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Last updated: 10 February 2023

TOP 60 Green Websites 2015

The green movement is not a small club anymore, and sustainability is becoming a more pressing issue for individuals, companies and governments. A few years ago pioneering sites began spreading knowledge about what being environmentally friendly really means, and have led the way for many more to come. Now, the internet is full of green websites covering all aspects of life. At we have compiled a list of 60 of our favorites, divided in three categories: fashion, food and entrepreneurs.

Congratulations to all those listed under our three categories:

Top 60 Green Websites

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TOP 15 Organic Food Stores and Restaurants

Is reading this huge list making you hungry? Fear not. This category will help you pick out an organic food delivery, restaurant or bakery in the UK, or get informed about the best green initiatives in food growing. Here are the leading organic food companies, shops and restaurants in the country.


Honeyrose Bakery is a leading wholesale organic bakery supplying hotels, restaurants and caterers throughout London with high quality handmade cakes, cookies and desserts. We have two brand, Honeyrose , that is organic, and Kent & Fraser , that is gluten-free. Although we at Honeyrose Bakery use organically grown ingredients where possible and continually strive to improve our environmental performance, we recognise that our operations are capable of impacting on the environment, mainly through the baking of cakes and the transportation of goods. At Honeyrose Bakery we are committed to fulfil our environmental policy formed by our founder and MD, Lise Madsen. We strive to minimise water use, reduce waste, use biodegradable packaging and cleaning products and much more, because we are aware of the impact companies have on the environment. Through our ambitious policy all employees strive to improve our environmental performance, but it takes commitment.


The Better Food Company includes “campaigners, as well as retailers of local, organic, ethical and fair trade products”. Their purpose is to build a better, fairer food community. They aspire to be the best independent retailer at making organic and local food accessible to all, whilst respecting and celebrating all in the food chain. Since 2004 The Better Food Company has sold fresh produce grown on a 24 acre site 8 miles from Bristol in Chew Magna, originally managed by the company and now managed by/in collaboration with The Community Farm, a not-for-profit community organisation founded by, among others, Phil Haughton, The Better Food Company’s MD. The Community Farm is an enterprise aiming to put people back in touch with the land. They have now also taken on the Better Food Company’s wholesale business and veg box scheme.


For over 40 years Real Foods has been selling natural, organic and vegetarian food in Edinburgh and worldwide. “When you visit our shops you are visiting the largest independent Scottish retailer of Organic, Fairtrade, Vegetarian and Special Diet foods. Real Foods has the ability to source and supply any product within the natural foods and alternative therapies market. Whether you are shopping in one of our two established Edinburgh stores or in our thriving web shop, the Real Foods team is on hand to help and to advise.”


When Planet Organic opened its doors in 1995, it was Renée Elliott's dream to offer the best and widest range of organic foods available, and her mission to promote health in the community and to bring a sense of discovery and adventure into food shopping. A one-stop shop full of all the right choices, Planet Organic is a health food haven with organic fruit & vegetables, organic bread from artisan London bakeries, only organic meat and sustainable fish from British waters. Their over-flowing groceries range is full of gluten-free, dairy-free, raw food and healthy options, while our Health & Bodycare department stocks the best natural beauty brands and a wide range of high quality health supplements. As most food production becomes increasingly industrialized, they want to bring back a sense of food that you can trust.


Lily’s Kitchen creates natural, delicious, wholesome food for dogs and cats "because we believe our pets deserve to eat proper food that’s full of nourishing ingredients. We all know a balanced, nutritious diet is key to staying in tip-top condition, inside and out. We’re passionate about pets’ health and happiness. In fact, you could say we’re on a mission to change the way pets eat - from an overly processed diet made with unrecognisable ingredients to a truly natural and holistic one. We care for the environment and aim to produce recipes made or grown in a way that is the most sustainable for our planet."


The Soil Association is UK's leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. “We help provide solutions that help people to live, eat, farm and grow with the resources that are available. We want to pioneer new solutions to tackle climate change, support biodiversity, improve animal welfare and champion fairness. The Soil Association was founded in 1946 by a group of farmers, scientists and nutritionists who observed a direct connection between farming practice and plant, animal, human and environmental health. Today, we are the UK's leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. You might expect something so vital to be organised and supported by the government. But in fact the Soil Association is a charity, reliant on donations and on the support of its members and the public to carry out its work.”


The Clearspring goal is to get organic food back on the dining table, so that you can enjoy the same quality of foods as your grandparents did. By developing the demand for organic foods and encouraging the cultivation of organic crops by farmers today, we can ensure that your grandchildren, too, can enjoy the great taste of good food. “You will find that each of our food products has a distinct flavour and quality that comes from using the finest quality ingredients and respecting local food traditions. We always work directly with our producers, building long-term partnerships of ethical trade that support sustainable organic farming and benefit local communities.”


Just Organic offers a number of other organic groceries, dairy products and fruit juice. They offer a variety of different organic boxes to suit your needs. These include basic fruit and veg boxes, juice boxes and speciality boxes. The highly customizable boxes can include milk, eggs and cheese and you can discuss the content of your box so that it is tailored to suit your needs. “We support many small UK farmers and it is wonderful seeing more small farmers converting to organic farming. We really hope that the movement towards organic farming continues to grow. Just Organic also cares about the recycling of their packaging and has useful tips to reduce be more environmental-friendly on their website”


Our head chef Wendy first came to North of England to study painting over thirty years ago. “I'd recently become vegetarian and was desperate to learn how to cook properly. I joined the team of the legendary 'Brick Rabbit' in Sheffield and we had a lot of fun experimenting and creating unusual dishes from all over the world; inviting chefs from the local ethnic communities to come and cook with us. It was a very exciting time, and we were passionate about our ingredients which at that time were largely unknown After some time spent working at a Homeopathic/Ayurvedic Hospital as cook, it became clear to me that food was able to help play a major part in restoring a person to an enhanced state of well-being. Homeopathy seemed like a natural counterpart to expand my knowledge. I then spent 6 years training as a Homeopath, and registered with the Society of Homeopaths in 2004, somehow still finding time to see clients. Food and's more important than ever to eat well now...and that means fresh, tasty, beautiful looking food that is going to do you the world of good”


Fully approved by the vegetarian society, everything is freshly made daily on the premises from natural ingredients without additives, colourings or flavourings. For those with food intolerances we can state every ingredient and our famous homemade soups are made without added stock. All cheeses are vegetarian and non-dairy spread is used for herb and garlic butter. Wines, beers and ciders are vegan, and ecologically produced without the usual additives which can cause allergy and intolerance problems. All eggs used are free range, Beer, Cider and Wine is organic, and suitable for vegans. Children and babies are made welcome and we are happy provide free organic baby food such as Plum. We aim to break away from the traditional image and have drawn upon the international origins of our staff and customers over the years, as well as reflecting upon our own travelling experiences to create new recipes that excite and stimulate the taste buds.

Amico _bio

The owner and Head Chef, Pasquale Amico, opened Amico Bio's first branch in 2010 in partnership with his cousins, Enrico Amico and Bruno Zarzaca. With a history steeped in Italian cooking, Pasquale's passion for quality food originated in his father's family pastry shop in S.Maria Capua Vetere, in the rural South of Italy. Initially training with an enviable list of prestigious names including Don Alfonso, Gary Rhodes, Bruno Loubet and Giorgio Locatelli before opening London's Via Condotti (gaining a Michelin Bib Gourmand), Pasquale made frequent TV appearances while putting the finishing touches on his new concept; an Italian restaurant serving organic, vegetarian dishes made with the freshest of Italian produce, exclusively. Now, with two London branches along with a sister restaurant in Naples, Pasquale continues to deliver an innovative menu rich with ideas and meat-free combinations, bringing a stream of variation to authentic Italian delicacies


Internationally prized garden centre, Petersham Nurseries is a tranquil oasis and seedbed of inspiration. We invite you to dine in our glasshouse restaurant, browse plants in our nursery, find antiques and gifts in our shop, or sit, wander and enjoy seasonal food and homemade cakes in our teahouse. We hope to have created a place of calm, away from the bustle of London, somewhere that respects and is in tune with nature and positive living. This venture encapsulates the belief that on a macro and micro level we do not operate in a vacuum; to this end it has been managing director Lara Boglione's desire to create a space for discussion, education and expression, aiming to engage with the community of fellow thinkers on issues of sustainability, gastronomy, agriculture and ethnobotany, an ethos that is spread across all business functions.


Tibits offers over 40 homemade vegetarian and vegan salads, hot dishes, soups, freshly pressed juices and desserts. From all over the world. You pay by weight, so you can take as much or as little as you want. It's an all day affair so perfect for breakfast, after work drinks, a leisurely meal or a take-away. Christian, Daniel and Reto Frei and their dream - a delicious and fresh vegetarian buffet, as speedy as a fast food joint and as cosy as corner café. We use organic, seasonal and local ingredients where possible. We source them personally with an obsessive attention to detail. And it pays off when we find suppliers that feel the same way about fresh, healthy food.


Daylesford is one of the most sustainable farms in the UK. We want to grow, farm, produce and sell food according to our sustainable principles, and in harmony with the environment. All our food comes straight from our farm to your fork: our meat and poultry, fruit and vegetables from our market garden, bread from our bakery, and cheese, milk and yogurt from our creamery. To make our soups and meals, our chefs use only the freshest ingredients, combined with simple techniques to bring out the natural flavours of our seasonal, organic produce. When we don’t make a product on our farm, we source from artisan suppliers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability, and who produce items to our recipes. We are fully transparent in that you can visit our farm to see for yourself how our animals are kept, where our vegetables are grown and how our food is produced.


A passion for organic food inspired me to seriously act on my dream of creating fine organic food and that’s how Organic Soul was founded. After many years of indulging in organic produce and realizing the immense health benefits, the founder "decided to expand my creative cooking skills and document the recipes I had been experimenting with for years. My husband was and still is my “guinea pig” and a big fan of the breakfast cereals I created. I realized with his encouragement that the breakfast cereals I was making would be a great success and the vision to develop and grow Organic Soul was born. The health benefits were also obvious to my husband as he suffered from allergies and asthma for many years prior to our meeting. His conversion from conventional to organic living found his health improved dramatically. Growing up in an ethnic family meant eating fresh produce grown naturally in the family garden. Life revolved around the kitchen table surrounded by Mum's delicious home cooked meals using the vegetables Dad carefully planted and grew. Food was always fresh and festive and the abundance always meant family and friends would drop in for a delicious healthy feast. Food is meant to be good, enjoyed, eaten slowly, shared and most of all nutritious. I have my parents to thank for being blessed with naturally good food and I believe long term organic is the only way to go for a truly healthy life and planet."

TOP 25 Eco Entrepreneurs

These eco-friendly businesses and organizations can solve all your green issues, from recycling to travelling, work and play. Find out how to make your home, workplace, city, and even a feature film a greener place, and what it really means to be an environmentally friendly company.



Eco Atlas empowers you to make better lifestyle and travel choices for the planet, your family, your business and yourself. South Africa's all-inclusive ethical platform provides a unique search function which enables you to find places to eat, shop, stay and play according to the priorities that are important to you as a responsible traveller and conscious consumer. We’re facing some of the greatest challenges we ever have faced as a species, from climate change to poverty, inequality, unemployment, on a grand scale, and it’s really overwhelming. Sustainable practices need to be not only economically viable, but highly successful. How can we drive this new economic value system? With a consumer-driven, groundswell movement, where we begin voting with our wallets, for the things that matter to us. So we are empowered with transparent information, and we know who’s putting into action things that are to the benefit of the people of the planet. Imagine if you could know who’s really recycling, who’s empowering their staff, who’s supporting local suppliers and producers, who’s safeguarding biodiversity through ethical farming practices. Having that knowledge would allow us to flex our power, and vote with our wallet for the things we believe in. That is the idea that I would really like to share, and I’ve created a tool called Eco Atlas, that enables you to vote for what you believe in, for the future you wish for, by bridging the information gap between the people who would like to make better choices and the businesses that can meet those needs; we can take action every day, we must just act, show our power and put our money where our heart is.


"We believe that the most important quality for nowadays entrepreneurs is integrity and a profound desire to create a truly sustainable company as a whole. It is no longer enough to keep the same old way of running a business and create a product that is detrimental to the environment while trying to "minimize our negative impact" - by giving a small part of the profit to protect the environment or by recycling for example. We believe that a company that truly wants to make a difference, needs to "maximize its positive impact" by creating products and services that can truly make a difference, and of course operate in an environmentally and socially conscious way. For us, designing courses and house plans that will make it easier than ever for people to create their own radically sustainable and eco-friendly home is our way to make the world a better place!"


Green Standards specializes in the responsible and cost-effective redistribution of surplus and obsolete durable goods, including office furniture, fixtures, supplies, and IT equipment. Their program reduces waste while generating measurable community investment, financial returns and PR opportunities. According to them, companies striving to be recognized as "environmentally friendly" “have to master two things: how they demonstrate the positive impact of their work and how they communicate it to partners and clients. Anyone can imply through their branding that they're environmentally friendly. The question is how can you measure your performance over time and then turn it into a brand promise. Not only does the learning experience and credibility from this position your company as the "thought leader", but it can also bring additional value to the forefront for clients. Depending on the product or service, the ability to remain accountable and transparent may even be a barrier to entry into the market niche, especially if you're clients are sustainable brands themselves or environmentally conscious consumers.”

Jen Boulden

Jen Boulden started the wildly successful company Ideal Bite in 2005, and became a media darling thanks to her down-to-earth approach to all things green. Now, with the 5 minute JenBTV videos, viewers get a real window into her life as she puts the “light green philosophy” into action. Although highly knowledgeable on sustainability topics, she doesn’t expect perfection from anyone – including herself – and will gladly dish about where she stumbles. JenBTV is your go-to for everything light green— powerful information, smart dialogue, and real action. It offers an entertaining and educational weekly web show, small but mighty action-oriented articles, and a vibrant community.


Green Product Placement uses the marketing platform of media product placement to promote products with a green, ethical, social enterprising and local entrepreneurial agenda. For them, companies who strive to be environmentally friendly must consider ”the environment in all aspects of the business- from the product or service the company provides, to the packaging (if applicable), to shipping, to how they conduct business in the office, to travel policies within the company, etc. A company needs to have sustainability and sustainable practices “in their dna”. It’s also important to be a “better brand”- one that also incorporates a certain amount of social enterprise into their SOP as well. Consumers are losing patience with corporate greed and profit for the sake of profit- only. The growth businesses in today’s economy are those that are both better for the planet AND better for the people on the planet as well.”


Purpose Energy builds bioreactors that transform waste into green energy and clean water, hence reducing carbon impact and reusing water. “Very few companies, if any, will voluntarily take environmentally friendly initiatives that cost money. Declaring that a cost saving initiative is for the environment and not for the bottom line is nothing more than green-washing. A true “environmentally friendly” company is willing to change their behavior and practice in order to improve air, soil, and water quality. An even more environmentally friendly company is dedicated to helping other companies make these decisions by inventing alternative solutions that yield superior economic benefits to polluting practices.”


This creative practice works to find new solutions for cities and their inhabitants through innovative design, aiming at reconciling the nature and the city. “For us (being environmentally friendly) is a question of substance. It's important to not only to think about how we do and make things, but what it is that we're doing or making in the first place. This means considering factors that extend beyond materials and manufacturing processes. It's about understanding that social, economic, and environmental concerns are closely related and mutually important. How might we create value and impact for our workers, for local community, and for a global ecosystem that we rely on for everything? This is really hard, and almost impossible to get 100 percent right all the time, but worth striving for and finding a balance. It's a creative challenge that keeps things exciting.”


"As a charity our primary focus is fostering the learning, skills development and employability of young people and graduates passionate about sustainability. This is accomplished through the work-based learning, workshops, mentoring and accreditation opportunities we offer our network of over 11,500 registered ‘change agents’ across the UK. We support these charitable aims by providing a complete range of not-for-profit services for businesses and the public sector: from bespoke sustainability recruitment, consultation, project management and collaboration; to training courses and workshops geared at empowering individuals and organisations to become the positive ‘change agents’ they want to be. Our placements help organisations become more sustainable, efficient and resilient by cutting waste, adapting to changing legislation, responding to shifting consumer demands and identifying new business and cost saving opportunities presented by the emerging ‘green’ agenda".


One of the most popular and longest-running sustainable-lifestyle magazines, Mother Earth News provides wide-ranging, expert editorial coverage of organic foods, country living, green transportation, renewable energy, natural health and green building. Lively, insightful and on the cutting edge, Mother Earth News is the definitive read for the growing number of Americans who choose wisely and live well. The magazine is a guide to living “with little money and abundant happiness”. Every issue is an invaluable guide to leading a more sustainable life, covering ideas from fighting rising energy costs and protecting the environment to avoiding unnecessary spending on processed food. You’ll find tips for slashing heating bills; growing fresh, natural produce at home; and more.


Social Earth is the leading source for news and information about social entrepreneurship. The company has over 170 contributors in 25 countries which cover the latest trends and provide thoughtful analysis on socially and environmentally conscious news. “At SocialEarth, we believe the future of our livelihoods and our world depends on the creation and sustainability of such businesses. Therefore, we seek, promote and support social entrepreneurs, young and old, domestic and international, established and new, who have the audacity to create mindful businesses where profitability is a necessary objective and solving a “social ill” is an imperative. We cover news stories from green to microfinance, and almost everything in between. If there is an entrepreneur who is a making a genuine difference in the world via their business, we would be happy to do a story on them. While our core focus is social entrepreneurship, we will also share stories of individuals and organizations (nonprofits, for profits, charitable, venture capital) that are uplifting the human race via their work.”


Green Mop was founded in 2007 by Rachael Hughes, who after 20 years working in IT in London, decided it was time to work nearer to home. From the onset, she has been committed to using eco-friendly products with environmental and ethical values at its core. Today, Green Mop is a flourishing local business supported by a great team which provides a service that they are all proud of. Green Mop also uses IT solutions for efficient site and staff management including the use of smartphone apps to complete thorough site quality audit and remote clocking in/out of staff. Green Mop are specialist commercial and contract cleaners who offer professional cleaning services to Brighton and Hove businesses. “We offer Living Wage quotes if requested and are experienced in dealing with TUPE sites, tendering for contracts and supplying compliance documentation. Additionally, our well-trained team of quality cleaners are fairly paid and properly employed. Eco-friendly cleaning with a motivated team at a fair price provides our customers with peace of mind and great value for money.”


Books are everywhere, just look around: on bookshelves at home, in college students' backpacks, in the mail from the book club or in that pile in your room right now. For some people they’re for education, for others they’re an entertaining escapade and for some, reading is really a passion. Eco-Libris is for everyone. ”We are a green company that enables people to do something reasonable, affordable yet with an impact: plant one tree for every book they read. We believe that taking responsibility for the environmental impact of the books we read is only natural. We strive for a world where reading books doesn't have adverse effects on the environment, and therefore our mission is to make reading much more sustainable than it is today. Eventually (and hopefully sooner than later), all books will be made from recycled paper and other eco-friendly materials (as well as greener electronic format). But until then, we can still do something to make the world a greener place. We hope not only to see more trees being planted, but also that the Eco-Libris stickers you receive to put on the books you green up with us will inspire you to keep looking for more ways to make a difference and make your life more sustainable.”


Farming Futures aims to create a profitable and sustainable agricultural industry driven by innovation, long-term thinking and climate change action. "We want farmers to be widely respected for their action on climate change while playing a central role in local, national and international food, fibre and energy production and distribution. We want to see adaptation, mitigation and resource efficiency become part of day-to-day debate amongst farmers, and a wide range of tools and techniques used to reduce on-farm greenhouse gas emissions. And we want to see farmers and land managers taking a leading role in community climate change action through their role in local food production, energy generation, water management and resource conservation. We play our part by communicating with farmers, land managers and their advisors and influencers to drive on-farm climate change adaptation and mitigation. Farming Futures can help you prepare for the impacts of climate change and the opportunities for your business."


Clean Techies is the leading destination for news and information about clean technologies and solutions for a sustainable world. CleanTechies is a digital tribe of pagans, intellectuals and professionals interested in, and dedicated to, sharing information about the best in human ingenuity and sustainable solutions. Because straight news, although critical, is no longer enough. People need access to real, common sense ideas, professional insight and visionary thought leadership. So, if like a good fortune cookie “life to you is a bold and dashing responsibility” join them for epic, free-form flight involving the written and video variety.


Beth Shea (founder and writer of Petite Planet), started Petite Planet in 2007 when she was pregnant with her daughter, and researching and learning about everything that would affect her environment in utero and beyond. She wanted to share the vital details I was uncovering with a greater audience, so she created Petite Planet to spread the word about caring for our children, our families and our planet at large, through small daily choices - baby steps toward changing the world. She only recommend items she is passionate about and use in my own daily life. She tries out most of the products covered, in order to give a first-hand, realistic account of how they work or inspire her. Petite Planet highlights eco-friendly products for babies and kids, natural and organic choices for families, tips on green living, healthy choices for pets, and DIY crafts.


Meet Cammie, Kip & their kids Jack, Maggie and Gus. They are eco-kids® — a family run business that produces all natural art supplies. It began simply, as all good things do, with the molding dough recipe Cammie's mom made for her as a child. After incorporating natural ingredients into the recipe, the dough was transformed into eco-dough™, rich in color, soft in texture, with a delicate aroma like no other. In 2008 Cammie and Kip began selling it at farmers markets. From there, eco-kids® evolved. This family business lives by their mantra — creative play the natural way™. Products are developed with this belief in mind. From using non-toxic, natural ingredients to the unique packaging, eco-kids® works with environmentally friendly companies from around the United States to bring you fresh ideas in the world of art supplies. The kids test and ensure the art supplies are fun to play with — after all, that's what it's all about.


Through the 'Say NO to Plastic Bags' campaign, Clean Up Australia, in partnership with the Australian Government, the Australian Retailers Association, Stockland Shopping Centres and many retailers has helped reduce plastic bag usage in Australia. Clean Up Australia has been committed to getting rid of plastic bags since 2001. In partnership with the Australian Government’s Environment Protection and Heritage Council (EPHC), the Australian Retailers Association, the major supermarkets, Stockland Shopping Centres and many non-supermarket retailers, they helped decrease plastic bag numbers significantly. Supermarkets have reduced use by 41% and overall, plastic bag numbers have been reduced by 34% - that's over 2 billion bags - but there's still a lot more work to be done. The 'Say NO to Plastic Bags' program encourages shoppers and retailers to start using alternatives and increase plastic bag recycling.


One of the most popular green websites in the world, WebEcoist is a globally-recognized website. WebEcoist goes beyond being an ordinary ‘green’ lifestyle, design and travel publication. Sure, you will find articles on eco-friendly food, sustainable technology and innovations both good and bad but you will also discover a vast array of environmental oddities, natural disasters, fantastic plants and amazing animals. The site is thus a (free) one-stop shop for everything about our Earth – including great guides to eco-friendly facts, the sustainable web, our environmental history and the green movement. It is “sensational, educational and inspirational”.


Our Breathing Planet is a non-profit educational blog run by Zornitza, a social maverick and an avid environmental activist. A Bulgarian, an MBA graduate from INSEAD, a former strategy consultant at Greenpeace International, and an aspiring expeditioner loving the wildest of places. An unwavering knowledge-seeker and a relationship builder. A true believer in inspirational and sustainable leadership. Zornitza and Todd Sain Sr. work closely to deliver you great summaries of unique species and places on our breathing planet.


Growing a Green Family focuses on how families of all shapes and sizes can live green (or greener), while dealing with all the ups and downs of family life. Going green always takes work – sometimes small steps and sometime large. However, it can take even more work to incorporate green living skills into your life when you’ve got a family, a limited budget and very little free time. “Back in 2001, after my son was born, I became more interested in green living than I had been in the past. I looked to books and websites for support, but found few eco-resources that catered to families specifically. Most of the eco-resources were good, but only focused on general green living, green design or super expensive green goods. I was disappointed at the lack of green family resources which inspired me to create and launch Tree Hugging Family for a freelance client back in 2007. I adored THF, but wanted my own green family space, so I launched Growing a Green Family.”


TCNA's Green Initiative Committee, a volunteer group of industry stakeholders, began drafting Green Squared® in 2009. The draft standard was further developed and finalized by the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) A108 which represents manufacturers, distributors, installers, green building professionals, and other relevant interests. The result was ANSI A138.1 Green Squared - American National Standard Specifications for Sustainable Ceramic Tiles,Glass Tiles, and Tile Installation Materials.The standard addresses product characteristics, manufacturing, end of product life management, corporate governance, and innovation, and it establishes the spectrum of environmental and social criteria most important to today's green building world. Now, architects, specifiers, and consumers have a valuable tool which establishes a consistent approach to the evaluation and determination of product sustainability.


gDiapers is changing the world of disposable diapers — top to bottom, inside and out. Their simple system pairs adorable soft cotton gPants diaper covers with Disposable Inserts that are flushable and compostable. gDiapers Disposable Inserts are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver — a mark trusted around the world for ecologically intelligent design. Above all, gDiapers is dedicated to keeping babies clean, cute and comfortable — as part of a growing global community of parents who are looking for beautiful products: inside and out.


Jeanne Blaisdell is the Founder and Publisher of — an online resource that gathers and shares the best advice, resources, and tips to help those on their journey towards clean, healthy and happy living. By sharing a few thoughts on topics surrounding healthier food options, reuse, recycling, the natural world, energy conservation and inspiration, it is the intent this will spark a kinder action in everyday life.


Ecojot is a brother-sister team found by Mark and Carolyn Gavin in 2007. Ecojot¨ creates eco-friendly stationery, paper goods and custom products that feature whimsical and inspirational designs. Their love for paper, the planet and art has enabled them to create a sustainable brand available in hundreds of locations around the world. As the designer, Carolyn garners her inspiration from different artistic genres found in her travels and varying facets of life. Mark finds his passion through philanthropy and ensuring the quality and sustainability of each item. Ecojot specializes in a variety of journals, sketchbooks, children's sketchbooks, gift wrap, planners and note cards that make a perfect companion for your thoughts, gifts and daily organizing needs. Created in 2010, a portion of ecojot sales allows our GIVE Program to provide writing tools for children in need around the world to help them write their way out of poverty and violence.


Today not only are products being made with several toxic ingredients that end up in our body, but they also end up depleting our one and only home: Earth. Droughts, storms, ice caps disappearing right before our eyes, carbon dioxide rates increasing, forests being depleted, kids being intoxicated with lead, we can go on and on and on. “Our goal is to simply change the way products are made, so that they're safe for you and for our environment after we dispose of them. We believe that if we unite together we can make change happen. By demanding sustainable, non-toxic, natural, recyclable products from companies, and voting with our dollar, other companies will eventually start to listen, we just hope that sooner rather than later. Every product at Ecobold has been approved by our high standards and you can search by what's most important to you, be it an 100% natural item, or a biodegradable one, or an organic item. We also want you to be able to buy earth-friendly products at the best possible price, so we highlight all companies that are willing to give you a discount on their products. Ecobold is your trusted source for the safest household items.”


Top 20 Eco Fashion Committers

Here are some of the best green bloggers, brands and individuals who committed themselves to sustainable fashion. Find out what makes them so eco friendly and how can you endorse a similar lifestyle.




Elephant started out as a (quite popular) magazine that focused on yoga and sustainability. Founder Waylon Lewis decided to switch from print to online when he realized that distributing a magazine nationally was an “eco-disaster”. Now, Elephant is a website “dedicated to the mindful life” with a rich eco fashion section that includes all the latest news and many tips on how to keep your wardrobe sustainable.

Greta Eagan

Greta is an ethical fashion blogger, make-up artist and stylist who believes that style and values should always walk hand in hand. She is the author of Wear No Evil: How To Change The World With Your Wardrobe. "My evolution into conscious consumption was very organic and innate. I needed to find items and brands that matched both my style aesthetic and taste as well as my morals. That's when I discovered eco fashion and non-toxic beauty, and put the ethics behind them as the cornerstone of my life and business."

Eco Fashion

Designer, academic and blogger Sass Brown curates a website that shines a light on cutting edge ethical designers from all over the world, showcasing many different styles and cultures. "I was prompted to embark on my journey of writing about sustainability by the very first women's cooperative I volunteered for in the largest favela in South America, called Rocinha. I had by chance read about a women's craft based cooperative called COOPA-ROCA that was partnering with Brazilian designer Carlos Miele at the time, and was so impressed by thier work that I reached out, visited them, and wrote a grant to visit and volunteer with them the following summer. That visit led to numberous others, and many years of consulting, advising and teaching in the craft sector and creative communities in developing countries, the website, the blog, books and newsletter."


Live Eco is an online publication dedicated to eco fashion, beauty and lifestyle. “We are the eco chic essential guide to trending lightly when it comes to fashion, beauty & lifestyle.” Live Eco is also the organizer of The Live Eco Remake Design Challenge, a sustainable design competition that challenges students and emerging designers to create mainstream clothing and objects whilst adhering to sustainable design principles and eliminating waste in their production methods. Live Eco was founded by Nikki Stear, who after after working corporate for a few years decided to live out her passion for fashion, the environment and online and realise her dream of owning her own business, by starting Live Eco in 2008. “My mission is to show people that a fashion forward, chic lifestyle can be an eco-friendly one too. It’s possible to be smart, sexy and sustainable!” says Nikki. In 2010, Nikki founded the Live Eco Remake Design Challenge, a sustainable design competition that challenges students and emerging designers to create mainstream clothing and objects whilst adhering to sustainable design principles and eliminating waste in their production methods.


Jennifer Nini’s blog was established in August 2010. "As I had always been interested in fashion and politics and extremely vocal on social justice and sustainabillity issues, my partner felt that I should start a blog to express my ideas and opinions. So I did. During this time we were also intending to leave the city to move to a rural community. So I decided to call the blog 'Ramblings of an Eco Warrior Princess' which I later shortened to 'Eco Warrior Princess.' I had decided on this blog title as it represents the intersection of my old life in the city (Princess) and my new life in the country (Eco Warrior)". She started her blog after seeing first hand how garment factories in China were run, and decided to be “a strong advocate for positive change in the fashion industry”. Eco Warrior Princess is not just a fashion blog: alongside outfits and fashion tips, she posts about green lifestyle and her personal ethical choices, which makes it a truly inspirational read. 


Chloe started “after my eco-awakening when I couldn’t find a place for people like me – who carried picket signs and designer clutches. I wanted a Glamazon Guide to Conscious Living; a one-stop online resource for a ferociously progressive, urban-minded approach to cruelty-free living – so I created one. Our message is simple: You can live large and still make a positive impact. You can be eco-conscious and elegant”. This website really encompasses all aspects of life and helps you lead a greener life in every possible way. You will find style tips for yourself, your kids and your home.

Sustainability in Style

Katie Roberts, an ex fashion industry employee and current environmental scientist located on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, started her blogging venture as a way to document and share her experiences of taking a year long hiatus from shopping for clothing and accessories. After years of working in the fashion industry and feeling at odds with the wastefulness she encountered she thought her fashion days were behind her as she embarked upon a new career in Environmental Science. Unfortunately a change in government funding and cuts to science saw Katie back working in retail for one year where she was forced to purchase fashion items to wear to work leaving her with a bulging and style confused closet. The yearlong ‘Wardrobe Workout’ search for personal style and sustainability gained momentum and the result has seen Sustainability in Style become the fusion of fashion, ethics, science and sustainability that it is today.


Joshua Katcher, a fashion professor at Parsons, launched the The Discerning Brute men’s lifestyle website in 2008, focusing on “fashion, food and etiquette for the ethically handsome man”, highlighting visionaries and creating discourse with creative-influencers who want to redesign the world, redefine success, and look good doing it.The Brave GentleMan label and eCommerce store was founded in 2010. Brave GentleMan is a fusion of future-textiles with centuries-old production methodology. Utilizing “future suede”, “future leather” and “future wool”, which are superior to problematic animal-fibers, founder and creative director Joshua Katcher has created a high-end, sustainable and ethically-made Men’s Collection.


Eco-Chick is the Internet’s first site covering green fashion and beauty for women, and has been publishing continuously since October, 2005. The authors’ main intention is to inspire readers toward a healthier, more sustainable life. They cover local food, farmer’s markets, independent designers, handmade everything, and connecting with where our stuff comes from and who makes it. They aim at inspiring women who keep them “on their toes and asking questions”. Don’t miss their “World changing Women” section for real-life inspiration.


This vintage fashion e-shop and conscious fashion blog committed to making clothes greener by reducing, reusing and recycling in their operations. Zuburbia is run by green vintage enthusiast Mary Kincaid, who has been collecting second-hand clothes and accessories for years, and now shares her finds through her blog. The name stands for “a state of vintage fashion consciousness where looking good and doing good for our planet coexist peacefully”. The blog showcases incredible unique vintage finds, each of them an “endangered species and perhaps the last of its kind to walk the planet”.

Green Issues by Agy

The site is run by Agy, an eco-designer and a passionate environmental educator based in Singapore. She describes herself as a “fabric hacker” and upcycler. On Green Issues by Agy she transforms textile waste into creative wearables. She holds regular talks and shares how you can get more out of your old clothes at workshops such as Fix It Friday and DIY Your Clothes. Her blog is an amazing resource for crafty, creative environmentalists.


Ethical Fashion is a style blog with a strong focus on ethical fashion. Cer (the blog owner) documents her day-to-day fashion and efforts to limit its environmental impact with creative use of the clothes that she already has and by buying vintage, second hand, ethical and durable clothing. Ceri has worked on many environmental projects across the globe, writes for Oxfam Fashion and The Ethical Fashion Forum Intelligence Magazine.

Rosalind Jana

The blog, run by 20 year old lit student and model Rosalind, is a beautiful mix of pictures and essays about subjects from the psychology of colour to feminism and the media. Recurring topics include fashion/style, sustainability, vintage and second hand sources, literature, body image, family stories and photography. Rosalind has been featured on many major publications as both a model and a writer. Her blog is an inspiring read.

Sadie's Wardrobe

Sadie is a 22 year old student from England with a passion for ethical fashion. After realizing the environmental and ethical impact of fashion, she has promised herself “not to buy from unethical/fast fashion shops, and instead to focus on buying second hand, ethical, or particularly well made ‘investment’ clothes, and it’s going well so far minus the odd slip up. It’s really hard trying to be an ‘ethical’ blogger: everything you buy is scrutinized, and you feel super guilty if you are a hypocrite. My view is that you have to start somewhere. I’m not going to be perfect, but I hope to spread the word a little bit without being preachy“.


The Good Wardrobe was founded by Zoe Robinson with the aim of making it as simple as possible to dress stylishly and sustainably. It is an online style-sharing community hub mixing the best of sustainable fashion with services that prolong the life of your wardrobe. The antithesis of fast fashion, The Good Wardrobe loves long-life style. The idea was born out of the increasing demand for affordable sustainable style, the positive impact of personal creativity, the desire to promote local and ethical industries.


This sustainable apparel brand Threads 4 Thought was founded by Leigh and Eric, who started out by creating a line of sustainable graphic tees inspired by the issues they cared about. “With some wind in our sails, what began as a small business manufacturing and marketing sustainably produced cause driven graphic tee shirts has now grown into a complete lifestyle brand. Our mission for Threads 4 Thought was to create great fashion that evoked a lifestyle of shared responsibility for each other & our world. We continue to work towards that mission every day using sustainable materials to make our products, working with factories that respect their employees and treat them humanely and fairly.”


The GreenShows LLC (TGS) is a leading event, education and consulting company dedicated to promoting and growing the luxury sustainable fashion movement. TGS produces seasonal fashion shows and events highlighting exceptional luxury sustainable fashion designers and brands that are leading the fashion industry to accept sustainable practices industry-wide as the real future of fashion. Since 2009, TGS has brought together the luxury sustainable fashion community (LSFC), including designers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, celebrities, all platforms of media, and consumers who recognize this pivotal viewpoint as the real future of fashion. Over the years, the LSFC has become an educated and discerning group that sees value in collaboration and the resulting influence that comes from it. “We believe that by collaborating with small to large companies, we can together find solutions significant enough to take on the many challenges facing the luxury fashion industry today with a return to organic and sustainable practices and contribute to a better world for future.


Reclaim to Wear is a method of producing beautiful clothes using the fashion industry’s surplus such as stock, remnants and off-cuts, to ensure that a large percentage of pre-consumer textile waste is re-used in a creative way and re-introduced into the market as a new, upcycled product. It brings together designers, retailers and the industry to create zero waste upcycled collections that embody a strong environmental commitment through design innovation. It helps to identify and pre-design surplus before it becomes waste, to model a new intelligent industry that performs sustainably alongside its mainstream counterpart. Their collaborations with Topshop were huge, sold-out successes.generations.”


Kindness by Design was created in 2011 to serve as a platform for “designers and retailers of all shapes and sizes that are committed to making the world a better place by approaching their work from an eco-friendly and ethical standpoint”. Founder Kendall Benton has worked for many years in the field of environmental conservation within an international non-governmental organization, “tackling a wide variety of issues ranging from threatened species recovery; climate adaptation; marine conservation; and sustainable livelihoods.


Ecouterre is a website devoted to the future of sustainable fashion design. We’re dedicated to showcasing and supporting designers who not only contemplate cut, form, and drape, but also a garment’s social and environmental impact, from the cultivation of its fibers to its use and disposal. Our ethos: To follow the evolution of the apparel industry toward a more environmentally sound future, as well as facilitate a conversation about why sustainable fashion matters.

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