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Last updated: 3 May 2024

Tinted Double Glazing, How To Get Tinted Double Glazed Windows

Tinted double glazing is ideal for commercial & residential premises who want to retain some privacy.
If you need some additional privacy to stop people getting a peek at what is going on in your business or home then tinted double glazing may be just what you are looking for!

There is nothing more annoying than being interrupted by nosy onlookers. Tinted double glazing remains transparent from the inside although the colour view is slightly different to a clear window, it works in exactly the same as window tinted cars.

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How Are Tinted Windows Made?

When it comes to making a tinted double glazed window, the process is more complicated than the process for a standard window. First, the glass must be made and to get it to develop the tint that you require, and the maker adds an inorganic additive that helps it to change the chemical formation of the window.

The extraordinary bit about these windows is that they stay transparent from the inside, but cannot be looked into from the outside! You will, however, notice that the bright glare is reduced on the inside and the room may take on a slightly different colour than it did previously.

Tinted Double Glazing.

Uses Of Tinted Double Glazing

Tinted double glazing is not just for office blocks! You can use them to cover factory windows, outbuilding windows and even in your own home. In reality, wherever you have a window you can install a tinted version, leaving you with complete free range to get them for anywhere that takes your fancy!

The Benefits of Tinted Windows

Aside from privacy, there are other benefits to installing tinted double glazed windows. We have listed the main reasons below and are sure you will be impressed by the number of pluses it can add to your life!

  • They can be used to help reduce your energy bills by helping to regulate the temperature of your property. This works to keep the cold out in the winter and the temperature cool in the summer. Using tints for this purpose is ideal if you have rooms in your property that are unbearable during these seasons.
  • Tinted double glazing is also great at protecting you from damaging UV rays that cause skin damage. This means that if you have fair skin or you are at risk of developing a skin condition, then tinted windows may help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • You can also use tinted double glazed windows to protect your belongings from fading. As the sun is a harsh light, it can cause your belongings to fade or discolour, so using a tinted window will prolong the lifespan of your most prized possessions.
  • If you install tinted windows, you will have installed an extra layer of security to your building as would-be intruders will not be able to scope out the contents up for grabs and will be more likely to move on to a different target.
  • Finally, they will keep your windows in good condition because similar to integral blinds they are easier to clean than regular windows and the tint is scratch-proof and water-resistant. This durability is a plus when it comes to budgets as you will not need to replace them for a decent amount of time!

Buying New Tinted Double Glazing

If your windows need replacing, then it is a great time to get tinted double glazing installed. You would be well advised to get a range of quotes (see the supplier list below) and take the time to discuss your full requirements with each company as this will save any issues further down the line. A replacement double glazed window cost can vary based on design, material, and the size of the window.

Use our online quote calculator here

Different companies will offer different services, and you can expect to choose from windows that have a glued film, ones that come with a self-adhesive film, windows that have tinted glass or ones that self-tint depending on the amount of sunlight that hits them. Your choice will depend on your requirements and your budget, meaning that when your quotes arrive, you can select the one that ticks all your boxes.

Customising Your Current Windows

If you are looking to get a tint applied to the windows you already have in-situ then many companies will offer a tinting service that installs a tinted film to the pre-existing setup. This may be a good option for you if your windows are in good condition or if you aren’t sure whether you want tinted windows because you can remove the film if you don’t like it.

The downside to having a tinted film installed by a company is that it is expensive and won’t last as long as a specially fitted tinted window. It will also be tempting to peel or pick at if people’s desks are near the windows and this will leave you with very unsightly windows.

DIY Tinted Double Glazed Windows

If your budget is seriously tight or you have a small number of windows that you want to get tinted, then doing it yourself may be the ideal solution. It is also relatively easy to install. You can order your tinted film online (see links below) and then follow the following instructions to install it yourself. The tips below will help you get a good finish.

  1. Make a template of the window before you begin so that you have the right measurements and shape to allow you to cut the correctly sized piece.
  2. Cut the tints with a sharp cutting tool to get clean lines. Remember to use the templates you have mapped out and check your work by holding the cut tints against the window to check they fit.
  3. Clean your windows thoroughly with a cleaning formulation, squeegee and lint-free cloth. You will need to make sure that there is no dirt or dust on the window before you can successfully install the film and this could mean cleaning them a few times if they were dirty to begin with!
  4. Once you are sure that there is no dust or dirt on the window, you can apply the adhesive solution to the window ready for the film to be installed.
  5. Take off the protective layer and begin placing the film onto the window. This part is best done with the help of someone else who can hold the bottom section while you install the top section.
  6. Now it’s time to squeegee the film to help remove any air bubbles, and the easiest way to do this is by spraying the window with some soapy water to lubricate the area for the squeegee to work.
  7. As the air bubbles disappear you will need to add more pressure with each stroke until the film totally sticks to the window – don’t forget that the edges will need the same level of pressure or you will run the risk of them peeling.
  8. Wait 48 hours for the film to be completely dry before anyone touches the windows.

If you are struggling to decide which film to use, we have sourced three options available on for you to pick from.

  • Silver Reflective Window Film is a privacy tint that is solar controlled, so it will help to reduce the glare on a sunny day. (from £12.49 with free delivery)
  • Lifetree Tinted Film is a one-way mirror film that gives you privacy all day long. (from £19.99 with free delivery)
  • Homegoo Privacy Window Film blocks harmful IV rays and offers a one-way view of the world. (from £24.99 with free delivery)

Whichever film you choose, make sure you follow our installation guide to get the best finish possible!

Tinted Double Glazing Suppliers In The UK

We work with a wide range of local and national suppliers and installers, so if know you want tinted double glazing and would like to find out how much it could cost, simply hit the button below to request a free quote and save up to 65% on new tinted windows from FENSA approved installers.

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