Last updated: 29 March 2019

First time hearing about solar oven? If yes, then you are at the right place. Not only you will be introduced to this money saving device, but we will also give you instructions on how to build it at home from scratch. This oven is simple to work with and it will change your cooking habits forever.

Solar oven (or cooker) is eco-friendly and works by collecting the heat from the sun and concentrating it to heat pots or containers for cooking. Once placed in direct sunlight, you don’t have to think about providing it with energy in order to make it work. It will cook your food for free.

Despite being low cost, solar oven requires low maintenance and can be used in any season of the year, as long as the sun is out. Additionally, it is portable, easy to transfer and therefore can be used at any place, any time.

The awareness of the feasibility of using solar energy for cooking has increased and this resulted in a wide variety of solar ovens produced by manufacturers and vendors around the world. They can be divided in three main types: box cookers, parabolics and panel cookers. They all work efficiently and which one you choose will depend on your cooking needs, since the way they cook depend on their size and shape.

Nevertheless, if you are not sure what is the best choice for you, we designed an infographic that will teach you how to build a Solar Box Oven in few hours with inexpensive materials. By building it, you will be able to test this new technology, familiarize yourself with its cooking method and facilitate your final decision.

Infographic about building a solar oven from scratch

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