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Last updated: 24 March 2022

Pursuing a Career in Renewable Energy

Go Renewable Energy!

Renewable energy has become one of the boom industries over the past decade, due to technological innovations and the ongoing need for alternative solutions. With countries across the globe supporting green thinking and sustainable solutions, the green employment market is expanding at turbulent rates. Renewable energy degrees are an ideal career to pursue, since there is a scarce supply of qualified people in this emerging sector. Colleges and universities are now offering multi- and interdisciplinary courses related to green energy and tenability.

There is a wide range of factors that form a part of the renewable energy system such as ecology, environment, nuclear power management, power generation and renewable energy technologies. So, there are literally hundreds of different career paths to follow upon graduation from a renewable energy degree. However, each possible degree can vary in workload, complexity, career options and pay rates.

Degree Options in Renewable Energy:

Renewable Energy

Here the focus is on the science and networks involved in renewable energy. The degree will expose students to topics ranging from environmental studies to thermodynamics.

Solar Renewable Energy

While solar energy is a very specific field, it is one that can have an impact on various industries, including construction, engineering, designing and city planning. Some possible career choices for graduates of a solar renewable energy program include: energy management technician, solar thermal installer, solar engineer and photovoltaic engineer and installer.

Renewable Energy and Agriculture

While at first glance it might seem unusual to match renewable energy with agriculture, there are actually important reasons involved. Because of the significant role plants have in generating bio-energy, courses that combine technical areas of agriculture and green energy are becoming a popular degree choice.

Renewable Energy and Architecture

Eco-friendly buildings are “in” and therefore building companies around the world are seeking for ways to produce more sustainable houses and commercial centers that utilize only renewable resources. Degrees such as architecture and sustainability studies combine courses including architecture, community studies, tenability and facility management.

A degree in renewable energy is both fascinating and extremely practical, proving itself to be an invaluable asset in the ever evolving global climate. One thing that is sure to increase in the future is the amount of wind turbines, solar panels and other renewable energy technologies being used across the world. By getting involved in this developing sector, one can secure a guaranteed career for life!

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