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Last updated: 25 March 2021

Top 3 Green Tips May 2015

As part of our "Green Tips' initiative, we have gathered the top 3 green tips for the month of May. We, at, have reached out to numerous candidates in the green energy field and have selected what we considered were the best green suggestions. Through our initiative we hope to raise awareness of the importance of having a "green lifestyle" which in the process, improves our communities and environments.

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TIP 1 - Impacting the Environment


"One of the small things in helping out the environment, and perhaps the easiest is to buy only things that you really need. This will really cut down on the natural resources need to make new products. When you are out shopping, ask yourself whether it's a want or a need before you head for the cashier. It helps if you write a shopping list so that you can focus on what you need.

In the summer vacation, take your own refillable water bottle instead of drinking bottled water. Refill it in your hotel with water boiled in the room kettle." 

Agatha Lee - Green Issues by Agy

TIP 2 - Recycling and Waste Management


 "Just take a moment to think about your rubbish. Don't toss items in the bin without taking just a little more time to really notice what you're throwing out. If you just give a quick thought to any items you throw away it will make you more mindful of what you accumulate in the first place and whether something more productive could be done with it, rather than just sending it all to landfill.

In the summer vacation, of course ideally we'll all be cycling close to home on a "staycation". But back in the real world many of us are likely to be hopping on a plane instead. It's hardly green but don't make it worse than it has to be.

Don't over consume before you even get there. Does the entire family need a new wardrobe for two weeks hanging out by the pool? Don't buy all the plastic tat on offer and do get out of the complex and spend some of your pennies with the locals who actually need them.

On longer haul trips in particular be mindful of the gifts you buy while away and stay away from any souvenirs which are not sourced ethically. See shells are pretty but don't pay others to destroy sea life just for your holiday memories."

Lec aka Mrs Dirty Boots -

TIP 3 - Green Ethical Lifestyle


"Keep calm and read the labels. 
A fabulous ethical lifestyle doesn’t emerge just from eating more kale or buying vegan lipsticks, does it? It develops from curiosity and from understanding. Fads and fears are a bad basis for decision-making. Keep calm is for taking information with a grain of salt, for questioning and for learning. Because only knowledge, only understanding the whole picture, that's the only key to greening up your game."

Here new ethical heroes can find more sound tips on starting out:

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