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Last updated: 01 July 2022

Tesla Solar Roof Tiles: Get Ready for Their Arrival in the UK

As a renewable energy enthusiast, you have probably already heard a lot about Tesla’s Solar Roof: the beautiful and extremely durable roof tiles that generate clean energy.

Whilst they work pretty much the same as solar roof tiles from other manufacturers, Tesla is the most widely recognised solar tile brand. This is why we decided to put together all the available information about Tesla roof tiles so you can prepare in advance for their arrival in the UK market.

What are Tesla Solar Roof Tiles?

Tesla solar tiles are solar roof tiles manufactured and branded by the engineering giant Tesla. Generally speaking, solar tiles —also known as solar shingles or solar slates— are an alternative to traditional solar panels. They both work similarly, although there are a few variations between them.

The most evident difference is in their aesthetics. Whilst solar panels look like ‘planks’ attached to your roof, solar tile energy systems don’t disrupt your house style because the tiles have built-in solar technology. In this regard, Tesla roof tiles offer more style options than any other brand.

Tesla power roof consists of a combination of solar tiles and non-solar tiles. From street level, they both look the same. How many solar tiles your roof needs would depend on your home’s energy requirements.

According to Tesla’s website, their solar shingles come in 4 styles: Textured, Smooth, Tuscan or Slate. This is definitely a plus if you want the solar energy generation system to blend seamlessly with the roof, regardless of your home architectural style. 

The company says that engineers designed Tesla solar tiles to ensure all-weather protection. They also claim that these tempered glass tiles are 3 times stronger than standard roofing tiles. 

On top of that, they have included a Tile and Power 25-year warranty to give you peace of mind that your Tesla roof’s lifespan is long enough. However, the company also clarifies that all warranties advertised on their webpage apply to the United States only. Similar warranties will be developed for other markets.

Are Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Coming Soon?

The good news is that Tesla is already opening up its online store for Tesla solar roof tiles and will accept orders from around the world. However, we will need to wait until 2023 for overseas deliveries to start.

Specifically for the UK, the Tesla roof release date has not been announced yet. Currently, the company webpage only allows UK-based customers to sign up for updates on Tesla solar roofs. So, it is not possible to get a tesla solar tiles quote.

How Much are Tesla Roof Tiles?

Even if pricing information for the UK market is not available, we can estimate the cost of installing a Tesla solar roof on your home. For instance, we could take US prices as a reference.

Estimated cost of installing Tesla solar tiles (US)

Size (in square feet)

Number of Floors

Electricity Usage (in kW)

Energy Storage

Total Est. Cost


Single story


1 Powerwall

$46,425 (approx. £38,250)




2 Powerwalls

$64,193 (approx. £52,900)




3 Powerwalls

$£81,961 (approx. 67,540)

Source: Forbes Advisor (Last updated, February 25, 2022. Estimations’ date, July 13, 2021)

As you can see, Tesla roof tiles are not cheap. Together with their unavailability in the UK, their foreseeable high upfront costs are one of Tesla solar tiles’ most significant downsides. Additionally, their efficiency is also lower than that of traditional solar panels. 

Below, you will find a summary of Tesla’s solar roof slate pros and cons.

Can Tesla Solar Tiles be Installed on Existing Roofs?

In general, integrating any solar tiles into your existing roof is not likely feasible at present. Their installation is more suited to new builds or renovations. 

However, Tesla states on its website that its Solar Roof can be installed on an existing asphalt shingle roof that meets several criteria. Before the installation, they will assess your tiles’ condition to confirm their eligibility for the upgrade.

To qualify, your existing roof must, at a minimum, satisfy the following:

  • Only one layer of asphalt composite roofing;
  • Less than 3/8” thickness;
  • Free from surface cracks, blisters, curling or excessive granule loss;
  • Less than 1” over an 8’ span (L/96) of roof sag;
  • Not leaking and flashings in good condition; and
  • Free from excessive organic growth.

Alternative Options to Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla solar tiles’ unavailability and high prices should not discourage you from generating your own renewable energy. In this regard, solar panels are a more affordable alternative. Also, bolt-on solar panels’ efficiency is typically 16-22%. This is slightly higher than that of solar tiles in general.

However, if you are keen to integrate less aesthetically disruptive solar energy systems into your home, you may consider other solar roof tiles brands already operating in the UK. 

For example, GB Sol and Solecco Solar are UK-based companies offering great alternatives to Tesla solar roofs. Nulok Roofing System —headquartered in Sydney, Australia— also offers solar tiles all over the UK and across Europe.

If you have decided to install solar roof tiles, solar panels, or any other green energy solution, we can help you find them for your home. In practically no time, we will provide you with up to 4 tailormade offers from suppliers near you. Comparing them can help you get the best price and save on installation costs. Get started by selecting your region below.

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Are Tesla Solar Roof tiles available in the UK?
Tesla Solar Roof is not available in the UK at the moment. Although the company is already opening up its online store for Tesla solar roof tiles, UK-based customers can only sign up for updates.
How much are Tesla solar tiles?
Tesla solar tiles’ pricing information for the UK market is not available yet. However, you can have an idea of how much they will cost. For instance, you could take US prices as a reference.
Can Tesla Solar Roof be installed on existing tile roofs?
On its Support webpage, Tesla affirms that Tesla Solar Roof can be installed on an existing asphalt shingle roof. If you choose not to replace your existing roof, they will assess your tiles’ condition to confirm their eligibility for the upgrade.
How long do Tesla Solar Roof tiles last?
Tesla Solar Roof tiles can last decades. The company has included a Tile and Power 25-year warranty to give you peace of mind that your Tesla tiles will last long enough.
What colour are Tesla Solar Roof tiles?
According to Tesla’s website, their solar shingles come in 4 styles: Textured, Smooth, Tuscan or Slate. Solar shingles are typically available in dark blue and black, which are the natural colours of solar cells. To offer a wider range of options, Tesla has implemented a glass cover with a textured surface and a colour filter layer.
Luis Antonio Gómez Pérez
Written by Luis Antonio Gómez Pérez, Copywriter

Luis Antonio is a copywriter at GreenMatch. Throughout his career as a writer, he has focused on sustainability, environment, science, culture, local and national identities, international politics, and the links between these fields. With a background in journalism, he has researched and written several features about international cooperation initiatives on renewable energy, as well as on environmental policies and strategies at local, national and international levels.