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Last updated: 13 March 2024

Edwardian Conservatory Price and Costs UK

Edwardian conservatory price

A traditional Edwardian style conservatory remains one of the most popular conservatory styles in the UK. But how much does an Edwardian conservatory cost? Edwardian conservatory prices tend to range between £8,000 – £50,000, depending mostly on the size, materials used, and roofing. 

An Edwardian conservatory has a rectangular shape that maximises the available floor space and gives them a grand appearance. The four-sided pitched roof can capture the most sunlight possible, giving you a bright, airy conservatory that will suit any style of home. 

Comparatively, an Edwardian conservatory will cost less than other traditional conservatories, such as a Victorian, or Gable conservatory. If you’re looking for some modern conservatory ideas, then the Edwardian also has a more sleek and simple appearance than other traditional options. 

Understanding the factors that influence the total costs of an Edwardian conservatory is important to effectively managing your budget and making informed decisions that align with the needs of your home. That’s why in this guide, we’ll break down these various cost-related factors and provide respective cost estimates. 

The final total costs of an Edwardian conservatory will be determined by the company you choose to install your new conservatory. Installation rates vary from company to company, and from region to region. 

To find the best deals for a new conservatory installation, then it’s always best to compare quotes from different installation companies. This is where GreenMatch can help you!

With the details you provide using the form linked below, our dedicated team will match you with up to 3 conservatory installers. You can then compare their quotes and choose the installer who offers the best deal.

What’s more, we will only connect you with those based locally to you, meaning you can avoid overpaying for the delivery of parts and labour from a nationwide company. All of our quotes are 100% free and you’re under no obligation to accept any of the quotes you receive. 

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Comparing Edwardian conservatory prices

Edwardian conservatory prices are primarily based on the size and the materials you use for the windows, doors, and roofing. This means that there’s a wide range of potential costs that your new Edwardian conservatory could fall within.   

Considering all of these options, then a new Edwardian conservatory will likely cost between £20,000 – £50,000, fully fitted with dwarf brick walls. Generally, you can expect dwarf walls or brick conservatory prices to start higher than fully glazed options.

What is the average cost of Edwardian conservatories?

In terms of size (width x height), Edwardian conservatories will typically measure between 3m x 3m, up to 4m x 4m. Larger conservatories take more time and require more parts and labour to install, so will cost more overall. 

From least to most expensive, the most common windows and doors are uPVC, aluminium, and wood. If you’re keeping to a tight budget, then uPVC is a durable, thermally efficient option that will cost far less than aluminium or wooden frames. Edwardian conservatories built using uPVC start at £10,000, before roofing costs are added. On the other hand, Edwardian conservatories built using wood will start closer to £17,000. 

The table below shows the average Edwardian conservatory prices you can expect to pay according to the size of the conservatory, and the material used. 

Edwardian conservatory costs
3m x 3m£10,750£13,175£17,130
3m x 4m£12,375£15,160£19,710
4m x 4m£14,000£17,150£22,295

Lastly, conservatory roofs can either be laid with polycarbonate, glass, or solid tiles. While polycarbonate is the cheapest material, it is not the most popular since it will not withstand harsh weather and natural wear and tear as much as glass.

Therefore, glass is more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting than polycarbonate. Edwardian conservatory glass roofs tend to start at around £10,000. In terms of thermal efficiency and durability, solid roof tiles are the most effective material, with prices starting at around £14,000. 

Polycarbonate conservatory roof
glass conservatory roof
solid tiled conservatory roof
Polycarbonate conservatory roof price

Polycarbonate roof Edwardian conservatories

Polycarbonate roofs are one of the lowest-costing Edwardian conservatory roofs available since it is very cheap to produce. A polycarbonate roof will likely cost between £8,675 and £12,875, depending on the size of your conservatory roof. Fully fitted, you can expect an Edwardian conservatory with dwarf brick walls, using uPVC and a polycarbonate roof to cost between £19,500 – £25,000. 

Edwardian conservatory: polycarbonate roof costs
SizeAverage cost
3m x 3m£8,675
3m x 4m£11,050
4m x 4m£12,875

As well as being easy to produce, a polycarbonate conservatory roof is also easy to install since it’s very lightweight and can be easily shaped to meet the exact measurements of your conservatory roof. For a premium cost, you can also select from a range of colours, with some options offering a more bronze effect. Polycarbonate will allow in some natural light, although slightly less light than a glass conservatory roof. 

Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget, you might be tempted to use polycarbonate sheets. However, compared to other materials, polycarbonate roofing is not as thermally efficient, even those that feature insulation technology will not meet the same effectiveness as a glass roof, and especially not a solid tiled roof. Additionally, polycarbonate sheets are less effective at dampening outside noise, meaning you could be disturbed by wind and rain. Harsh weather conditions could also lead to damage over time. 

glass conservatory roof price

Glass roof Edwardian conservatories

For a relatively low-cost roof option that lasts a long time and that’s more thermally efficient than polycarbonate, you should consider a glass roof. Typically, a glass conservatory roof will cost between £9,680 – £18,335, depending on the measurements. A fully fitted uPVC Edwardian conservatory with a glass roof will therefore cost around £20,500, up to £32,000. 

Edwardian conservatory: glass roof costs
SizeAverage cost
3m x 3m£9,680
3m x 4m£14,365
4m x 4m£18,335

A glass conservatory roof is a popular option since it makes your conservatory a unique and impactful space within your home. This is because a glass roof gives you open overhead views and it can let in the most natural light that fills your conservatory. While conservatory glass costs some more than polycarbonate and will take longer to install, it will last for a much longer time, it’s more durable (especially toughened glass), and it’s more attractive. 

Conservatory glass thermal technology has improved over the years, thanks to double glazed, or Low-E glass. There are also various decorative conservatory glass options. While these glass types are somewhat energy efficient and will help reduce heat loss, glass is naturally a poor insulator and so compared to solid roof tiles, you should not expect optimum temperature regulation. 

solid tiled conservatory roof price

Solid roof Edwardian conservatories

Solid roof tiles are priced higher than glass and polycarbonate since these roofs are long-lasting and highly thermally efficient. A standard Edwardian conservatory on the smaller side will cost £14,500, and around £27,500 on the larger side. With a solid tiled roof, uPVC frames and dwarf conservatory walls, Edwardian conservatory prices fitted range from £25,000 – £41,500.

Edwardian conservatory: solid tiled roof costs
SizeAverage cost 
3m x 3m£14,520
3m x 4m£21,550
4m x 4m£27,500

With a solid tiled roof, your conservatory will look and feel like it’s an extension of your house. With the right colour tiles your conservatory roof can match that of your house, and, indoors, you won’t notice any temperature change in your conservatory. Not only does this ensure your conservatory will be pleasant to enjoy year-round, but it also keeps your energy bills from running up. 

In this way, a solid tiled roof may be the best option. Ultimately, it comes down to your budget and your personal preference. A transparent glass roof might be more appealing to you if you prefer a conservatory that’s light and airy. You can however have a lantern skylight fixed for some natural light. 

Do bear in mind that the prices provided throughout this article are only cost-estimates, based on figures taken from across the UK market. For the fairest and most accurate Edwardian conservatory price for your conservatory project, it’s best to consult a professional conservatory company. 

This is easy with GreenMatch! For up to professional 3 quotes with no obligation and 100% free of charge, click the button below. 

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Comparing Edwardian conservatory quotes

It’s always recommended that you compare multiple quotes before choosing an installer. Only then will you get a sense of the fairest and most accurate installation prices. 

We also advise that you seek out local installers, since they will charge far less for the delivery of parts and labour than from a nationwide company. Do remember that you can have your conservatory supplied by one company, and installed by another. This gives you plenty of freedom to scout for deals on both fronts. 

Also integral to your search will be to check for the installer’s qualifications (such as Conservatory Association registration), which should be easily found on their website. If not, you can always ask directly. Additionally, be sure to check customer reviews and testimonials. 

As you can probably tell, there are a lot of careful steps to take before you can be sure you’ve found the right installer. Therefore, this can be quite the tricky, and long-winded process. With GreenMatch’s free quotes service, we can save you this time and effort by finding you up to 3 local quotes from vetted installers within our network. 

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