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Last updated: 24 March 2022

Double Glazing: A Small Investment for a Great Comfort

What Does Double Glazing Mean?

For centuries, people had the idea that a large amount of heat loss is due to the bad insulation of door and windows, as well as walls. Some researches have been conducted in the past to measure the volume of air that goes through doors and windows when those are closed, and the results are staggering!

To counteract this phenomenon, an easy method has arisen called double glazing.

This approach implies the fact that instead of installing windows with only one glass, you install air between two glasses to get better insulation. The two glasses are fixed together thanks to a spacer that seals the windows and is composed of desiccant to absorb humidity.

If you want to further insulate your property, you can opt for triple glazing and get peace of mind regarding your heating bills.

Several frames are available to install regarding the type of house you own:

  • uPVC frame. This type of windows benefits from a long lifespan and best fit modern home. They are the most commonly used in the UK nowadays and thus can be shaped in different shapes and sizes.
  • Aluminium frame. This kind of frame is lightweight but highly resistant through the years.
  • Composite frame. This is the last frame that appeared on the market and is designed to replicate timber windows that used to be produced in the 19th Century.
  • Wooden frame. If you own an old house, this is the type of frame that will best suit it. It is a good insulator however you will need to paint the wood to fit your house layout and the maintenance is higher than for uPVC ones.

Double Glazing

What Are The Advantages of Installing Double Glazed Windows?

  • The obvious interest in installing double glazed windows is, of course, the reduction of your heating bill. Indeed, by adopting this method in your property, you diminish draught and the loss of heat due to badly insulated windows and doors.
  • Double glazed windows also ensure you with better noise insulation. Therefore, if you live in a busy area, installing double glazed windows will help you sleep better but also reduce your neighbours’ complaints due to the noise you could make while listening to music for example.
  • By installing double glazed windows, you also secure your property from burglars raids. Double glazing is harder to break than normal windows and burglars usually pick easy targets. Thus, your house will be safer thanks to this installation.
  • Double glazing windows are most of the time made to last over a 20 year period. So be sure to check supplier's warranty when looking at double glazed windows.
  • Increase your property value. If you are thinking about conducting some work in your house before selling it, double glazing is definitely something you should put on your agenda! Your house will be rated as a more efficient one and therefore its value will rise.

But to be sure that your home is fully efficient, you should also check your boiler performances. If you notice, after installing double glazed windows, that you still need to pay a consequent amount of money on your heating bill, it might imply that it is time to change your boiler and opt for a more efficient one.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Double Glazing?

The installation costs depend mostly on the type of property you own. The style, shape, size and the number of windows having a major impact on the final installation price. Moreover, the type of frame that you chose will also impact the installation cost.

  • For a single uPVC window, you should pay between £300 to £400.
  • The average cost for a 2 bedroom semi-detached house varies between £2,000 to £3,500.
  • A 3 beds semi-detached house will require an installation cost of £3,000 to up to £5,000.
  • Finally, a 4 bedroom detached house will involve a double glazed windows installation cost of £4,000 to up to £6,500.

Is It Really Worth Investing In Double Glazed Windows?

Studies have shown that you can save money on your heating bill by installing double glazing in your property. But what amount does it represent exactly?

If you own a house that is already A rated but had only single glazed windows, you could save up to £120 per year if it is a semi-detached house, £175 for a detached house and £65 for a flat.

As prices of energy have risen significantly, investing in double glazing seems inevitable. However, to lower your installation costs, you can apply for a specific grant that will help you fund your project: the Green Deal.

Double Glazing

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