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Last updated: 3 April 2024

Ground Source Heat Pump Installers: Find Installers in the UK


As ground source heat pumps continue to bring significant savings to UK households, the number of installation options available might leave you feeling overwhelmed. Which installer offers the best prices? What are the pros and cons of ground source heat pumps? Who completes installations the quickest? Who provides superior installation quality? Who could install a ground source heat pump near me?

Consider GreenMatch as your trusted partner in choosing an installer. We provide professional advice on our website and blog. And by applying for heat pump quotes, we make sure to find the best ground source heat pump installers near you.

In this article, we’ll dig into the factors to account for while searching and choosing the ground source heat pump installers near you.

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How to choose the best ground source heat pump installer

You can opt for both national and local ground source heat pump installers. The choice between them depends on your specific requirements, project scope, budget, and personal preference.

Benefits of national and local GSHP installers
National GSHP installersLocal GSHP installers
Extensive resources and experienceLocal climate, geology, and regulations expertise
Brand reputationLocal economy support
Extended warranties and maintenance plansPrompt service and maintenance accessibility
Scalability and consistency in system design and performancePersonalised and more accessible service

Next, you’d probably want to know the ground source heat pump cost. Yet you need to keep in mind that the installation total depends on the specific installer and the ground source heat pump type.

Before anything else, choose between vertical or horizontal ground source heat pumps. Horizontal GSHPsrequire up to 600-meter loops placed just below the surface. Meanwhile, the vertical ground source heat pump boreholes,at 50-150 meters deep, don’t require as much space.

horizontal and vertical heat pumps

While choosing your ground source heat pump installer, consider the following:

  • Space. You need to understand how much land area you possess or can provide for the ground source heat pump installation.
  • Permission. Based on your property size, location, and ground conditions, you might need to get special planning permissions, which vary for each region in the UK. Contact your local council to check the requirements.
  • Time. First, decide when and where you plan to get the GSHP installed and obtain the needed requirements. Account for 2-5 days of the groundwork, laying of the piping system, as well as the actual device installation and connection.

These are deciding factors while talking to your installer and they are crucial in forming the bottom line of your project.

Choosing a Heat Pump Installer - 5 Questions to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Compare ground source heat pump quotes

Comparing quotes allows you to find the most competitive price in the market, pinpoint cost-effective options for your budget, and have more control over the final deal.

Moreover, you’ll quickly evaluate the quality of products or services and whether they align with your approach. You’ll be able to better communicate your needs to the installer and encourage them to negotiate better terms or additional benefits.

Horizontal and vertical systems as well as their groundwork are significantly different in cost. Therefore, the overall ground source heat pump cost will depend on your approach, housing conditions, and budget.

Average GSHP installation cost
Number of roomsHeat Pump and installation costHorizontal groundwork costVertical groundwork cost

Still, this table shows only approximate prices. For an accurate price, you’ll need to seek professional advice. You can find local installers on your own which can be really time-consuming and stressful. Alternatively, you can reach out to us at GreenMatch where we do this job for you quickly and easily.

Fill out a short form and GreenMatch will connect you with up to 4 professional installers near you. Each installer will come up with a free quote for their services. Take your time comparing the quotes without any further obligations to accept them. Click on the link below to get started!

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FAQ about ground source heat pump installers in the UK

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