motivated to move forward and be able to make educated decisions to seriously reduce their carbon footprint and become energy independent now!"

Energy Digital   

Energy Digital is a digital platform that aims to provide business executives with latest news and trends in the energy industry. Besides their interactive and vibrant website, they also make their monthly magazine available online which covers topics like waste, sustainability, and renewable energy. 

"We strive to keep our ears to the ground and our fingers on the pulse to provide executives with a breakdown of the most important updates from one of the largest and most influential industries in the world."


Grist is an independent not-for-profit newsroom. They provide in-depths stories on topics that the general media doesn't report on enough. Some of those include sustainable cities, our economy and of course green energy. Their aim is to find solutions, uncover inequity and provide readers with the knowledge to make a change.

"Climate, sustainability, and social justice are the most important stories on the … well, on the planet right now. The stakes are high: just, you know, our entire frickin’ future. And it’s easy to despair when denial, delay, and doom dominate the headlines."

Carbon Brief   

Carbon Brief is a UK-based news platform that follows all the latest developments in the renewable energy industry. They post a variety of content, including facts, interviews, and analysis. They specialise in concrete articles and graphics based on statistics and data that help readers make sense of climate change and renewable energy solutions. 


Are you interested in people’s opinions or simply need further help understanding what’s happening in the world of renewable energy? These websites deliver comprehensive and interesting analyses on current topics.

Energy Trends Insider 

Energy Trends Insider explores trends and provides relevant information and analysis on renewable technologies, investments, and policies across the energy sector. People are frequently misinformed about the world's energy system, therefore, its mission is to address and correct misconceptions, and to actively engage readers.

"Energy plays a critical role in all of our lives, and yet people are frequently uninformed or misinformed about the world’s energy systems and realities."


Energy Matters 

Energy Matters is the personal blog of Dr. Euan Mearns. His objective is to provide high-quality research and data analysis of the earth's energy systems "in the hope that key decisions about our energy future are based on facts as opposed to ideology".

"My real passion is to try and understand the various components of how the earth energy system works and to educate politicians, policymakers and the public on Energy Matters so that better choices can be made. I hope the articles I write for Energy Matters may one day build into a book and that I may somehow make a living from data analysis, writing and public speaking." - Dr. Euan Mearns


The DeSmogBlog Project began in January 2006 and quickly attracted the attention of the world's most popular news outlets and blogs. The blog was co-founded by James Hoggan, whose aim was to start a blog that would "clear the PR pollution that clouds the science of climate change" and expose organizations and individuals which he considered to be unethical.

"An overwhelming majority of the world’s climate scientists agree that the globe is warming - the world's climate is changing - and that the indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels is to blame. We know that the risks are incalculable and, increasingly, we understand that the solutions are affordable. (...) DeSmogBlog is here to cry foul - to shine the light on techniques and tactics that reflect badly on the PR industry and are, ultimately, bad for the planet."

Energy & Environmental Law Blog   

It's not just another blog about energy and environmental law. The authors aren't just lawyers - they're scientists, engineers, consultants, and public servants, giving different perspectives on critical energy and environmental issues of the day. The blog focuses on analysis and guidance on the physical, legal, political and regulatory risks.

"We understand that developments in energy and the environment pose critical risks—physical, legal, political and regulatory—to our clients, and we know how to guide decision-makers through the assessment of those risks".

Alt Energy Stocks provides high-quality research into alternative energy, renewable energy, and clean technology companies. The site is managed and maintained by journalists with backgrounds in mathematics, engineering, financial and research analytics, and investment research. Their goal for the website is to be the premier resource for investors.

"Tackling climate change is the greatest challenge of our generation, and we're not going to be effective without as much investment capital as can be deployed. Our goal is to give investors useful information and analysis about companies working to solve environmental problems, to enable them to take advantage of this historic investment opportunity with confidence." - Tom Konrad

The Power Shift Network   

The Power Shift's mission is to mobilize the collective power of young people to mitigate climate change and create clean energy future. It is a bottom-up, grassroots hub for young climate activists to share ideas and resources, collaborate on actions and campaigns, and connect with each other.

"In 2016, young people face a broken political system, racism, inequality, student debt, and the climate crisis. (...) We resolve to stand together in mutual support and solidarity to build a clean, just and thriving future for our country."

The Green Energy Blog   

The Green Energy Blog puts an eye on the emerging renewable technologies. It was created as a forum for journalists and insiders to showcase different perspectives on the climate challenges and future of fuel and power, with the opportunity to learn, share and explore ideas and innovations.

"It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to ensure we are reducing our carbon footprint and utilise renewable resources as much as possible. We are in an age where we are more aware of the impact of our actions on the environment and we need to reverse the negative effects that have been inflicted on our planet since the dawn of the industrial age. We now have the ability to influence positive change through numerous ways of adjusting our lifestyles, such as reduce/reuse/recycle, using alternative energy sources, using transit or biking instead of driving and demanding better accountability from companies that manufacture the products we use every day." - David Allan

CleanEnergy Footprints 

CleanEnergy Footprints blog is part of The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE), a non-profit organization that promotes responsible energy choice that works to address the impacts of global climate change and ensures clean, safe and healthy communities.

"We are committed to ensuring that communities throughout the Southeast never have to choose between a healthy environment and a stable economy."

The Energy Collective   

The website is an independent forum of the world's best commentary and analysis on energy policy, technologies and innovation. The contributors include scientists, policy makers, industry professionals, and experts that tackle the biggest topics in energy and climate. The site reaches around 240,000 visitors each month, and even more through its vibrant social media presence.

"If you share our passion for tackling the biggest topics in energy and climate, can offer your expertise, or just want to take part in the discussion, we invite you to become a member of our community."

Carbon Commentary  

Chris Goodall is an author and expert on new energy technologies. Through Carbon Commentary, which is part of the Guardian Environment Network, he publishes posts about clean energy generation from technical and policy perspective. His weekly newsletter provides the most significant news stories in renewable technologies from a previous week.

"In the posts on this website, I write about the many options the world can use to move away from fossil fuels. I cover energy generation and efficiency both from technical and policy perspectives." - Chris Goodall


There are so many green energy solutions out there: Wind, Solar, Hydro and much more. Why not just focus on one? The following websites pivot on one renewable power system.


In collaboration with the industry partners and experts, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA®) provides a comprehensive analysis of solar markets, research reports, white papers, and fact sheets, with the aim to strengthen the industry and educate the public on the benefits of solar energy.

A Word About Wind  

A Word About Wind began as a newsletter service for industry professionals. Now, it provides all the information, news and community you need to make successful investment decisions in wind power. Its insights are trusted by civil servants, policy makers are departmental chief executives.

Into the Wind   

Into the Wind is the blog of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) - the national trade association of America's wind industry. It is a journal of news, opinion, and entertainment about wind energy, where you can find all the information needed when switching to the green energy.

Direct Energy Solar   

Direct Solar Energy is a full-service solar provider that combines reliability and skills with local knowledge. Under the name of Astrum Solar, the company was a two-time member of the list of 500 fastest growing companies in the United States. Its blog section educates consumers in an entertaining way, proving useful information for future solar panels owners.

"At Direct Energy Solar, we believe it’s important to educate people about renewable energy sources like solar power because first and foremost, solar power allows you to take ownership of your energy expenses and energy future. You are harnessing the sunshine, a consistent source of power that rises every single day, to take control of your energy costs and power your home or business for decades. By using the sunshine for power, you are also taking ownership of your impact on our planet and doing your part to help our planet and resources so future generations can enjoy them." - Brittney Callahan

Understand Solar is dedicated to providing useful and accurate information about domestic solar power. "We believe that one of the greatest obstacles to the adoption of solar is the lack of awareness", therefore, the aim of the website is to bridge the gap for homeowners with news and how-tos on going solar.

Clean Energy Authority  

The website features the latest news on solar technology and solar energy industry. The company has over 30 years of experience providing consumers with valuable information and online tools to help them research and make right buying decisions.

Pick My Solar   

Pick My Solar is a US online solar marketplace that provides solar power experts for navigating through the solar buying process. Moreover, its blog section is a great source of information about emerging technologies and news within the solar industry.

Orenda Energy Solutions Blog   

In 2012, Orenda Energy Solutions started with the purpose of supplying the world with the most innovative, safest, and reliable small wind turbine systems. Their blog section provides current news in the wind industry sector and helps to dispel all the myths.


PV-Tech website is a great source for in-depth and up-to-the-minute news and articles on the international solar PV supply chain. With six full-time editors based in Europe and North America, PV-Tech provides authoritative news, a vibrant blog and product reviews to keep you informed.

pv magazine   

PV Magazine concentrates on independent, technology-focused reporting, covering the latest PV news and trends. It consists of a team drawn from numerous countries and backgrounds to offer our readers a wide perspective of views, abilities, languages and knowledge on the international solar industry.

Congratulations again to all the green energy websites awarded and thanks to everyone who participated. Keep up the good work!

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