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Last updated: 24 March 2021

7 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Yes, red! On February 14th the theme is once again red everything, from decorations to postcards, everything gets a shade of red!

Red is the colour we normally associate with Valentine’s Day and it seems impossible not to do that. But what if this year we start thinking about a “greener” valentine?

February 14th represents one of the most lucrative days of the year and buying gifts while also keeping our planet in mind can make it an even better one for sure!

Because Valentine’s Day is so big, it has an impact on the environment does leave traces. In the US alone around 200 million roses and cards are exchanged. Furthermore, the packaging and paper that is left weighs more than 4000 hybrid cars.

To reduce your impact on the environment this V-day, choose an alternative greener gift! There are so many out there, however, the time to decide is running out.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

If you have no time this year, GreenMatch’s infographic will help you to come up with something really special and unique to give to your beloved ones, always having the planet in mind!

Take a look at our 7 Green Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day and find the perfect present to spend the day in a green way!

Green Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day Infographic

If you would like to use this infographic on your website, use the embed code below:

All in all, we at GreenMatch believe that getting something that is not only making your significant other feel valued and special but also doesn’t harm our planet is very important.

Also, even if you’re not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, these gifts are great sustainable gift ideas for all occasions.

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