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Last updated: 24 March 2021

Top 5 Free Green Apps: The Future of Tomorrow Is at Your Fingertips

The Earth began over 4.5 billion years ago; however, according to scientists, the future of this planet may only last another thousand years due to the constant environmental abuse by human activity.

Fortunately, as we move further into this technological era, the rise of environmental entrepreneurs and green technologies makes a sustainable future possible. With over 6 million apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, GreenMatch has gathered the Top 5 Free Green Apps to help you start saving the Earth.

Infographic about top 5 green apps

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1. Too Good To Go - Apple Play Store & Google Play Store

Too Good To Go is a trending food app that brings awareness of food waste by offering deals from restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and other stores before they throw away their food.

2. Joulebug - Apple Play Store & Google Play Store

Joulebug is the popular eco-lifestyle app that encourages users to practice sustainable habits, complete tips for points to Buzz on social media, and challenging friends to do better.

3. BlaBlaCar - Apple Play Store & Google Play Store

BlaBlaCar is the leading car ride sharing app that connects drivers to people who are traveling the same way. By sharing a ride through BlaBlaCar, you can help reduce CO2 emissions and its detrimental impact on the environment.

4. #Climate - Apple Play Store

#Climate is a resourceful eco-awareness app that updates people about ongoing environmental actions, issues, and resolutions from leading environmental organizations. You can help spread the awareness by sharing these newfound articles to your friends via Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.

5. Energy Consumption Analyzer - Google Play Store

Energy Consumption Analyzer is a home energy tracker app that allows you to record and assess your utility meters usage. Through the visual tables and graphs, you can detect peak periods and create changes to reduce your usage waste.

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