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Last updated: 27 July 2017

All You Need To Know About The Boiler Replacement Allowance

Benefits From Replacing your Old Boiler System.

What is the Boiler Replacement Allowance?

Created by the Ministry of Social Development, this system allows UK owners to change their old boiling system for a new one, thanks to allowance earnings. This system is reconducted until end of March 2016 so if you still don't benefit from it, it’s time to catch up and change your old boiling system to a more efficient one. The Boiler Replacement Allowance (BRA) already granted households with more than 18,500 new boiler systems.

In this section you find the different criteria you need to match in order to apply for BRA, the earnings you can receive according to the type of boilers and your annual income and the process to apply to the BRA.

What Are the Criteria I Need to Fulfill In Order to be Eligible?

To be eligible for the BRA, you need to match all of the following criteria. If one is missing, you won’t be able to get the allowance. So be careful when replacing your old boiler system.

  • Earn a gross income less than £40,000 per year (including your job earnings, pension, benefits, etc…)
  • Be the owner of your home and occupy it as your main residence.
  • Possess an old gas or oil central heating boiler that is at least 15 years old.
  • Replace this old system by a SEDBUK rate A for efficiency boiler.
  • Get the work carried out by a Gas Safe Registered installer.

What is the Allowance Earnings Scale?

According to your annual income and the type of boiler you want to install, your allowance earnings will be different. Find below a table summarizing it:

Table BRA

What are the Steps to Follow When Applying for the BRA?

  • Boiler Replacement Application Form. Contact your local grants office to get one and then submit it when filled out.
  • Boiler Installer Form. When the application form is received, the local grant office will determine your eligibility and release the Boiler Installer Form.
  • Get Quotes From Installers. When you receive the Boiler Installer Form, ask several installers to produce quotes to provide you with a boiler system that best fits your needs. Once the installer is chosen, fill the Boiler Installer Form and send it back to the local grants office.
  • Installation Approval. Just after the boiler installer form is received, the local grants office may check your old installation to see if it actually matched the requirements to get the BRA. If so, an approval to issue a new boiler will be issued and sent back to you. Remember not to start the work until you get the approval, otherwise you might not get the allowance as the request could be rejected by the grants office.
  • Submit several documents following the installation. Once the work is completed, you need to send those documents:
    - Notification of Completion of Work Form
    - Installer’s detailed invoice
    - BACS form (enabling to pay allowance into a bank account)
    - Build Control Completion Certificate
    - Boiler Commissioning Certificate
    - Planning approval (if required)
  • Inspection of the installation once completed (optional)


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